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40 Creative Travel Themed Ideas for Your Wedding

Want to have a destination wedding but don’t have the budget? Here are some of our favorite ideas to bring a travel theme to wherever you are! Your guests will enjoy going on a mini-vacation at your themed wedding!

What is a Travel Theme?girl holding a map open

A travel-themed wedding is perfect for couples who love the idea of travel. Whether it is a broad travel theme, or a specific location that you are taking inspiration from, this wedding theme is a great option for those who are always looking forward to the next trip they are taking. 

Some brides will choose to have a broad “travel” theme with no specific location they are traveling to. This theme has a lot of room for creative decorative elements and is definitely unique. From plane ticket invitations, to assorted “global” elements tied into your centerpieces, the options for travel related decor and theme ideas are endless.

Travel themes can work well for brides who are drawn to rustic weddings, but you want more specific themed elements tied in. 

Travel Destination Theme Ideas

If you have a specific location that you remember traveling to that you would like to draw inspiration from, you can think back to that trip and what made it so special. For example, if you want to have a romantic Parisian themed wedding after a memorable trip there, you could make your travel theme more tailored towards French cuisine and travel elements. 

Another great option is to celebrate the countries that you and your partner are from on your travel themed wedding day. If you would really love to have your wedding at your home country but you are unable to afford a destination wedding, a travel theme can open the doors to tying cultural elements into your special day. 

Here are some amazing travel themed wedding ideas for couples who want to go the distance with their partner! Travel-themed wedding ideas are easy to incorporate throughout your special day. 

1. Disposable Cameras

disposable cameras

A super fun idea for an activity that your friends and family will love during your wedding reception is to place vintage cameras or disposable cameras throughout your venue for guests to take photos. 

2. Vintage Maps

vintage maps

Circle the exact location you are trying to recreate at your travel themed wedding day on vintage paper maps for a cool decorative element. 

3. Themed Wedding Favors

plane bottle opener

Hand out travel wedding favors such as adorable plane bottle openers for your guests to take home with them.

4. Table Centerpieces

centerpieces with globe

The table centerpieces at your wedding reception is a great opportunity to incorporate themed elements. Mix in travel related motifs in with real flower bouquets or paper flowers.

5. Guest Book Table Decor

post cards

Decorate your gift table or guest book table with various travel themed elements like signs, luggage, or globes. 

6. Photo Booth

photo booth strip

It’s a not a real wedding without a photo booth! Decorate your photo booth with a travel themed backdrop that will transport your guests to places around the world!

7. Post Cards

post cards hanging on line

Have your guests wedding guests sign post cards instead of a guest book for a unique themed activity at your reception.

8. Themed Cake Topper

bicycle on top of cake

Include elements of travel on your wedding cake by buying a specialty wedding cake topper. Themed wedding decorations like this really help tie the theme together! 

9. Wedding Stamp

passport stamps

Create wedding memories by having your own customized wedding stamp created. Guests can stamp their boarding pass to get into the wedding reception or you can use it with your stationery suite. 

10. Suitcase Favor Boxes

suitcases favor boxes

Give your guests something in thanks for the wedding gifts! These little personalized wedding favors can be found on websites like Etsy and look adorable next to a suitcase stack.  

11. Paper Flowers

paper flowers at ceremony

Paper flowers are a fun touch that looks great with a travel theme, plus they are more affordable than real flowers! 

12. Fabric Ribbon

ribbon on bouquet

Add some extra touches by decorating with fabric ribbon that is patterned with vintage maps. 

13. Passports


For unique and themed wedding invitations, incorporate the element of travel. Style your stationery to look like passports, and all of your guests need theirs stamped before they enter your wedding reception. 

14. Bicycles

vintage bicycles

If you want to add a travel related fun touch to your ceremony or reception decor, add vintage bicycles for decorative elements. This is a great idea if you are having an outdoor wedding. 

15. Themed Table Numbers

travel themed wedding ideas

Have your wedding guests find their seats with these unique and travel themed table place cards that can be put on dining tables throughout your reception. 

16. Compass Motifs

compass on a map

A great travel related piece of decor can be a compass. Compasses are a fun touch and can represent finding your way to your partner. 

17. Stacked Vintage Suitcases

stacked up suitcases

Add a suitcase stack to your reception hall decor as a great statement piece. 

18. Globes

globe with florals

Globes are great themed wedding items for travel themed weddings. You can even mark a special location that means a lot to you and your partner on the globes.

19. Honeymoon Fund

honeymoon fund

Depending on what type of wedding gifts you want, a great idea for brides who can’t afford a honeymoon is to set up a honeymoon fund in lieu of traditional gifts. 

20. Around the World Seating Chart


Another wedding seating chart idea is to have a map of the world and label each table as a different country. An extra touch that you can add is to make the tables named after countries that mean a lot to you and your partner. 

21. Unique Guest Book

Your wedding guests will love this unique wedding guest book alternative of filling out postcards from various destinations!

22. Themed Signs

travel related signs

During the wedding planning, create various themed signs that point your guests towards the ceremony table and dining tables at your reception. 

23. Themed Accessories


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Add little travel related decor to small details at your wedding such as a custom wedding ring box or map printed pocket squares. 

24. Destination Sweetheart Table

At your wedding venue, make your sweetheart table themed after the place you met your partner or a special place you care about. 

25. “Come Away With Me”


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This quote, which is also a popular Frank Sinatra song, is an awesome message to place throughout your travel themed wedding. 

26. Special Groom’s Cake


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Everyone loves wedding desserts! If you want a dreamy white wedding cake but you also want to incorporate travel elements into a cake, opt for a themed groom’s cake

27. Luggage Tags

wedding luggage tags

In your stationery suite, add luggage tags for your favorite destination for each of your wedding guests. 

28. Boarding Passes

boarding passes

Another themed wedding idea for your stationery is to add “boarding passes” for each of your guests to international destinations. 

29. Planes

mini toy planes

A themed wedding idea for your table centerpieces is to use toy airplanes as decoration with florals. 

30. “And So The Adventure Begins…”


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Add this quote throughout your reception or ceremony. 

31. Paper Maps Wrapping Paper

map paper

A fabulous decorative element themed wedding items is to use vintage map paper. Incorporate vintage world maps throughout your reception for a rustic touch. 

32. Getaway Ride

getaway car

Let your wedding guests watch you and your newly married partner getaway in a fabulous vintage ride! 

33. “Love Knows No Borders”


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This is another quote to incorporate into your travel wedding theme.

34. Themed Food Menu

Mexican food on table

A great touch to a personalized wedding day is to have a themed menu based off of a special location to you and your partner. 

35. Luggage Photo Props

luggage for photos

Add a travel touch to your photo booth by adding themed wedding items like pieces of luggage! 

36. Cars

vintage car

A great way to add to your travel wedding theme is to decorate with different cars. People can travel in all kinds of vehicles, so why not decorate for your travel theme with different vintage cars?

37. Where Are Your Guests From? 

map with pins

A fabulous themed wedding decoration is to use a giant map or globe and have guests mark the exact location where they are from on the map.

38. Passport Photos

small photos of guests

Have a photo shoot at your wedding at a photo booth with travel themed accessories. For a great travel-themed wedding idea, label the photo booth as “passport photos” so guests feel like they are traveling to a vacation spot at your wedding.  

39. Baggage Claim

around the globe wedding detail

Have a travel wedding seating chart at your reception. This idea for a destination themed seating chart is to label it as “baggage claim” and have each guest find a mini suitcase favor boxes with their table number on it. 

40. Themed Photoshoot

wedding party having photoshoot

Get lots of wedding memories by having a themed photoshoot with your wedding party. This will give you lots of pictures for your wedding photo albums.

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