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Worst Wedding Songs of All Time

Everyone wants to have a super fun wedding. A big part of what makes an event to remember is the drinks, dancing, and party atmosphere. To achieve this, you’ll need a great DJ or band and the perfect playlist to get everyone out on the floor.

However, it’s all too easy to fall into wedding music faux pas and to ruin the party. In general, you’ll want to avoid very sad songs, overly sexual songs, and out-of-style line dances.

Below, we list 28 of the worst wedding songs that you’ll never want to play at your wedding.

Songs to Avoid Playing at Your Wedding

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There are so many songs out there, and everyone has their own taste. Therefore, it can be difficult to find music that all of your guests will enjoy.

From your metalhead friends to your oldies-loving aunts and uncles, finding the perfect balance of genre, artists, and types of songs can be tough.

The most important thing is that you play songs that you and your future spouse love. The day is to celebrate you, and the songs you play should reflect that.

However, try to pick songs that fit your style and are still appropriate for the day. Avoid the songs below to keep everything light and fun.

Songs About Bad Marriages

White Wedding by Billy Idol: One of the most famous songs with the word “wedding” in the chorus, and a 80s classic, is actually about a goth wedding gone wrong! Idol was inspired to write it by the concept of a “nightmare wedding”!

I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco: The pop-punk classic describes a wedding in which the bride is cheating on the groom, with a few choice words for the bride. 

Love Is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse: Title is obvious! Forego this pick from Amy’s iconic voice in favor of a less doomed anthem.

I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith: Sam Smith’s gospel-infused ballads are beautiful, but this one is from the perspective of a spouse questioning the fidelity of their partner. Not the best choice.

Single Power Anthems

Single Ladies by Beyonce: An iconic song that’s definitely not fit for a wedding! No groom wants to see their bride waving her hand in the air to celebrate being a single lady.

Truth Hurts by Lizzo: While this music video may portray a wedding, it’s actually Lizzo marrying herself, showing her pride in being single.

This may be a song that makes everyone want to get on the floor, but self-love lyrics are not necessarily a celebration of a partnership.

Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus: This 80s inspired anthem tells the story of Miley’s divorce and subsequent relationships, eventually settling on always choosing herself.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift: This song is a fun throwback, but listening to Miss Swift describe how she’ll never ever get back with someone is not the right mood for a wedding (like, ever).

Lyrics That Tell a Tragic Story

If I Die Young by The Band Perry: This song is very pretty, but it’s also about dying young, and is probably a bad omen for your wedding.

Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton: This heartbreaking tale from the iconic guitarist is actually about the tragic death of his toddler son. It will put a downer on your event.

Someone Like You by Adele: Adele’s powerful voice is coveted by many, but this song is all about being shattered by a breakup. It’s heartbreaking!

Cherry Wine by Hozier: Ireland’s popular troubadour writes incredibly beautiful and soulful music, but this song happens to be about domestic violence, so we would recommend skipping it.

Cheesy Line Dances

Chicken Dance by Electric Slide Music Makers: This line dance is a mainstay at children’s roller rinks. People are probably over dancing to “I don’t want to be a chicken” at this point.

Cupid Shuffle by Cupid: To the right, to the right, in order to skip over this song! While this is admittedly one of the better line dance songs, the dance itself is a bit confusing and it’s pretty retro at this point.

Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex: This country-classic line dance was super popular because of its combined electric beats and rustic flavor. However, the lyrics are actually about “cotton-eye joe” stealing your partner!

Macarena by Los Del Rio: At this point, everyone knows the macarena. However, a lot of people find it cheesy, and it goes on too long. Just skip it altogether.

Most Overplayed Wedding Songs

I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas: Ever since The Office’s Jim and Pam danced down the aisle to this at their wedding, tons of people have added it to their list. Leave it in 2008!

All Of Me by John Legend: This song is a really sweet ballad, but it’s reached the point where it’s stale, and it’s love letters have all been said. While many couples choose this for their first dance, others may want to update to something more relevant.

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I.: It’s catchy and great to dance to, but the lyrics are super creepy for it to be played at so many weddings. 

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey: It’s an anthem that was repopularized by Glee, but that was ten years ago. Try to find a more modern inspirational jam to get everyone singing.

Bad First Dance Songs

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion: If you’ve seen Titanic, it’s impossible to separate this song from the tragic fate of Jack and Rose. The lyrics are pretty sad too.

Marry You by Bruno Mars: While this may seem like the perfect wedding song, the lyrics describe a couple who get married on a whim while drunk on “dancing juice”. 

Every Breath You Take by The Police: It’s about a stalker, Sting has admitted it! While watching your lover’s every breath may seem romantic, it’s pretty unrealistic unless you actually are a stalker.

I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston: This beautiful tune penned by Parton has two fantastic versions to work with, but unfortunately it’s about a break up. Womp womp.

Tunes Inappropriate for Grandma

Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles: You may think that this is a sweet song about everyone’s favorite summer fruit, but it isn’t. Just make sure Grandma can’t catch the innuendo.

Pony by Ginuwine: A great song, with a great beat, that unfortunately makes the comparison between sex and riding a horse. It is fun, though.

WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion: If you play this at your wedding, you’re basically just asking to scandalize your relatives. Just don’t serve any macaroni.

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard: This glam rock classic is about as much about dessert as Harry Styles’ song is about fruit. Also, it’s a little outdated.

More About Wedding Music

Avoid the worst wedding songs by adding our recommendations to a “do not play” list for your DJ or wedding band!

Instead, check out the best wedding songs of all time!

At Yeah Weddings, we’re dedicated to helping you put together an appropriate wedding playlist. Click ahead for entrance songs, dance songs for your reception, Christian wedding songs, and plenty more.

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