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15 Card Box Ideas To Match Your Wedding Theme

Wedding card boxes are a must-have feature of the present table. Whether your guests choose to write you heartfelt letters or give monetary gifts, you need to have a place to put them during the ceremony and reception. Paper is so easily lost.

To facilitate this, we have come up with a list of the 15 best wedding card box ideas to suit any theme. These wedding card box ideas are perfect for any budget, and most of them can double as fun DIY projects.

Creative Wedding Card Boxes

Show off a personal touch with your wedding card box. The gifts they keep are precious, so it’s only fitting to make them something special too. Here are some creative ideas for yours. 

Photo Card Box 

Personalize your wedding card box with cherished moments of you and your significant other. The day is all about the two of you and the love you share, so what better way to show that than through photos.

Not only is it an excellent place to store cards during and after the wedding, but it makes for a lovely decoration; it’s a 3D photo frame.

This box is a good option for traditional, classy weddings. Some photo card boxes also come with a lock so you won’t have to worry about any of the cards getting lost, and it can continue to act as a treasure box to you and your partner after the nuptials.

Clear Acrylic Card Box

Clear acrylic card boxes are an easy and affordable way to customize your card box. A modern wedding deserves a card box made with modern technologies.

These simple boxes are a great way to show off your personal style and emphasize what you are thankful for.

Our favorite designs are the ones that say a little something extra about the couple, whether it’s an inside joke, sentimental motif, or couple name.

They also double as excellent decorative pieces for the home after the wedding. You can use them for mail, loose change, or anything you feel like.

Wooden Card Box

While a wooden card box may sound boring, it is one of the most versatile options. If you want a rustic wedding, why not use a milk crate? It has ready-made slots for cards.

Academia-themed weddings are the perfect setting for small bookcases. Guests can slot their cards onto tiny shelves like library books.

Or, if you are skilled with woodworking, you can make an ornate or elaborate wooden box with wood-burning details and painted designs. Gutting old jewelry boxes is also a fast way to craft inexpensive yet striking card boxes.

Classic Mailbox

A classic metal mailbox makes for an adorable cardholder. After all, that’s what mailboxes are for.

Casual, rustic, farmhouse weddings are just the right setting for a mailbox card box. You can dress it up with ribbons and flowers, paint it with your SO to make it unique, or keep it simple.

While metal mailboxes are ideal, you can also use wooden letterboxes if you don’t want to risk anything falling out.

The best part about using a mailbox as a card box is that it is still helpful after the wedding. You can use it as a mailbox for your home after the wedding.

Mirrored Card Box

Mirrored card boxes are ideal for glamorous and chic weddings. If you plan to wed at a high-society club, rented mansion, or resort, this card box will fit in excellently with the tone.

We love this option because you can keep it simple or customize it by having it engraved. You don’t have to settle for a regular silver mirror either as there are many different colors like rose and gold.

Like photo boxes, mirrored boxes usually come with a lock to keep your cards safe should the crowd get too rowdy and tip the gift table.

Terrarium With Flowers 

Terrarium card boxes are perfect for:

  • Garden weddings 
  • Rustic weddings 
  • Fantasy weddings 
  • Floral weddings

They are bright and fun and add a sense of life to otherwise inanimate decorations.

There are several ways to make a terrarium gift box. Try filling the bottom of a glass box with fake flowers so that the cards rain down over them, or set up a living terrarium with a card slot down the back.

You can try my favorite idea and surround an empty card box terrain with smaller living terrariums if you have a green thumb.

Rustic White Card Box

Like a tiny treasure chest, a rustic white card box will keep your letters safe and fits well with many different themes. Rustic white card boxes look good at the following types of weddings: 

  • Rustic 
  • Country 
  • Casual 
  • Classic
  • Lowkey 

Many white card boxes are designed like ballot boxes with a card slot, hinged lid, and lock.

While you can choose a milk paint box with a vintage feel, many designs have a more modern feel or custom engraving and messages available.

Vintage Suitcase to Hold Wedding Cards

Travel-themed weddings, vintage weddings, and classic weddings all deserve an appropriately themed card box. Vintage suitcases are just the ticket. Well, they generally go hand-in-hand with tickets.

Hope on over to your local thrift store, craft store, or relative’s closet to find the perfect vintage suitcase to use as your cardholder. Dress it up with a string of polaroids, flowers, or travel accessories.

Copper and Glass Card Box

If geometric designs are to your fancy, then you’ll love having a copper and glass card box at your wedding. They come in numerous shapes and sizes, from rectangular to hexagonal prisms, pyramids, and more. Copper is a popular trend in wedding decor.

Copper and glass boxes usually have hinging lids, but some are open at the front like mailboxes. These card boxes are ideal for garden, classic, or even steampunk weddings.

Leave them as is, or try adding confetti, flowers, or sequins to the bottom for some extra flare. A copper and glass box will be a beautiful addition to your gifts table.

A Birdcage 

Nothing says fantasy wedding quite like a gilded birdcage. They are ornate and just archaic enough to add an element of mysticism to the décor.

Additionally, you can easily find old birdcages in thrift stores. Polish it up, and it will look shiny and new. You may also find wooden birdcages in antique shops. These are especially elegant as they are often styled to emulate various cultural, architectural designs.

The barred design also means guests can slip their cards in from any side without opening the cage and risk the other cards falling out.

A Wooden Trunk

If you like the look of a wooden trunk card box, then you’re in luck. There are so many options. You can use anything from a small treasure chest to an old jewelry box to a steamer trunk. A wooden trunk card box can give your wedding a vintage, rustic, or nautical feel.

A steamer trunk would be perfect for a Titanic-esque wedding, or try a treasure chest for a pirate-themed one. Don’t forget. You can also get the wooden trunk custom engraved or burned to show off a little more personality.

Wicker Basket 

If you’re getting married around Easter, in spring, or have a garden wedding planned, why not consider a wicker basket cardholder?

Wicker baskets are an excellent choice for a cardholder as you can dress them up to fit any theme. If you are getting married on a tight budget or just like a savvy deal, why not repurpose the Flowergirl basket after the ceremony? 

You can even drape a veil over it to keep the cards in if it’s a windy day and make it look even more wedding-ready.

Floral Wedding Card Box

If you love the flower theme, there’s good news and more good news. You can take the budget route and purchase a box with a printed flower design at nearly any craft or hobby store, or you can implement tangible flowers.

Why not hot glue some fake flowers on for a couple of extra dollars or arrange a bed of roses around the box?

You can get an engraved box with a flower motif, cover a plain old box in floral paper yourself, or go all out with ribbons, lace, and fake flowers. Heck, why not incorporate real flowers?

There’s so much you can do with flowers, and it’s impossible to go wrong.

A Vintage Hatbox

I adore this idea! It is the best compliment to a vintage or travel-themed wedding. If you are looking for the romantic vibes of Paris, then look no further than a vintage hatbox.

Set the hatbox on a table with a large doily. Fill the bottom of the box with colorful tissue paper and flower petals, and then leave the lid to rest against the edge. Don’t forget the big ribbon.

For extra pizzazz, add a vintage hat. You can make a 1900s-looking hat quite easily with a dollar store sun hat and fake flora.

Picnic Basket

Outdoor, country, and casual weddings just scream Sunday picnic. What better way to encapsulate the idea than with a picnic basket card box?

If you are having your wedding in a park, at the edge of a field, or in a farmhouse, then try the picnic basket card box.

Imagine this, a rustic old picnic basket with one side propped open, sitting on a table with a gingham tablecloth. It’s the perfect cozy, quaint cottagecore idea!

Additionally, try wrapping some fake flowers around the basket handle and base for an incredibly fantastic look.


What do you put cards in at a wedding?

Typically, cards with well wishes from your guests go in a card box to keep them safe and organized. Your card box can be any receptacle you want, however! Get creative with how to store your wedding cards or use the ideas from our list above.

How big should a card box be for a wedding?

The size of your card box depends on how many guests you’ve invited, and therefore how many cards you’re expecting. If it’s a small gathering, you won’t need much space.

For larger weddings with 100 or more guests, you’ll probably want a box that’s at least 12 inches x 12 inches so that cards of varying sizes fit. Keep in mind that some guests will bring physical gifts as well, so have room for those too on your gift table!

What can you do with a card box after the wedding?

After your wedding, you can keep your card box as a keepsake, and even use it as a keepsake box for special items and photos from your wedding day! If you like the style and it fits in with your home decor, you can even leave it on display at home.

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