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50 Creative Wedding Table Number Ideas

Most couples assign seating at their wedding reception, which means that guests will need a way to find their tables. Wedding table numbers are another way to add decor to your reception tables, and there are lots of wedding table number ideas to add a special touch of decor.

Here are some great ideas for the table numbers at your wedding!

creative table number ideaa

Here are some over our favorite classic and super-contemporary wedding table number ideas. If you want a gorgeous table number display, use one of these table number card ideas. 

Framed Prints

The most popular form of wedding table numbers are typically table numbers written on white card stock that are framed. This simple table number idea will go along with any traditional or classic bridal theme. 


If you want a chic wedding table decoration, use tacks to put your printed table numbers on wood signs. 

Wood Numbers

Wood table numbers offer an outdoorsy rustic feeling. A white chalk or paint pen can transform a piece of cut wood into the perfect table number for your guests.

Monogrammed Table Numbers

Guide your guest to their table with personalized one of a kind table numbers complete with your names, wedding day, or an image.

Elegant Florals

Let your centerpiece be the star of your table by adding a pop of gold using a calligraphy number floral pick. This is an easy and elegant option.

Painted Logs

wooden table number

Use painted logs as a table number holder for a rustic theme. Logs make great rustic wedding table number holders. 

Acrylic Table Numbers


Add a minimalist touch with acrylic table numbers. Modern and sleek, great for a winter wonderland themed reception.


gold 3

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but everyone loves gold. Beautiful gold leaf pops against a white background for a timeless and elegant look.



The geode trend is a real gem, whether your style is more modern or earthy modern these beautiful rocks add a beautiful color and a bit of sparkle.

Acrylic Blocks

Super modern and contemporary acrylic boxes can be stacked, filled with bling or greenery. Use a paint pen to add guest names and the table number.


If you are having a classic wedding theme, marble table numbers look great with any color scheme. 

Vibrant Colors

blue number 8

If your wedding color palette is brightly colored, use these colors for table numbers. Use white calligraphy on a brightly colored background for a pop of color.

Address Numbers

Go to the hardware store for this table number project. Purchase address numbers that are meant for doors or mailboxes and using them as table numbers at your wedding!

Engagement Photos

If you want personalized table décor, use your engagement photos as table number backgrounds. 

Painted Bottles

A great table centerpiece idea is to use old bottles that are painted bottles. Hand paint your bottles with the table numbers for a unique idea.


glitter number 1

For beautiful table decorations, use glitter table decorations with metallic accents. Use glitter table frames for a pretty and sparkly touch. 


Table number flags make for a great table decoration! Use canvas flags for table numerals.


table number with flowers

Use painted vases for a unique table numeral decoration. This stylish wedding table decoration adds an extra creative touch. 

Mexican Talavera

Mexican tile are quality table toppers that will add an extra touch.  

Floral Painted

floral table card

For a trendy table design, decorate with floral painted table numbers. Use floral prints and use these to indicate which table is which.

Fun Facts 

Let your guests know a little about the newlyweds by indicating tables by having fun facts. 

Themed Table Numbers

If you are having a unique themed wedding, use a specific object for your table decor. For example, if you and your spouse are teachers, use apples to indicate where people sit. 

Wine Corks

If you are having your wedding at a vineyard or winery, use wine corks to make numbers for your tables. 

Nautical Theme

boat wheel table number

Use a seaside color palette for table decoration. Wedding reception guests will find their seats depending on which nautical decor option you have on the table. 

Chicken Wire

Chicken wire can make for a great unique reception decor option. Use barn wood to create frames and use chicken wire for the background. 

Painted Rocks

Use painted rocks to determine your tables at your reception. You can do this at DIY craft idea if you want a nature-inspired decor option that is affordable!


If you are having a fall themed Oktoberfest wedding, a unique idea is using beer growlers that can be customized and painted for table numbers. The amber hue will go great with your warm toned fall color scheme.

Salt Blocks

Use Himalayan pink salt blocks to display your table numerals. This is a great idea if you have rose tones in your wedding color palette.

Hand Painted

Commission an artist to paint custom designs for your individual tables. Use your wedding color scheme as inspiration.

Edison Bulbs

If you are having a reception in a dim venue, a great idea is to use Edison bulbs to display which table is what number. 

Laser Cut Wood

Use blocks of wood and have them engraved by a laser machine to customize them. You can write anything you want, it’s your day!

Wine Bottles

wine bottle table number

For a wine-inspired wedding table number idea, paint wine bottles by hand for a table display option that shows you and your future spouse’s love for wine!



If you want the ultimate rustic feel at your reception, use burlap to display your table numbers!


If you are having a literary-themed event, use unused books to create a table display. Books can feature numbers to indicate which table is which.

Neutral Colors

Use neutral color fabric to display your table numbers at your reception.


For a unique and colorful table number display, use hand-painted watercolor designs.


Use retro records on your tables for a unique table number idea. If you and your spouse are music lovers, use old records that you don’t listen to anymore for table decoration.


mirror table number

If you want some chic table decor, use mirrors to paint detailed designs.


If you want a nature-inspired, moss-filled table display use terrariums for your table numbers.

3D Numbers

3d table block

Use large, three dimensional numerals to indicate which table your guests will be sitting at.


For custom table numbers, use states to indicate which table guests should sit. 

Floral Circles

Use floral circles as table number frames. Decorate your table with a flower arrangement surrounding the table assignment.

Wire Numbers

Wire number holders are great for a trendy design option. Use wire table numbers to display prints of which table is which at your reception.


If you want a stylish table decoration, use prints of wild animals instead of numbers.

Roman Numerals

Use roman numerals for your table numbers. Put them on your reception party tables.


Use larger posters for a statement piece on your reception tables.


If you want succulent wedding table decorations, use cacti to specify different tables.

Hanging Numbers

hanging table marker

Use stands to put table numbers on. These hanging stands make for a fun table decoration.

Pressed Flowers

Using pressed flowers for your table centerpiece options is a great aesthetic choice. Use your favorite flowers and press them to decorate your table numerals.


If you want something other than numerals to designate your tables, use symbols instead. Use your creativity and use perfect DIY table decorations that are symbols.

How To Number Tables for a Wedding

When you arrive at a wedding reception, usually brides will create a seating chart and table numbers so that guests will know where to sit.

Creating table numbers that go along with your wedding style may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of creativity, your wedding table numbers can be a decorative item that add to your reception space. 

Some brides will choose to create their table numbers at home. While DIY table numbers look beautiful, there are many other creative options than just simply writing a table number on a place card.  

What Size Are Wedding Table Numbers?

gold table number

Usually wedding table numbers are smaller prints. The average size for wedding table numbers is anywhere between 3×5 or 5×7.

This is a personal decision on how large or small you want your table numbers to be, but those are the average sizes. The idea is to make sure that they are big enough for guests to see them, but small enough that they don’t take over the other wedding décor. 

Do Table Numbers Matter at a Wedding?

colorful wedding table number

Table numbers are extremely important if you are having a seating chart at your wedding. Wedding table cards let your guests know exactly where they will sit at the wedding reception.

This table assignment usually depends on the guests relationship to the bride and groom, as well as their relationship to one another.

Who Sits at Table One at a Wedding?

Typically the bridal party makes up the first table. Depending on the bride and groom’s preference, they will sit at this table, or they will have their own sweetheart table.

Just members of the bridal party such as bridesmaids and groomsmen will sit at this table if you choose to have a sweetheart table. 

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