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Tropical Wedding Ideas to Transform Your Venue into an Enchanted Oasis

Here are some of our picks for the best tropical wedding themed ideas. Transform your ceremony and reception space into a tropical oasis with these gorgeous ideas.

How to Choose Your Wedding Theme 

ceremony at tropical wedding

Looking for inspiration on how to choose a wedding theme? Just think of what you love the most. Your wedding day should be a reflection of your love for your partner and both of your personalities coming together into a perfect day. 

Why Have a Tropical Themed Wedding?

ceremony space on the beach

If you are a summer obsessed bride, transform your wedding venue into a beachfront resort with some great themed ideas. Start your honeymoon early with a tropical themed wedding, or actually go to a destination to have a lovely destination wedding in a tropical paradise.

Destination weddings can be pricey, and hard to organize, but certainly absolutely gorgeous. Hire a destination wedding planner if that is your ideal wedding idea, or use some of these fabulous tropical wedding ideas if you want to bring the vacation to your wedding guests! 

Tropical Wedding Ideas to Transform Your Venue

Here are some of the greatest tropical wedding ideas to create the paradise-inspired reception of your dreams! Transform the venue into a tropical oasis with some of these ideas.

1. Palm Leaves

palm leaves at wedding

Use palm leaves to decorate as table décor. Palm leaves are a great tropical wedding theme idea because they automatically will make your guests feel like they are on vacation. 

2. Tropical Escort Cards

Use tropical wedding colors for fun and festive escort cards. Creatively designed wedding stationery can add that special, unique touch that will make your tropical vibe come to life. 

3. Exotic Flowers

gorgeous exotic flowers

Decorate your wedding celebration with an array of gorgeous tropical flowers. Use these florals to accent your reception tables and you can add an array of tropical leaves in the arrangements for a touch of greenery. 

4. Tropical Wedding Centerpieces

Highlight your theme by decorating with tropical green and white centerpieces. White and green centerpieces offer great contrast between the green leaves and white florals. If you want more colorful flowers, choose from some exotic flowers that compliment your tropical color scheme. 

5. Tropical Wedding Cakes

wedding cake design

Use palm fronds or other natural elements to create a gorgeous themed cake. If you want to incorporate tropical flavors into your beautiful wedding cake, try a pineapple flavor or coconut flavor. You can even decorate with tropical fruits and bold flowers. 

6. Wedding Invitations

When it comes to event planning, it is important to have invitations that compliment your theme. Use floral designs or palm leaf designs to show that your wedding celebration will be a tropical beach theme. 

7. Banana Leaf Print

banana leaf print

If you need a print for chairs or other embroidered décor at your wedding, use this perfectly tropical pattern of banana leaves for a classy design. 

8. Monstera Leaves


Monstera leaves are a great addition to any tropical wedding theme. They look like palm fronds except they have more split leaf patterns. This can add a little bit of dimension to your tropical floral arrangements to have various different types of palm leaves. 

9. Menu Cards

tropical food at wedding reception

Make sure your menu cards have a tropical twist. You can achieve this by even writing your menu on a tropical leaf with a gold permanent marker. Many different ideas would work for a unique tropical menu card! 

10. Pampas Grass

pampas grass

Pampas grass is a trendy wedding decoration that can add a modern touch to any type of theme. If you want to incorporate this into your tropical wedding, try incorporating it with palm leaves.

11. Punches of Color

punches of hot pink

Tropical weddings are the best theme to incorporate some vibrant blooms and bold colors. Coral, hot pink, aqua blue, and bright green can all compliment a tropical theme.

12. Quiet Spot for Guests

Make sure you let your guests feel like they are on vacation by setting up small, relaxing areas for guests to socialize and chill out. A great idea for a beach themed tropical wedding is to hang some hammocks on trees so guests can use them. 

13. Beach Vibes

beach at wedding

Bring the beach to your ceremony and reception by incorporating sand or water into your reception area. You could even decorate with coastal colors or sea shells if you want a more beach-y look. 

14. Tropical Signature Drink

tropical drink on a gorgeous beach

Serve tropical signature drinks like piña coladas in custom coconut shells or pineapples. These shells can be engraved with your monogram or a message of your choosing. 

15. Aisle Decor

ceremony at small tropical wedding

Decorate the aisle you will walk down on your wedding day with gorgeous tropical florals and palm leaves. This will make a grand entrance for the bride on her tropical wedding day of her dreams. 

16. Gold Calligraphy

Using a gold font is a perfect accessory to contrast with the vibrant shades of your tropical wedding theme. This font goes perfectly with invitations, save the dates, and even thank you notes.

17. Arch in Ferns

greenery arch

Create the ultimate tropical wedding arbor with palm fronds for the perfect romantic wedding arch. This arch will be a beautiful piece of decoration at your ceremony. 

18. Candle Light

cande light at wedding reception

Incorporate candle lights at your reception so your guests can enjoy tropical romance weddings. 

19. Beautiful Textures

Incorporate canvas textures or palm leaf textures to add some dimension to your wedding décor. Tropical textures can be a perfect addition to your invitation suite, and can add some tropical details to your special day. 

20. Oversized Palm Leaves


Using massive, oversized palm leaves will create the illusion that you are celebrating your wedding under gorgeous palm trees. Using large palms is also a statement piece of decoration that your guests will appreciate and remember. Use large palms for things like the wedding ceremony arch/arbor, decoration for the aisle, or even at the reception above the tables. 

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  • Great thoughts! A friend of mine had a wedding in her backyard this summer. It was truly gorgeous, cozy and quiet. They made an archway out of flowers too, added candles and rose petals around it.