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Charming Country Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Choosing your wedding’s theme is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking aspects of wedding planning. You want to pick something that your guests will like, that will be stylish and recognizable, and that fits your own personal style and tastes accurately. One popular idea is a country themed wedding!

While this may seem overwhelming, there are a lot of different themes, aesthetic, and decor ideas. The first place to start is your wedding date and venue. Then, you can start to think about your own tastes and sensibilities. If you tend to lean toward rustic, homey looks, keep reading for some country-themed wedding ideas. 

Why a Country-Themed Wedding?

If you’re not sure if a country-themed wedding is for you, then there are a couple of things to consider. For one thing, a country-themed wedding is best in a rural or outdoor venue, like a barn, a field, or even a backyard!

Country-themed weddings are also associated most with summer, so think about how your date can fit into the theme.

A country-themed wedding is also good if you grew up in a small town and love the slow lifestyle. It’s also great if you’re from the South or love country music. However, you don’t need to have specific requirements for a country-themed wedding– if the ideas below speak to you, then go for it!


A Country Ceremony

Obviously, one of the most classically country wedding locales is a barn! Because of major shifts in the agricultural industry, a lot of small farms have transformed their once-functional barns into event spaces. These are great spaces because they’re large, rustic, and have amazing features like wood paneling and high ceilings. 

If you’re really into the idea of getting married outside, this ceremony feels totally country. Between the barrels marking the start of the aisle and the lantern decor, this ceremony is a perfect country blueprint.


Bridal Looks for a Farm Wedding

One of the best ways to own your country-themed wedding is to rock a super-cute down home wedding dress. This lovely lace frock brings in classic details like an a-line skirt, cowboy boots, and a wide-brimmed hat, perfect for your theme and occasion.

You could also go for something a bit more ethereal and feminine, like this classy lace gown. This look may feel a bit more formal than the rest of your wedding’s theme, but will actually fit in perfectly to the soft yellows and blues of the country style. You could even add some cowboy boots if you’re feeling it!


Bridesmaid Dresses in the Field

Similarly, your bridesmaid dresses can tap into the theme as well. These bridesmaids have adorable dainty dresses in a soft pink color, adding some feminine flair to a country day. However, choosing to pair short dresses with cowboy boots was a fun and flirty country touch.

For something a bit more traditional, these dresses are very simple, flattering, and a pale yellow, Though they can fit into plenty of types of wedding themes, the soft yellow color has country vibes and the classy cut of the dress will surely have all of your bridesmaids comfortable and happy on the big day.


Down-Home Florals

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the flower arrangements. For a country-themed wedding, the best thing to do is to keep your flowers simple and elegant. This arrangement offers blooming sunflowers and other yellow and blue counterparts, which is so beautiful and homey.

You may also want to use mason jars as bouquet vases, because they call back to homemade foods down home. This arrangement is simple and small, with just a few flowers, but it looks amazing in the mason jar.


Rustic Wedding Reception

If you didn’t have your ceremony in a barn, maybe you can try to host the reception in one! Even though a barn’s lofty ceilings and great acoustics may seem to lend itself well to the ceremony, the barn reception works because it’s spacious and cozy.

For a super authentic country feel, have an outdoor wedding by the campfire. This will bring in all of the warm, cozy vibes of a country night at home, while still providing ample ability for you to decorate the outdoor space however you like.


Barnyard Table Settings

For something simple and cute, a table setting like this one will totally fit the bill. This table setting combines classy and country with low-fuss flower arrangements on top of a stone blue table cloth. The chairs look rustic and comfy as well.

If you’re looking to serve BBQ at your country-themed wedding, this table setting is chic while still being cute. The simple greenery that runs along the middle of the table is awesome, and the striped blue napkin is mature.


Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

One of the biggest questions about an outdoor wedding is how to incorporate a dance floor! This country outdoor wedding did a great job building a place to boogie with adorable string lights and hay bales along the dance floor’s sides.

This couple incorporated a similar thing, though it’s a bit larger and more refined, without the hay bales or the large wooden posts. This dance floor is definitely the highlight of a great day. 


Cute Lights

One of the sweetest things for a country-themed wedding are some cute and easy string lights. These larger-bulbed ones are really lovely and look like the stars in the country sky. These will bring a lot of light to an outdoor or barn wedding which may be a bit dark at night without them.

These string lights in a mason jar look like fireflies that you caught on a beautiful country night! These are affordable and easy to put together wedding accessories that will look great as centerpieces, as aisle decor, and everywhere in between! They are also totally DIY-able.


Moonshine Under the Moon

It’s not a country themed wedding without some moonshine! These little moonshine shots are totally cute and easy to make, offering your guests a variety of different flavors, from peach to cinnamon! The tiny jars are also a lovely country touch.

To advertise the drink choices, this table set-up and sign is a great option for any country themed wedding. The sign looks totally DIY in a super cute way, and the gorgeous florals and floral tablecloth are a great way to bring some homey feelings into the tummy-warming moonshine.


Cozy Cake

This wedding cake is perfect for any country-themed wedding! From the deer toppers, to the carved initials, to the baby’s breath decoration, this cake incorporates so many classic country elements and will look amazing in any country themed wedding space!

It is also a naked wedding cake, a super cute and rustic trend that has been taking off. You can read more about naked wedding cakes here.

This wedding cake is decorated to look like a barrel! Barrels call back to old memories of country farming and Tennessee whiskey, so it’s a totally perfect look for your country-themed wedding cake. Topped off by gorgeous white roses, this is a great cake for your special day.


The Perfect Decor

For a super cute and personal touch to your country-themed wedding, have the ring bearer walk the aisle with this little tree stump ring box! This earthy touch is perfectly rustic and will hold your rings perfectly. You could even keep it in your home for a keepsake of the special day.

Obviously, another great way to decorate a country-themed wedding is to use cowboy boots as decor. This guest book uses a wicker basket and the book pages have mason jar designs on them, but the entire thing is really pulled together by the cowboy boot bouquet!


Country Favors

One great favor you can send your guests home with is a s’more kit! S’mores are the perfect country treat and will get your guests starting a little backyard bonfire of their own. This little bag and sticker are super cute and will feel really heartfelt from you to your guests.

If you used a lot of sunflowers in your wedding’s decor, then these sweet sunflower seed packets are the perfect favors for each guest to plant in tribute to your big day. Bringing a little bit of country flair to all of your guest’s gardens is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation.


More About Wedding Themes

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with every part of your wedding planning process. From bridal shower themes to outdoor wedding themes, keep reading for everything you need to begin drafting up your big day.

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