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20 Trendy Summer Wedding Colors for Your Big Day

Now that it’s summer wedding season, here are some of our picks of the best summer wedding colors to incorporate into your theme.

summer wedding colors

Get excited for your wedding day to finally become a reality with some of these modern, wedding color trends. 

From dusty blue to pineapple yellow, the summer wedding season allows you to have total freedom in your wedding planning process.

Since most weddings occur in spring and summer, many brides use fresh summer florals as inspiration for wedding color schemes.

Determining a color scheme for your wedding is all about choosing shades that compliment each other. From the primary shades of red, yellow, and blue, to secondary shades of orange, purple, and green, the options for colors are anything and everything in between.

Best Summer Wedding Color Schemes

Here are some of the most popular tones for wedding décor. These wedding color trends are perfect for every summer bride.

Adding a custom touch of color is one of our favorite design elements to incorporate into your special day. 


poppy and jewel tones

Poppy is typically an orange-y red tone that is perfect for summer weddings. It fits nicely as a pop of color in wedding color schemes.

This shade goes well with other tones such as soft shades of pink, green, and white. This color is a great choice for brides who want unexpected colors that are trendy right now. 

White and Green

white and green decor

One of the hottest trends for brides right now is a contrast of crisp whites on lush greenery.

This wedding color palette works amazing for brides who want an elegant theme with a laid-back vibe. Take inspiration from green and white floral arrangements. 

Cinnamon Rose

cinnamon rose bouquet

Cinnamon rose is a trendy wedding color that takes the traditional dusty pink color, and incorporates rusty, burgundy tones.

This color works for brides who want out-of-the-box bridesmaids dresses, or brides who are having rustic weddings. This shade can also be used at winter weddings, since it is a muted, darker shade. 

Metallic Gold

metallic gold table decor

Gold is one of the most popular wedding colors. This is because the metallic shade goes well with various other tones.

No matter what wedding theme ideas you are going for, gold will probably add a classy and elegant touch. 

Dusty Blue

dusty blue table cloth

If you love the color blue, but you want something different than the traditional shades, this color is perfect for you.

Dusty blue is a gorgeous shade that will look gorgeous on table linens, bridesmaid dresses, or invitations. The light blue shade is perfect for summer nuptials and will make your wedding a chic midsummer affair. 

Hot Pink

hot pink aisle decor

Get inspired by tropical floral elements and go for a hot pink wedding color scheme.

This color is perfect for a summer wedding color because it is the season of bright, fantastic colors. Hot pink also adds an elegant femininity to a bright color scheme. 

Lemon Yellow

lemon table decor weddings

Incorporate the brightest of the primary colors into your wedding day. A bright, lemony yellow shade is perfect for a sunny summer afternoon affair.

This versatile color can go well with other shades, including pink, white, gold, light blue, and light green.

Soft Pinks

soft pink bridesmaid dress

If you want a romantic palette on your special day, opt for blush pink, pale pink, and other peachy pinks to complete your theme.

These shades are perfect for brides who want a romantic pastel color scheme. 

Jewel Tones

jewel toned cupcakes

If you want some bright pops of color in your wedding, incorporate jewel tones into your color palette.

These vibrant colors tend to be darker and add a bohemian vibe. Jewel tones are far from your typical wedding colors, so if you want a unique color palette opt for these tones.  

Sunny Yellow

sunflowers on table

Add a pop of yellow that is perfect for an occasion on a hot summer day. For a touch of color, add sunflowers or other bright yellow floral elements.

This shade is also a great choice for spring weddings because of the gorgeous blooms during that season. 

Natural Tones

nude florals

A new trend in 2021 is to incorporate more skin tone, natural tones into your wedding day.

This modern-day-minimalist’s palette is taking over summer nuptial themes. To achieve this popular look, incorporate natural elements into your wedding day such as pampas grass or wheat. 

Purple Shades

lavender summer wedding

From lavender bridesmaid dresses to lilac flowers, adding a splash of purple is a very popular summer wedding color trend.

Purple is the color of royalty, and can vary from jewel toned to pastel tones based on how concentrated the color is. Pastel purples work well with other pastel shades such as light pink for a summer wedding. 

Natural Greens

light green decorations at wedding

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, incorporate the natural surroundings by using natural greens.

A green palette works nicely next to a warm palette or with crisp white and gold accessories. 

Touch of Grey

gray wedding dress

If you want a more sophisticated palette, add a touch of grey. Although this shade is more commonly seen in fall and winter weddings, it can make for a stylish summer wedding color scheme.

Add in a touch of light grey with other shades such as light pink, navy blue, and burgundy. 

Dusty Pink

dusty pink floral arrangment

Dusty pink is a trendy wedding color that is more of a millennial pink. This stylish summer wedding color adds rosy tones to your wedding while having a cool, laid-back feel of a more neutral palette.

Incorporate a dusty rose color into your bridesmaids dresses, your floral arrangement, or table décor for a stunning choice. 

Bright Red

bright red table decoration

A new trend in summer wedding colors is opting for a bright shade of red. This is not a traditional wedding color, but it can be added into a bright, cheery color palette for a fiery touch.

Pair this shade with burnt orange, light yellow, and other bold colors. 


teal bridesmaid dresses

A deep teal shade is that perfect pop of color to incorporate into your wedding theme. Teal is a darker blue shade that has a splash of green.

This jewel tone is perfect for brides who want a unique color palette. Teal pairs well with other tones such as coral, tangerine, or even pink.  

Rose Brown

rose brown wedding colors

A rusty pink color is the perfect shade for brides who want to have a trendy, rustic chic wedding theme.

This tone goes well with other pink shades like mauve and light pink, and add some dimension to an otherwise traditional wedding color scheme.

Incorporate this dusty pink shade with metallics like copper for a trendy twist on a summery pink palette. 


champagne toast at wedding

What better way to celebrate your wedding day than using this gorgeous shade of cream on your special day!

Champagne is a light shade of yellow that looks similar to a cream tone, and it fits perfectly with most color schemes. This neutral shade would look great with navy blue accents, or compliment an elegant black and white affair. 

Sage Green

sage decorated cake

An easy way to incorporate a unique color into your summer wedding is this popular muted shade of green.

This color is very popular among brides right now, because it mimics greenery and goes well with varying color palettes.

If you want to have a pink theme, you can add a touch of sage green that will compliment the floral tones. If you are having a more neutral palette, sage green will fit into the muted theme and not be too overpowering. 

How to Choose Your Summer Wedding Colors

Depending on the theme and location of your wedding, the wedding color combos you choose should reflect that.

summer wedding reception outside in the backyard

If you are having a coastal wedding, lean towards cool tones that remind you of the beach. If you are getting married in a barn for a rustic wedding, explore darker, rustic tones like navy or cinnamon rose. 

Find shades that compliment each other, and make sure the tones range from darker, moody shades to lighter, more neutral shades to balance out the boldness.

No matter what themed wedding you are having, we have you covered with the best colors for you to incorporate into your summer wedding. 

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