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54 Last Dance Wedding Songs to End the Night

You’ve planned your wedding down to the details, but there’s one last decision to make: what is the last dance song you want to hear to end the night?

The last song at your wedding can be whatever fits your wedding style best, be it an upbeat song to get everyone up for one last dance or a slow, romantic love song. End the night in style by picking the perfect final song.

Guests will remember the grand exit, so the song you choose should sum up the night and give both the happy couple and their guests an unforgettable send-off. Some popular last dance songs at weddings are chosen for lyrics that suit the end of a party (think “Closing Time”), but many couples choose to get creative and choose a favorite song unique to them. The exit song will be the last memory from the big day, so make it count.

Depending on the style of the wedding and personal preference, the last song of the night can take many forms. To help you find the perfect song to end the night, Yeah Weddings has compiled the best wedding exit songs to say farewell to your wedding day and celebrate one last dance with your guests. Put together, these choices make a great wedding playlist as well.

Slow Last Dance Wedding Songs

Weddings are all about romance, so why not end your reception and make a grand exit after a slow last dance together as a couple. For a romantic send-off for the newlyweds, there are plenty of great choices. Guests will have the opportunity to couple up and join in on one last dance to celebrate the love shared by the newlyweds, a fitting end to a fairy tale wedding.

Picking a sentimental song will bring the focus back to the couple and their happy union, leaving wedding guests feeling sentimental. You could even pick your runner-up choice for your first dance as a couple. These slow songs to end a wedding reception are great options, marking the end of the wedding but the beginning of a lovely marriage and life together.

Upbeat Last Dance Wedding Songs

upbeat dancing at wedding

End your wedding with a bang and leave guests wishing the party would never end by opting for a fun, upbeat last song at your reception. An upbeat song will get guests on their feet for one last dance and leave them with lasting memories of lighthearted merriment.

A fast-paced song is an ideal choice for couples who love to dance and celebrate with friends and family. If you want your wedding to be the ultimate party, a positive and entertaining end to the night will be set to high-energy music as a send off. These upbeat party songs will make for a memorable and cheerful exit.

Group Last Dance Wedding Songs

To really get guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor, a big group dance song is an excellent option for the end of your wedding celebration. Popular group dance numbers are an inviting choice for the last song of a wedding, as they are already commonly played at wedding receptions. These make fantastic closing songs at weddings because they get everyone involved for one final celebration to end the night.

Celebrate your marriage with all of your friends and family with one final, interactive group song. This list of group songs are wedding classics, sure to end your reception on a high note.

Last Dance Wedding Songs by Genre

Another option is to pick from your favorite genre – be it pop, country, rock and roll, indie, or your favorite classic oldies song. If the happy couple has a favorite genre, or if you know your guests generally enjoy a certain genre, it makes sense to pick a last dance song for your wedding based on that preference.  It’s your wedding, so celebrate the end of your big day in your style with a top song from your favorite artist or genre of music.

Whatever your favorite style of music may be, there are outstanding options to pick from for your wedding send off song. Yeah Weddings has compiled popular last wedding songs from genres like standards for those looking for a classic choice, pop, country, rock, and indie or alternative music. No matter what genre best fits your style, these songs are tried and true for your grand exit.

Standard Songs for Your Wedding Send Off

For a classic last dance song, there are plenty of old standards that will please guests of any age. Try out these standard songs for your last dance and end the night with a timeless dance.

Pop Songs For a Last Wedding Dance

Go with what’s popular and pick your favorite pop song for a fun, upbeat final dance. Any pop song will do, but these options were specially chosen for their wedding appropriate lyrics and universal popularity.

Country Songs to End the Night

For country-loving couples, a country song will be the perfect end to your perfect wedding. With an abundance of romantic country songs to choose from, you really can’t go wrong.

Rock Songs for Your Wedding Exit

A rock and roll song makes for a fun closing wedding song, accompanied by air guitar solos from relatives of all ages. These rock songs are classics, perfect for your wedding’s last dance.

Indie & Alternative Wedding Farewell Songs

For the hip bride and groom, an indie song may perfectly sum up your relationship and make for a great last wedding dance. Pick from these favorite alternative hits, or go for something more obscure.

What is the Last Dance at a Wedding?

The last dance is just that – it’s the last song played at your wedding reception, marking the end of the night and the end of your wedding celebration.

The last dance is a chance to end your wedding perfectly. You’ve made it through the ceremony, the first dance, the cutting of the cake, toasts, and hopefully plenty of fun – last dance songs are the best way to tie the bow on a perfect night. Often, the band or DJ will announce that they are playing the last song of the night to get everyone up and on the dance floor one last time.

End your wedding reception with an upbeat last dance song if you want to keep the energy alive for your after party, or for one last fun group dance to end the best day. Or, choose a slower love song to remind your guests why you’ve all gathered. Whether it’s a fast or a slow song, choose a song that you love and that you think guests will enjoy to finish up your big day.

Yeah Weddings Last Dance Wedding Song Playlist

If you loved all the songs on this list, check out this Last Dance Wedding Song playlist to keep the party going and listen to all of these fantastic choices. These songs could be great additions to your wedding playlist, from the first dance of your wedding to the last song of the night.



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