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28 Thoughtful Maid of Honor Gifts That She’ll Definitely Love

When facing the countless decisions throughout the wedding planning process, nobody acts like a helping hand quite like the maid of honor. As the wedding approaches, brainstorm some maid of honor gift ideas to say thank you for her hard work and support!

Whether she’s your best friend or family member, the maid or matron of honor provides you with the necessary support to overcome the stressful moments and make sure that your special day goes as smoothly as possible.

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While maid of honor gifts aren’t necessary for a bride to give, they’re an extremely thoughtful gesture that shows how much you appreciate the time and effort that your MOH has invested into one of the biggest moments of your life.


What Are Some Memorable Gifts For the Maid of Honor?

Picking maid of honor gifts is definitely easier said than done. Even if you’ve had a close relationship with the leader of your entire bridal party for decades, finalizing a possibility may be difficult especially if she has a wide range of interests.

Don’t waste another moment worrying because we’ve compiled a list of maid of honor gift ideas that’ll have her smiling for the days to come!


Signet Ring


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Nothing feels more fitting as maid of honor gifts than signet rings. She’ll enjoy your present even more if you choose to personalize this accessory with her name or a picture of her favorite animal.


Retro Toaster


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This kitchen appliance is an excellent choice for any bride who would prefer that their maid of honor gift ideas aren’t used only once and eventually forgotten. She’ll owe all of her delicious toasted sandwiches and bagels to your wonderful present. 


Stationary Set

Stationary sets were designed to be given as thank you gifts for the maid of honor. Be sure to order a pattern that matches your theme so she’ll always be reminded of your special day.


Gemstone Coasters

Ideal gifts for the maid of honor don’t have to be expensive to be adored by the leader of your bride tribe. Think about buying some gemstone coasters so she can brighten up her coffee table and other living spaces.


Pineapple Cocktail Shaker


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Who wouldn’t love to receive a pineapple cocktail shaker as a matron of honor? Don’t forget to let her know that she can use your amazing gift to serve other beverages like bubble tea and iced coffee.


Embroidered Pillow Case

Nothing says thank you gifts for the maid of honor quite like an embroidered pillow case. She’ll definitely appreciate the rest and relaxation that she’ll feel when using your thoughtful present.


Stylish Lunch Bag

You can never go wrong with providing a stylish lunch bag as your gifts for the maid of honor. This option will surely be a conversation starter among her co-workers after your special day. 


Cat Eye Sunglasses


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Cat eye sunglasses are a timeless choice among fun summer gifts for the matron of honor. She’ll love wearing these frames in warm weather, especially if you’re organizing a beachside wedding.


Self-Heating Mug

Who could say no to receiving a self-heating mug as their maid of honor gifts? Buy one that connects with a smartphone app so she’ll have no problem with controlling the temperatures of her drinks.


Wine Bottle Insulator

Keep the celebration going with a wine bottle insulator. Purchase your party gift for the matron of honor with a stainless steel and double-walled design so she won’t have to deal with condensation.




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For somebody who is constantly on the move, nothing is better as thank you gifts for the maid of honor than a new suitcase. The leader of your bride tribe can get some extra use out of your present if you planned on traveling together for your destination wedding


Facial Roller


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Lists about gifts for the maid of honor aren’t complete without mentioning facial rollers. She’ll fall in love with your present after seeing how it makes her skin look fresh and revitalized.


Leaf Hair Pins


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If the leader of your bridesmaids likes to style her hair with various accessories, don’t think twice about buying her leaf hair pins. These maid of honor gifts will look perfect with her ensemble if you’re organizing a bohemian ceremony.


Hair Dryer

Every woman needs a new hair dryer from time to time so think about purchasing one as your maid of honor gift ideas. She’ll feel grateful for your present especially if she planned on styling her own hair and makeup for your special day.


Crocodile Oven Mitts

If she enjoys baking in her free time, don’t hesitate to purchase thank you gifts for the maid of honor that reflect this hobby. The cute design of these crocodile oven mitts makes your present work as kitchen decorations too.


Fashion Illustration 


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If the leader of your bride tribe loves to show off her stylish looks, a fashion illustration becomes a no-brainer as a meaningful gift for her. She’ll be more than happy to display your present in her office or living areas. 


Crystal Water Bottle


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When planning a desert wedding, some brides want maid of honor gifts that will be practical for their special day. If you feel the same way, go with a crystal water bottle for her wedding day essentials and she’ll thank you for helping her stay hydrated throughout the warm weather.


Alpaca Throw


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Alpaca throws are truly a staple among maid of honor gifts ideas. This present will keep her warm during the cold winter nights and is light-weight enough to be taken wherever she decides to travel.




When thinking of the perfect gift for the matron of honor, a vinyl record player might not be the first choice that comes to mind but it shouldn’t be disregarded. She’ll definitely enjoy lounging around in her bedroom and listening to her favorite albums with your present.



Help the leader of your bridesmaids relax during the wedding planning process with a pair of snug slippers. These gifts for the maid of honor will certainly be treasured if you can find these slip-on shoes in rose gold or another one of her favorite colors.


Personalized Clutch

When searching for ideal gifts for the matron of honor, don’t be afraid to purchase one that reflects her love of fashion. A personalized clutch is truly a perfect touch to any outfit.


Charging Bracelet

If you’re on the hunt for maid of honor gift ideas that are both useful and fashionable, charging bracelets are your way to go. Just be aware that you’ll need to buy one that matches with her phone type.


Laptop Sleeve


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As thank you gifts for the maid of honor, laptop sleeves are extremely helpful with protecting one of her most valuable possessions. She’ll appreciate not having to pay for any repairs in the future. 


Giraffe Tape Measurer

If she enjoys embarking on home improvement projects, chances are that’ll love a giraffe tape measurer. These gifts for the maid of honor proves themselves to be nothing short of fun and practical. 


Gold Hydrangea Earrings

Treating your beloved friend or family member to some gold hydrangea earrings is one of the best ways that you can show your gratitude. She’ll like wearing these jewelry gifts long after your wedding day.


Hummingbird Swing


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Even if the leader of your bridal party hasn’t mentioned that she wants a hummingbird swing as part of her backyard decor, don’t write off this possibility. These maid of honor gifts ideas give her a front-row view to watch these magnificent birds in action. 


Bonsai Snow Globe


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If she needs some new trinkets for her office desk, a bonsai snow globe is her answer. The unique design of these amazing gifts are perfect at creating the peaceful vibes that she’ll need to get through the work day.


Artisan Wine Glass

An artisan wine glass is an excellent gift choice for any bride who wants her maid of honor to always remember the celebratory spirits of her special day. A few of these presents even come with a unique cocktail recipe!


Final Thoughts

If you’re still feeling uncertain about what kind of maid of honor gifts to buy even after reading about our suggestions, don’t sweat it.

Finalize your decision after talking to your married friends and family members about what they bought as their own thoughtful gifts for the matron of honor. They may have some recommendations that align better with her interests.

If you have found a present that the leader of your wedding party will love from our list, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

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