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Sophisticated All Black Wedding Ideas

A lot of people associate a wedding with soft, romantic colors– the gentle cream of a bridal gown or the pale pink of flowers. However, these types of color palettes just simply aren’t up everyone’s alley, and it’s totally okay if you want to do something a little edgier, like an all black wedding!

Your wedding is meant to be about what you like, so you should throw any expectations that others bring in out of the window. For some, that means the wedding of their dreams is just what many imagine.

For others, it means that it is a totally different feel. In this article, we’ll be covering ideas for an all black wedding.

Check out some fabulous all black wedding ideas!

Picking All Black Wedding Colors

One of the earliest steps of the planning process is to pick your wedding colors.

Your wedding colors show up in your decor, your flowers, and your bridal party dresses, among other things. They help define the vibe and the aesthetic of your wedding before you close in on more specific themes.

To go for an all-black wedding opens up the options for something very gothic, sort of Halloween-y and dark, or something very modern, with clean black and white finishes.

While there are some things that it may be hard to find in black for your wedding, if you really commit to the theme, it’s sure to be gorgeous.


Black Ceremony Decor

To decorate a ceremony, you want to keep it relatively subtle, so that it’s not overwhelming. Chairs with black cushions will do the trick of making it a main color in your wedding.

These modern rectangle candle holders will add some lovely geometric flair to your walk down the aisle, illuminating you.

Similarly, this incredible abstract wedding frame will look amazing as you say your vows underneath it. It’s just the perfect amount of unique and standard.

This poetic black aisle runner gives a healthy dose of goth vibes while still honoring the beauty and importance of the commitment you just made. Plus, it’s super cute.


Dark Wedding Attire

Many edgy brides dream about their perfect black wedding dress. This one follows the typical cut of a wedding gown, but with a change in color, making it so beautiful and dramatic.

If you want to look extra Victorian, look into dresses that feature black lace. This look is so romantic in a dark way, giving off Tim Burton vibes.

If you’re unsure about wearing black, just put it on your bridesmaids! As seen above, black bridesmaid dresses are extra classy and modern. A little black dress looks great in every cut.

Don’t leave the dashing all-black look just for the ladies! All of your groomsmen will be tall, dark, and handsome in fully black suits. You can even put the groom in it!


Black Wedding Bands

If you’re looking to wear black until death do you part, invest in some black wedding bands. This wedding band/engagement ring duo really commits to the theme.

For something a little more subtle, this black diamond wedding band is classy and timeless with a little bit of punk flair.

This heavier tungsten band has a hammered feel, giving it a lot of extra edge!

For matching his & hers bands, you can try these titanium babies. Simple and minimalistic, they will look great on any finger.


Charcoal Flowers

One of the most visible parts of any wedding is the flowers. This incredible bridal bouquet mixes natural greens with flashes of black for a spectacular sight.

One flower you may want to integrate into the wedding is the gorgeous black calla lily. These spectacular blooms will be perfect on your big day.

If you don’t want to do pure black, you can incorporate some dark color with a deep red. This bouquet feels especially lovely for a winter wedding.

This super unique bouquet is both dark and tropical, creating a breezy summer vibe. Look into adding dark leaves like these to capture this aesthetic.


Ebony Reception Theme

Be sure to keep the all black theme going as you welcome your guests to the reception with this lovely floral sign.

You could decorate the space with black tablecloths and black chairs– not only very chic, but great for spills!

This absolutely gorgeous black menu with gold marble finishes will have your guests so impressed they’ll forget to order food!

Some reflective vases for your flower arrangements on a black tablecloth are so edgy and interesting. They’ll look so amazing at a night wedding.


Onyx Table Settings

As for table settings, take some inspiration from this ornate onyx creation, which uses natural greens and creams to offset the harshness of the black.

If your tables already have a dark finish, you can forgo the table cloth. The wood texture will bring some depth to the black finishes.

This table setting is all dark, and has a rather gothic vibe. This will be great for a Halloween wedding.

This dramatic obsidian table setting is really theatrical and impressive. Guests will be absolutely floored by it.


Dark Delight Wedding Cake

Another great way to bring black into your wedding is in the wedding cake! If you talk to your baker beforehand, let them know you want a dark dream, like this beautiful gold-foiled black cake.

This cake doubles as an incredible piece of art inspired by the night sky. You can’t tell if a baker did this or if it was the Hubble telescope.

A black cake should also have dark floral elements, like this one. This would be great for a wedding in January!

This spooky cake is topped with an animal skull and has some serious rustic goth vibes. Just note that it’s not vegan approved.

You can also use black candles like the ones pictured to decorate your cake table!


More About Wedding Colors

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with all of your wedding planning needs. From color palettes for spring, to autumn, to winter, we have everything you need for deciding on aesthetic decor and other ideas.

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