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do bridesmaids need bouquets

Do My Bridesmaids Need Bouquets?

The choice on what bouquets your bridesmaids should carry can be a difficult one. Many brides on a tight budget even find themselves wondering, “Do bridesmaids need bouquets to walk down the aisle?” There may be alternatives to bouquets that can help cut costs.

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about bridesmaids bouquets and bridesmaid bouquet alternatives.  


Many brides are faced with the decision of whether or not to buy their bridesmaids bouquets. Flowers can be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding, so purchasing extra bouquets for all of your bridesmaids may be too costly. 

Bridesmaid bouquets can be absolutely stunning, and they usually accompany bridal bouquet and look similar to it. They are not as extravagant, but they match the same florals as the brides bouquet. 

Floral arrangements are not the only option for bridesmaids walking down the aisle. You can opt to not have flowers as bouquets and use different alternatives as arrangements. 

Are Bridesmaid Bouquets the Same as the Bride’s?  

There are several types of flowers in the average bridal bouquet. These flowers go together artistically, and are selected to go with the greenery and color scheme of your wedding. Depending on what kind of flowers are in your bouquet, whether it’s roses or peonies, your florist will help you select other florals to go well with your real flowers. 

Floral bouquets do not always look the same, but usually bridesmaids bouquets are a variation of the bride’s bouquet. The bridal party should be cohesive and somewhat similar to each other while having some slight differences. As the wedding party walks down the aisle at the ceremony, the bouquets should match each other or the guests will notice. 

Some brides may choose for their bridesmaids to carry single stem flowers, or an alternative to bouquets if they are trying to minimize costs. Having a unique bouquet alternative can actually add to your wedding day style. You could also create bouquets with fake flowers to save on cost!

Overall it is your wedding, so whatever you feel is the best choice for you and your wedding vision is the right option! Florals that go well with your wedding dress and with your bridesmaids dresses are the best choice as the overall look will be complete with flowers. 

pretty bouquet

Some bridesmaid bouquet ideas are more DIY than others. If you don’t want traditional bridesmaid flowers, or if you want to try something unique for your wedding party florals we have you covered with lots of ideas!

These alternative styles are great as cheaper alternatives if you are trying to save money from your wedding budget. 

  1. Arm Garland

Ask your florist to turn your beautiful flowers that you chose for your bridal bouquet into gorgeous arm garland arrangements. Arrange the stems into a gorgeous garland for the bridesmaid’s arms, complete with baby’s breath accents. 

  1. Feathers

If you have a more modern look with your bridesmaids dresses, you can have them carry a feather or a bouquet with feather accents to match the contemporary look.

  1. Fans

A more inexpensive option than flowers for an outdoor wedding can be fans. These are stylish for a summer wedding and also useful due to the fact that they will keep your bridesmaids cool. 

  1. Clutch

Instead of having flowers, buy matching clutches that go well with the bridesmaid dresses! This is a stylish and unique look. Plus, your bridesmaids can carry emergency essentials to help the bride on her big day!

  1. Parasols

Instead of having bouquets, get different color parasols for your bridesmaids. You could also choose for the entire wedding party, along with the groomsmen, to carry them.

  1. Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are a cute and festive wedding accessory. Use high quality ribbon such as hand-dyed silk ribbon or rich velvet ribbon to dangle from wands if you want to make them DIY.

  1. Wreaths

Instead of arranging your blooms into bouquets, try different shapes such as a wreath. Carrying a wreath can be a gorgeous statement floral piece. 

  1. Sea Shells

For a more tactile bridal bouquet, use sea shells in lieu of flowers for a beachy and unique arrangement. 

  1. Mason Jar

A popular wedding trend for rustic wedding themes is mason jars. Some brides will choose for their bridesmaids to carry assorted sizes of mason jars down the aisle. 

  1. Flower Crowns

For some whimsical pictures, let your bridesmaids wear flower crowns instead of bouquets. If their dresses are more casual these will look better than traditional wedding flowers.

  1. Dream Catcher

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding ceremony, have your bridesmaids carry a dreamcatcher. This can be a traditional element for some cultures also. 

  1. Music Sheets Flower 

An alternative wedding bouquet that will draw some attention is a bouquet made of music sheets. Depending on the standard of paper, these flowers can be saved after as a wedding memento unlike real florals.

  1. Fabric

Depending on your wedding colors, choose different fabric options to create a fabric bouquet for a simple idea. 

  1. Lanterns

Imagine your bridesmaids with lanterns, walking down a dim aisle. It is a super romantic and a cheap option for brides who do not like flowers. 

  1. Balloons

Depending on your color palette, use balloons as your bouquet, not just as wedding décor. Take note of any latex allergies bridesmaids may have. 

  1. Palm Leaf

If you are having a beach wedding or a destination wedding, opt for tropical florals like palm leafs for your tropical themed wedding. 

  1. Flower Necklaces

Ask your wedding florist if they can design flower necklaces that can be placed over the bridesmaids head. These are like leis, and are traditionally a simple arrangement to create. 

  1. Paper Flowers

Instead of a traditional bouquet, opt for a paper bouquet. Use whatever monochromatic palette you want that goes with your wedding colors, and select the perfect coloured paper for your bouquet. 

  1. Wrist Corsages

Instead of flowers at your wedding ceremony, use different options that are traditionally saved just for groomsmen. Style corsages for all members of your wedding party!

  1. Fur

If you have a wedding theme that is centered around the winter season or the holidays, one great idea for your bridesmaids to carry down the aisle is fur. Fur works well with winter wedding themes and will keep their hands warm in the cold season. 

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