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How to Make a Flower Wall for Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, there are a lot of different DIY ideas to save some money on decorations. One gorgeous decoration that is surprisingly easy to make at home is a wedding flower wall!

While every couple has different levels of DIY that they’re comfortable with, a little bit of wedding DIY is probably going to be necessary.

Even more than that, it can be rewarding to work toward creating a certain craft for your big day and then to be able to enjoy it when the day comes. It shows dedication, aspiration, and a commitment to making the first day of a new chapter of your life the best it can be.

Keep reading for how to make a wedding flower wall to serve as a backdrop at your wedding.

What is a Wedding Flower Wall?

A wedding flower wall is exactly what it sounds like– it’s a large wall full of flowers that makes an appearance at your wedding! These flower walls are super trendy and popular lately. They are beautiful in person and in photos, making a gorgeous Instagram post!

They are relatively customizable based on the style of your wedding as well. You can make a flower wall with florals that specifically reference your bouquets and colors.

You could even write words out of flowers on them or hang signs. The wedding flower wall is an awesome tool that will add some beautiful elements to your big day.

Why Create a Flower Wall for Your Wedding?

why create a flower wall for your wedding

As stated above, you might want a wedding flower wall because they are trendy, beautiful, and add texture and color to a space. If florals are an important motif in your wedding, a flower wall will bring that to another level without being too over-the-top.

However, your choice to make a wedding flower wall is very dependent on the space you would like to have it in. They do a lot to add texture, color, and flair to plain or flat spaces.

If your wedding venue space already has a lot going on, your flower wall might need to be very minimal to avoid risk of clashing too much in one space.

How to Make a Wedding Flower Wall

wedding flower walls

If you like the idea of a wedding flower wall and want to put one in your space, you need to know how to make it. However, it should be disclosed that you are potentially able to buy a wedding flower wall. If you can afford it and don’t desire to do the necessary amount of DIY, this may be a good option to get the flower wall of your dreams.

However, if you do choose to make your own, there are a few steps and things to keep in mind. Keep reading for more on how to DIY your own wedding flower wall.

Picking Your Flowers

Obviously, the first thing to do is to select the flowers you’d like to include on your wall. Many people choose to go with fake flowers for their wedding flower wall, as they will never wilt or start to die before the wedding. They are also easier to handle than real flowers.

If you’re really committed to real flowers, you can try it, but you’ll have to do it very close to your wedding day so that they remain fresh.

Most importantly, you’ll have to decide what kinds of flowers and colors you want. The wedding flower wall should fit in nicely to your venue and wedding’s theme, so carrying over certain colors or specific kinds of flowers would really add to your space. You can buy fake flowers at your local craft store or online.

Wall Size

Depending on your venue and where you’d like to put it, you’ll need to determine the size of your flower wall. This DIY tutorial recommends building your wall with two pieces of 80in x 40in plywood. This is a size that will be transportable and the plywood should be relatively cheap.

However, if the venue allows it, there may be a wall there that you’d like to deck out. This might be larger or harder to put together, and you may need extra flowers. However, putting it up so that it naturally fits in the venue space might look better, especially in unique spaces.

Putting it Together

To put your wedding flower wall together, there are a few other options. For one, you could use a staple gun to connect it closely to the wall, especially if you’re using plywood like in the tutorial above. You may also want to use a glue gun to attach the flowers to the wall.

Another easy thing to do would be to coat the wall with a sort of mesh substance that you could stick the flower stems through. This would be an easy way to transport your flower wall, because it’s light and really just a piece of fabric. 

Cost, Transport, and Timeframe

A DIY flower wall, based on the two linked tutorials above, should be relatively cheap with plywood, a staple gun, and fake flowers. However, renting a flower wall is a totally different story– they’re super expensive!

When making your flower wall, keep in mind that it needs to be able to be transported to your venue relatively easily, so it can’t be too large or exceedingly heavy. You’ll need to measure the doors to the venue to make sure you don’t make it too large.

If you’re making your own flower wall with fake flowers, you ought to start working toward constructing it at least four months before the wedding, so that you have time to redo and rework so it looks exactly how you’d like. If you’re using real flowers, you probably only have a few days!

What to Do with Your Flower Wall After the Wedding

what to do with your flower wall after the wedding

After your wedding, there are a couple of things you can do with your flower wall. For one, you could keep it and hang it somewhere in your home as a beautiful reminder of your special day. If you don’t have anywhere to put it, you could lend it to a newly engaged friend or even sell your creation on Etsy for someone else’s wedding.

If you’ve used real flowers, the best thing to do is to pluck the flowers off of the wall and compost them. If this is not possible, you can throw the whole thing out, as the flowers will naturally decompose.

Wedding Flower Wall Ideas

wedding flower wall ideas

All this talk about wedding flower walls, but you may still have no idea of what one might actually look like or what you want to do with yours! Thankfully, so many people have been using flower walls lately that there’s tons of inspiration out there.

The first thing to ask is if you want your flower wall to be there for your ceremony or for your reception, and to design it based on the aesthetics of those individual spaces. You will also want to incorporate your wedding colors and floral motifs so that it matches the room.

For the Ceremony

This is a classic look for a ceremony flower wall. The white and silver flowers with pops of greenery are perfect for this modern ceremony space. It looks so beautiful.

For a space with a high ceiling like this, a flower wall may not seem possible, but in reality it’s entirely feasible! This space uses the florals as a pop of soft color in a wintery white space.

Like the other examples, this flower wall is mostly white for the ceremony, but the use of large roses with the greenery looks like some sort of enchanted hedge. It’s so whimsical and perfect.

For the Reception

for the reception

For a reception, you could go for a flower wall that’s a little more bold. This pale pink beauty is behind the couple’s reception table and highlights the couple’s new initial, adding a modern twist to the classic flowers.

This bright floral wall is a great spot for wedding goers to take selfies and show off your amazing wedding. Putting a chic couch in front of it offers a wonderful spot for guests to take a dancing break.

You could even use your flower wall to bring the party into your special day! By letting the wall hold your guest’s drinks, you’re making great use of a gorgeous decorative choice.

Using Color

One great way to use your wedding flower wall is to let it be a bright pop of color. This variety of pinks does a gorgeous job brightening up any space.

If you love pastels, this Easter-colored wedding flower wall is perfect for your spring day! These blues and greens are just out of a dream.

For something extra modern, do an ombre effect with the flowers! The ombre style has been very “in” for a few years now and it looks really gorgeous when done to this effect.

Using Greenery

One way to use a wedding flower wall is to cut the flowers altogether– just go for the greenery. This one has a few floral elements with some cute writing as well.

This greenery wall is a bit overgrown and wild, evoking Victorian vibes. It also matches the bride’s greenery bouquet!

More about Wedding Decor

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with all of your wedding planning needs. From making a DIY wedding binder to the cost of wedding flowers, keep reading for more wedding planning info and tips.

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