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Do Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Have to Be Single?

When choosing your wedding party, there’s a lot of considerations to make on which people would be the perfect bridesmaid or groomsman. But, do bridesmaids or groomsmen have to be single to be in the wedding party? Can your bridesmaids and groomsmen be married already?

Learn about wedding party etiquette to help choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen for the big day.


In the past, wedding parties were traditionally made up of friends and family members of the bride and groom who are single. These members of the wedding party were typically of a certain age where they could get married but were still single. The idea was to bring singles together to find love at the wedding event. 

Weddings no longer require that bridesmaids and groomsmen be single, but it is a good guide on what type of people you should choose for the bridal party. They do not have to be single, but typically bridesmaids and groomsmen are younger people who are able to drink and party.

Choosing who will be a part of your wedding party may be a tricky issue for some. Some may wonder, how can I pick my bridesmaids or groomsmen for my wedding?

The first step in making this difficult process a little easier on you is to understand that your wedding party has certain responsibilities. Once you realize that these people need to be reliable friends who you can count on, you can start to compile a list.  

Both the bride and groom have to make decisions on their part of the wedding party. Usually bridal parties are more important, as they plan more events for the bride and help with all the wedding day duties. The groom just has to pick his best man and groomsman

Members of the wedding party can be anything from your closest childhood friends to siblings. It is a good idea to choose people who are in the same circle of friends because it may be awkward for members of the wedding party to interact with random people they have never met before. 

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Weddings are usually all about the bride and groom, but there are other magical things that can happen at weddings! Friends, family, or anyone who brought the couple together and has supported them are celebrated at the wedding also. 

Bridal parties typically are in charge of taking care of many different responsibilities. They have to buy a bridesmaid dress, cover bridal showers and bachelorette party costs, help the bride choose her wedding dress, and other wedding-related activities that the bride may need help with. 

As for groomsmen, they have to buy or rent their tux or suit that they will wear on the wedding day. They also have the duty of arranging the bachelor party, but typically just the best man organizes everything. 

Overall, your wedding party is made up of people that you feel as though will be there for you on your wedding day. The decision of who you choose should ultimately be people that you think will show up to all your wedding related events and people who are supportive of you and your spouse as a couple.

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There are lots of wedding etiquette questions when it comes to specific and traditional parts of the wedding planning process. Questions about bridesmaids, your flower girl and ring bearer, and if you can have family members as attendants in your wedding are all common questions. 

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In any type of wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can be anyone you want. It was an old wedding tradition that bridesmaids and groomsmen had to be single. A single wedding party was the wedding etiquette in the past, but nowadays it is an outdated concept.  

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A married bridesmaid is still called a bridesmaid. If she is married, it doesn’t change her role as bridesmaid.

If your maid of honor is married, she is typically called a “matron of honor.” It was considered back luck in the past to have a married bridesmaid, so if you don’t want bad luck on your wedding day you may want to make the married friend or family member an honorary bridesmaid. 

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How many members of the wedding party that you have is a personal wedding decision that you and your partner must decide together. Usually according to formal wedding guidelines, you have the same amount of bridesmaids to groomsmen. 

An uneven wedding party will make your wedding photos look funny if you have a lopsided wedding party. Usually the ratio of bridesmaids to groomsmen is the same because they are escorted down the aisle together. Wedding guests will notice a mismatched wedding party as they view your ceremony from a distance. 

It is a trend to have a huge wedding party at your wedding. Don’t feel as though you need a specific number of bridesmaids or groomsmen. It is totally up to you on how many members of your wedding party you want.

If you and your partner are social butterflies, don’t feel ashamed to have 10+  bridesmaids or groomsmen at your wedding! It’s ultimately your special day and whoever you want to share the moment with is up to you. 

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