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How to Create the Best DIY Photo Booth at Your Wedding Reception

Some of the most fun and entertaining photos captured at a wedding are the ones guests take of themselves and each other. Not only are these photos fun to take, but they are also mementos that will last a lifetime. While most couples hire professional photographers, you can also set up a DIY wedding photo booth!

With these images, you can look back on your special day and remember how much fun you and your guests had. A great way to capture these photos is by having your own DIY photo booth. Here is everything you need to know about creating the perfect photo booth all of your guests will be racing to use. 

6 Simple Steps to Create a DIY Photo Booth


Putting together your own DIY photo booth is an extremely easy process. Here are the six simple steps you need to know in order to create a superior DIY photo booth for your reception. Everyone is sure to have a great time taking photos that you will cherish for years to come.  


Pick Your Photo Booth Space


When having a photo booth, it is important that people know it’s actually there. The location of your photo booth is key to ensure that people end up using it.

Place it somewhere that is easily accessible but does not interrupt the flow of the space. You could choose to have it somewhere adjacent to the dance floor or in a side room right off the main reception area.

Try to keep the location away from prying eyes so guests feel more comfortable being themselves in front of the camera. 


Create a Backdrop


Your backdrop can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, but make sure it is not just a plain, boring wall with nothing to draw people to it. Use any combination of vibrant colors, gorgeous textures, and interesting patterns to attract guests and create some visual intrigue in your photos. 

If you are not sure what your backdrop should be, consider using your venue space as a part of your background. Look for intriguing walls or brightly lit spaces. If you are not finding the perfect backdrop in your space, try creating one yourself or purchase the perfect backdrop online. 

There is a wide variety of background options you can choose so continue reading to find some inspiration for your photo booth. 


Gather Fun Props


Props are a great way to make guests more comfortable and get them to show off their goofy side. Gather items like costumes, sunglasses, wigs, inflatable floats, funny signs, and so much more. The crazier and more fun the items, the bigger of a hit they will be with your guests. 

To save some money, you can either bulk order props online or you can hand make some of the items yourself. You can often order prop designs online that you can then print, cut out, and attach to wooden dowels.

Another option is to gather your wedding party and make a night of creating photo booth props and drinking wine, perhaps with your bridal party or as a part of your bachelorette party!


Choose Your Camera Type


When it comes to photo booths, there are a wide variety of camera options you can choose from. From simple and easy to use options to some more high tech options, read on to find the perfect camera for your photo booth. 

  • A polaroid camera is a classic and easy to use camera that is perfect for a DIY photo booth. This camera is great because it prints your photos instantly. While this is a simple option, the film can be pricey and can often result in this option being more expensive than you might expect. 


  • One basic option is to have a selfie stick and a phone with a high quality camera. You can either provide the phone or you can have guests use their own phones. To make sure you receive all photos, have guests post them using your own personal wedding hashtag or have them put all of the photos in a shared drive or folder that can be sent between devices. 


  • Disposable cameras are an old technology that are making a comeback in recent years. This old school option is not only easy to use, but they are also decently cheap to purchase. The only caveat with this device is that you will not know how the photos turn out until you end up printing them. 


  • Another option is to have a digital camera on a tripod. This is certainly a more high-tech choice, but it will result in some high quality photos. Make sure that you connect a wireless remote in order to be able to snap the shot or find someone to volunteer to man the camera. 


Make Sure the Area is Well Lit


Proper exposure is extremely important when taking photographs. If you are taking photos inside, pick a room with a lot of windows or grab a ring light to illuminate the space. Outdoors, there are plenty of cute ways to light up your wedding venue. 

Cheap lamps are also a great choice for filling your space with light. If you want to add some extra spice as well as extra light, opt to hang up some soft white string lights. These add to the light and the ambience of the photos. 


Have Guests Share Their Photos


If guests are taking photos on their phone, create a hashtag on social media for them to use when they post their photos. Create a unique and fun sign that displays the custom hashtag so your guests know to use it.

You could also create a photo drive that you can send to your guests so they can share their photos with you. 


DIY Photo Booth Ideas


Now that you know what you need to create an amazing photo booth, it is time to decide what your setup is going to look like. Here are some amazing design and backdrop ideas to help inspire you as you create your custom photo booth. 


Polaroid Frame


A classic polaroid photo frame is guaranteed to grab your guests’ attention and draw them to your photo booth. Such a recognizable display will certainly excite your guests and make them feel more comfortable as they pose together in the frame.

Personalize it by adding your names and wedding date to the bottom of the frame. 


Neon Sign


A custom neon sign is a bright and exciting addition to any photo booth. What you choose to light up is completely up to you.

Go for your names, your favorite song lyric, whatever you want. Opt for something that is gorgeous and meaningful to you and your spouse.

The best part is that you can take the neon sign and hang it in your home after your wedding!


Floral Wall


Gather your favorite faux florals and create the floral backdrop of your dreams. Florals will not only look wonderful with the rest of your decor, but they will also add a bit of natural beauty to your reception.

Consider accenting the floral wall with string lights to add a lovely glow to the look. A floral wall can be expensive to purchase or have a florist create especially if you want real flowers. You can save some money by using fake flowers and making the design by hand. 


Sitting Area


Sit down, take a load off, and snap some phenomenal photos of the best day of your life. Make a gorgeous sitting area with a vintage velvet couch, a soft rug, fun throw pillows, a table, anything to set the mood and make your guests feel comfortable. 


String Lights and More String Lights


As previously mentioned, string lights are a perfect option to make the space brighter. Adding these is a great way to add to the ambience and bathe everyone in a beautiful glow. Your photos will look amazing and your guests will look ethereal.  


Custom Backdrop


A custom canvas or wooden backdrop is a piece that you can keep forever. Include your names and wedding details on the banner to make something that is unique to you and your spouse.

Order a custom made design online or paint the pattern yourself. You can truly show off your creative side by taking on this project. The best part is that you can save a few bucks by making this yourself.  


Bunch of Balloons


Balloons are a sign of a true party. For a fun loving yet elegant decoration, balloons will take your photo booth up quite a few notches.

Create a balloon arch to surround your guests or make a wall of balloons for your guests to pose in front of. This festive display is sure to get everybody excited and ready to celebrate. 


Gorgeous Macrame Hangings


If you are looking for a boho setting for your photo booth, opt for some macrame hangings. A macrame background will not only look gorgeous in your photos, it will also be a beautiful and eye catching addition to your reception decor.

Remember, photo booths do not have to be a blight on your reception’s look. 


A Beautiful Brick Wall


If your reception location has brick walls, use those to your advantage. They are a gorgeous and simple backdrop on their own.

To increase the visual intrigue, add some floral accents and vintage lanterns. If you do not have access to an actual brick wall, you can create a faux brick wall using faux brick wall paneling. 




Creating your own DIY photo booth is a fun and unique way to get your guests excited and involved in aspects of your reception. Not only will your photo booth add to the ambience of your reception, it will most definitely be a hit amongst your guests.

Create memories with your guests that you will look back on and cherish for the rest of your life. 

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