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Wonderful Wedding Exit Ideas

Once you have had the wedding of your dreams, the time will come when all the celebrations are over and it’s time to go home with your new spouse! Here are some wonderful wedding exit ideas to end the night.

As the reception is winding down, you can use these wedding send off ideas to say a final farewell to the bride and groom as they jet off on their honeymoon.

wedding exit as a couple

At the end of your wedding night there comes a time when you must exit as a newly married couple. A wedding send off is when the happy couple leaves the ceremony or wedding reception and has a dramatic send off ceremony. 

A wedding send off is one of the many classic popular wedding trends. Brides have begun to interpret this classic aspect of the wedding into something unique that goes along with their wedding theme. Wedding planners and creative brides have turned this traditional aspect of the wedding into a Pinterest worthy snapshot!

If you want to walk out of your wedding reception area with the same drama and beauty that you walked down the aisle, opt for some of these creative wedding send off ideas. 

How to Send Off the Bride and Groom

getaway license plate

Many couples decide to have a wedding send off. Usually the wedding send off occurs after the ceremony and reception, when the couple is about to leave the wedding and go off together as a married couple on their honeymoon

There are many types of wedding exits. The married couple typically prepare a special send off ceremony for the wedding guests to help with. Depending on your wedding day style and wedding theme, you may choose different types of props or getaway rides that will make your send off special.  

At the end of the wedding, be prepared to take lots of photos as you and your spouse leave the event. Wedding guests will use the props designated for the wedding send off, typically surrounding the married couple and cheering as they leave the venue. 

Check out our favorite wedding send off ideas for a magical end to your night!

sparklers for wedding

Modern couples have added lots of different styles of celebrations to the traditional wedding send off. Make sure you have your photographer ready to snap some shots of the send off of your wishes!

Make your wedding send off one of the most memorable moments of the night by following some of the ideas on this list!

1. Sparkler Exit

sparkler exit

A great idea for a wedding send off is to give all of your guests sparklers. If you are having an evening wedding, this is perfect because the sparklers will light up the night sky.

Taking pictures with sparklers is a new wedding photo trend, and sparkler send-offs are becoming increasingly popular. Some wedding stores will even sell specialty wedding sparklers. 

2. Rice

The traditional wedding send off was that guests would throw rice at the newlywed couple as a symbol of prosperity. If your venue allows it, use this classic tradition and have your guests wish your marriage well as you leave the reception.

3. Leaves

Throwing fall leaves is a perfect wedding exit if you are having an autumn wedding!

4. Music Sheet Confetti 

Confetti is an easy wedding send off idea that can be turned into a creative idea. If you use music sheets as the pieces of confetti, it may add an extra special touch rather than just traditional confetti or gold confetti. 

5. Glitter

Glitter is a great wedding send off, but make sure you are careful because glitter can scratch people’s eyes and get all over the place! 

6. Sequins

Instead of confetti or glitter, opt for colored sequins for a unique idea. 

7. Paper Airplanes

guests with paper airplanes as a send-off to a wedding couple as they exit beach wedding reception

Paper airplane send offs are an adorable touch to a wedding reception. Pre-assemble the paper airplanes so guests don’t have to try to figure out how to make a paper airplane! You could also leave instructions on how to fold them at the reception for a fun activity for guests 

8. Popcorn

Instead of rice, another classic wedding send off is popcorn! 

9. Bubbles

 guests with bubbles as a send-off to a happy wedding couple

Bubbles are the perfect wedding send off for a daytime wedding. Have your guests blow magical bubbles for a romantic exit to your wedding! 

10. Colorful Sprinkles

Use rainbow sprinkles as a colorful and fun wedding exit idea! 

11. Lavender

For a fragrant yet beautiful wedding send off idea, let your guests shower you and your spouse in lavender as you exit your wedding. 

12. Seeds

Let your love grow by letting your wedding guests shower you in seeds! If you have the wedding send off in the grass, some of the seeds will grow into beautiful flowers! 

13. Plantable Confetti

Similar to spreading your love through flower seeds, plantable confetti offers the same benefit except it adds a shower of confetti! Biodegradable confetti is a great eco-friendly wedding send off idea. 

14. Dried Flowers

guests with dried flowers as a send-off to a happy wedding couple

Dried flowers can be a gorgeous idea for your wedding exit that is also cost effective and safe for the environment. 

15. Birdseed

Have your wedding guests shower you and your spouse in birdseed. All of your flying friends will be happy to eat the birdseed afterwards. 

16. Herbs

Instead of seeds, have guests throw fragrant herbs at you and your spouse as you exit the venue. 

17. Butterflies

For an especially magical moment, release butterflies as you and your spouse walk away from the venue for some gorgeous photos. 

18. Bells

Let your guests ring wedding bells as you exit as newlyweds. 

19. Smoke Bombs

Colorful smoke bombs are a new wedding exit trend. The colored smoke bombs are great for cool photographs, but beware that they may make a loud bang for sensitive guests or children. 

20. Beach Balls

If you are having a fun, summer, outdoor wedding, use beach balls to celebrate the end of your wedding. 

21. Balloons

A bevy of balloons makes for a fabulous wedding celebration, so have guests release balloons into the sky as you leave the venue. 

22. Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloons

Forget an average getaway ride, get some truly stunning and unique wedding photos by taking off in a hot air balloon! 

23. Pom Pom’s

Celebrate the end of your wedding by using fun pom pom’s. You can even order the pom pom’s to be your wedding colors to go along with your theme. 

24. Tambourines

Make some noise at your wedding by letting your guests use tambourines at your wedding exit. 

25. Maracas


Similar to tambourines, maracas make for a festive and fun noisemaker at the end of your wedding night. 

26. Chinese Lanterns

Use lots of lanterns to create the ultimate wedding send off. Have the guests release hundreds of lanterns into the sky for a gorgeous photo opportunity and a magical moment that you will remember forever.

Make sure you release them into the sky, as lanterns can cause fires if they get caught on trees. 

27. Glow Sticks

If you are having an evening wedding, try using glow sticks as a way to light up your wedding exit. 

28. LED Balloons

Instead of white balloons, opt for LED balloons that light up. This allows you to have a cool light show at evening weddings when you may not be able to see normal balloons at night. 

29. Fireworks

If you are having your wedding send off at night, after the party at the reception, invite your guests outside for a fireworks display. Not only will this give you some epic photos, the glow and the excitement from the fireworks will be enjoyed by your guests too! 

30. Wheat

According to Zola, “Dating back to the ancient Roman tradition, the French opt for showering the bride and groom with wheat as they depart their reception. Similarly to the tradition of rice used in the United States, tossing wheat is a symbol of bounty and prosperity.”

31. Sweet Candies and Nuts

send off ceremony exit

A classic Italian wedding tradition is to throw candies or candied nuts during the bride and groom’s exit. This is meant to symbolize the promise of a sweet marriage!

32. Petal Pops

DIY-brides have created a new trend in wedding send offs, which are petal pops. These are basically push pops that are filled with flower petals, so guests can shoot them off to shower you with flower petals. 

33. Olive Leaves

olive leaves

Olive leaves make a great alternative to flower petals for your wedding send off. 

34. Dove Release

For a gorgeous and romantic moment, release doves into the sky as you and your spouse exit the venue. Doves typically represent peace, so this is a beautiful moment at your wedding if you choose this send off. 

35. Feathers 

If your wedding venue allows you to make a mess outside the venue, let your wedding guests throw feathers at you and your spouse as you exit. 

36. Cowbells

Instead of bells, opt for cowbells! These are a fun noisemaker and they give a rustic feel to your wedding send off. 

37. Lightsabers

For a super fun wedding send off, let your guests light the way with lightsabers!

38. Vindaai

Vindaai is a Hindu wedding tradition in which the bride tosses rice and coins behind her. This is meant to be a special transition for the bride and her family, as she leaves on home for a new one with her husband, thanking her parents for their love and support. 

39. Fake Snow

While practicing courtesy of the wedding venue, you can try to let faux snow fall over you and your spouse as you leave the venue. Artificial snow can be a messy decoration, so make sure you check in with your venue about this one before you get your heart set on this winter wedding idea.

40. Parade

For a super festive ending to your wedding, have a full band parade you out of the venue. This is a popular tradition in New Orleans, where a full brass band will escort the newlyweds out of the venue.

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