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27 Thoughtful Bridal Party Gifts That Every Bridesmaid Will Cherish

Your bridesmaids are most likely excited and honored to stand by you on your big day, but it doesn’t hurt to say thank you. It’s common practice to give bridal party gifts to your bridesmaids and anyone else involved in the wedding as thanks for all of their support.

While bridesmaid gifts aren’t necessary, many brides provide them as a thoughtful gesture towards their closest friends and family members who have made the time to be involved with one of the most important days in their lives.

If you feel the same way about wedding party gifts but don’t know where to begin with looking for ideas, know that you’re not alone. We’ve organized a list of our favorite bridal party gift ideas that will only make your celebration even more unforgettable!

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After figuring out how much to spend on bridal party gifts as part of their wedding budget, many brides make their final choices considering the preferences and interests of their friends. Others want to align with their wedding styles or go with something completely different altogether.

If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, take a look at our recommendations for bridal party gift ideas that won’t ever be forgotten by your attendees! 

Flower Ring

You can never go wrong with giving out these stylish pieces of jewelry as your bridal party presents. Don’t shy away from choosing these heartfelt gifts in a variety of colors and with the same design as your wedding flowers.

Turkish Towel 


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Turkish towels are an excellent choice for wedding brides who don’t want their gifts for the bridal party to be used once and later forgotten. Your friends can get some extra use out of your presents if you’ve chosen to have a summer wedding near the beach.

Yoga Mat

Who wouldn’t be happy to receive a yoga mat as part of their bridal party thank you gifts? Don’t think twice about customizing these presents with their names of your guests and a cute quote as a finishing touch.


Most brides wouldn’t imagine a parasol as their first choice for bridal party present ideas, but this option proves to be fashionable and practical for dealing with the summer weather of desert weddings. Your crew will definitely enjoy having these perfect gifts long after your romantic celebration.

Lipstick Flask

Lipstick flasks are such a fun twist on conventional gifts for a bridal party. Any of the girls with an adventurous side will jump for joy after receiving these presents from you.

Glass Ornament

A bridal shower gift doesn’t have to be costly to be cherished by your bridesmaids. Don’t forget to play into your winter wedding theme by finding these decorations in a matching color scheme

Eyeshadow Palette

eyeshadow palette

For bridesmaids who plan on styling their own hair and makeup for your special day, nothing is better as bridal party thank you gifts than new eyeshadow palettes. These cosmetics might even help with giving the confidence that your friends want to experience during your wedding.

Polaroid Coasters

If you’re looking specifically for sentimental bridal party gift ideas, polaroid coasters will do the trick. Your besties will definitely feel loved and appreciated after opening up their gift bags and finding these memorable decorations.

Dried Flower Candles

Treating your crew with some dried flower candles as their bridal party gifts is certainly one of the best ways to show your gratitude towards them. Make sure to choose a scent that will remind them of your espousal. 

Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

Keep the drinks flowing with some wine freeze cooling cups as your gifts for the bridal party. These presents are perfect for your girls who prefer a night indoors but still like to let loose.

Macaron Soap Set

Who could say no to receiving a macaron soap set as their bridesmaid thank you gifts? Your friends will appreciate the rest and relaxation that they’ll feel when using these thoughtful presents.

Wine Gummies

If you’re searching for bridesmaid gift ideas that you can DIY, wine gummies are your answer. These snacks can be enjoyed by anybody in your wedding party who may have dietary restrictions.



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Everybody needs a new clothes hanger from time to time, so consider giving one to your crew as their bridesmaid gifts for their dresses. Design these gifts with your wedding theme in mind so your friends can become even more excited about your upcoming romantic celebration.

Flower Scarf

If you’re planning for a ceremony and reception during the springtime, send your crew home with some flower scarves as their gifts for the bridal party. These accessories will look nothing less than gorgeous when paired with their bridesmaid dresses.

Embroidered Handkerchief 

Nothing says cute gift ideas quite like embroidered handkerchiefs. These traditional keepsakes will definitely prove to be helpful during the teary moments during your special day.

Heart Hoop Earrings


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Heart hoop earrings are a timeless option as bridal party gift ideas. These pieces of gorgeous jewelry will surely start some conversations after your special day when your friends wear them with their business or casual attire.

Hair Turban


Hair turbans were made to be given as bridesmaid gifts. Go with these light-weight towels if you want your presents to be eventually used by everybody. 

Agate Bottle Opener


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Set the celebratory tone of this social gathering by giving agate bottle openers as gifts for the bridal party. These presents won’t feel out of place especially if you’ve planned a celestial theme for your wedding day. 

Suede Journal


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Even if your besties haven’t mentioned that they want suede journals, don’t write off this potential option as your bridal party thank you gifts. Anybody who prefers an old-school approach to staying organized will appreciate this present. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy diffusers aren’t falling out of favor anytime soon as great gift ideas. This opinion shows how much you care for your friends because they can use your present as a way to relax from the stressful moments of your wedding preparations.

Acrylic Marble Trays

Acrylic marble trays are no stranger to these celebrations. Your bridesmaids are guaranteed to be impressed by the look and feel of these luxurious presents.

Recycled Glass Tree Globes

If you know that your crew prefers eco-friendly options, recycled glass tree globes are never the wrong choice as gifts for the bridal party. These creative presents will more than likely be cherished by your guests forever. 

Cooler Chair


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Get your pals ready for your next social gathering together with your bridesmaid thank you gifts. They can bring their cooler chairs at other events like festivals, concerts, and tailgates.

City Skyline Wine Glass 

Some brides want gift ideas that will remind their wedding party of their metropolitan ceremony and reception. If you feel the same way, don’t hesitate to purchase some city skyline wine glasses and you definitely won’t regret it.

Burlap Shoulder Bag

A list of bridal party gifts isn’t complete without including burlap shoulder bags. Your friends will certainly enjoy the practicality and spacious design of this perfect accessory.

Custom Name Anklet

If you’re searching for personalized gifts for the bridal party, name anklets are your way to go. Order a stainless steel option as a special touch so your friends can enjoy wearing this piece of jewelry for as long as possible.

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

If your guests have expressed a love for these aromatic beverages, heart-shaped tea bags as bridal party thank you gifts becomes a no-brainer. This option tends to be less expensive than the other options on this list and gives a nod to the love that’ll be shared on your special day.

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