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30 Wedding Line Dance Songs for Groups

Planning the entertainment for your wedding and in need of a playlist? Choose from the classic wedding line dance songs to get your guests on their feet!

Why do wedding line dances?

There’s nothing like a fantastic wedding playlist to take your reception to the next level. During your reception, your DJ can pump up the crowd, and there’s no better method of raising the energy than with music. If you want your guests to start dancing the night away, consider throwing in a few line dances. 

Although wedding line dances may seem cheesy, they’re a great way to get all the guests at your reception to get out on the dance floor. While some couples may choose to put line dance songs on the “do not play” list, others don’t mind some kitschy fun!

Line dancing is the perfect activity to excite guests. Everyone knows a few line dances from weddings, school dances, and other formal events, and line dances are simple and easy. You can even find videos on YouTube with instructions for your favorite song and dance.

When more people join a group on the dance floor, it’s just more fun! If there’s no one on the dance floor, a familiar tune might just be what your reception needs to get the party moving. Once wedding guests are out of their seats, it’s easy to keep the momentum going. Additionally, as a last dance, line dances are a wonderful choice to get everyone involved in the celebration one more time.

Whether you want to stick with classic and popular line dance songs like the “Cupid Shuffle” or prefer country music, there’s a line dance song to fit your wedding style. Yeah Weddings has a full list of songs for you to choose from, so get ready to put on your dancing shoes!

Popular Line Dance Songs

These line dance songs are wildly popular and have stood the test of time. If you’re at a wedding, you can almost always expect one of these songs to be played by the DJ, and when you think of line dance songs, these are the tunes that come to mind. 

Why are these songs so popular? These songs are fun and upbeat, and best of all, they’re easy dances to learn! For children and adults alike, these dances are simple and straightforward. Songs like the “Cha Cha Slide” even tell you the moves as you go, so you don’t need to be a pro to master these dances and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Country Line Dance Songs

When it comes to line dancing, a popular genre of music is country. However, country line dance songs go beyond a typical do-si-do and square dance. Country line dances are fun and energetic, and you can be more active in these dances. If you’re looking for a high-spirited dance, country songs like “Any Man of Mine” are an excellent choice. You can send your guests a link to a YouTube video with line dancing instructions for more complex dances, or take a few minutes out of your reception to demonstrate the moves.

For rustic weddings or weddings in innovative venues like barns, a country line dance has the right mood, but don’t limit yourself! No matter your venue, if you love country music, then pick one of these songs to add to your playlist. 

Hip-Hop Line Dance Songs

Not a fan of country music? Try some hip-hop songs for your line dance! Hip-hop music has a great beat and energy to get the party started. These songs are also a little less structured than some of the most popular line dance songs or a choreographed country song, so you and your guests can bring your own flair and style while doing the same dance.

Younger guests will be more familiar with newer releases like “The Harlem Shake,” a viral dance craze. Plus, Beyoncé once did the “Wobble” at a block party, which only means that it should be on the shortlist for your go-to line dance at your wedding.

Dance Party Line Dance Songs

If you’re looking for lively and fast-paced songs, try some disco and dance music. These songs are all upbeat and quick, so these are sure to get the party going late into the night. Dance music and disco music are fun options for throwback songs that your guests will still know well. With familiar songs like “YMCA,” you and your guests can sing along while dancing!

Like the songs under the hip-hop genre, some of these songs are slightly less structured than classics like the “Chicken Dance.” Find your own choreography to hits like “Stayin’ Alive” and incorporate some funky music into your wedding playlist.

Rock Line Dance Songs

No, this isn’t hard rock or heavy metal, but these rock songs are still full of high-energy and big, fun sounds. There are plenty of riffs to dance to, and everyone knows the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” and “Twist & Shout.” 

In addition to line dance songs, these are great songs to end the night on a bang. They’re well-known and loved, so your guests will enjoy themselves and they dance and sing along to some of the best names in rock music. 

Songs from Yeah Weddings

Whether you hire a band or a DJ, be sure to plan your perfect playlist! Check out our playlist of the best group dance songs for your wedding here:

With this list of line dancing songs, you’ll be sure to get everyone in the mood to dance. Besides group dances, set aside time to choose the right song for your first dance as a couple and the last dance to end the night strong. 


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