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How To Make a Bouquet Out of Fake Flowers

Can I make my own bouquet out of fake flowers? How do I DIY a wedding bouquet out of fake flowers?

A bridal bouquet is an important part of every wedding, whether it’s a simple long-stemmed flower for a minimal wedding or a large cascading arrangement. The bouquet enhances the gown and completes a bride’s overall look.

Wedding flowers can also consume quite a bit of your budget thanks to the high price of fresh flower arrangements.  Making your own bouquet will help save money, especially when you use artificial flowers.

Learning how to make a DIY wedding bouquet of fake flowers might seem intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. We’ll lead you through it step by step so you can create your dream bouquet for a fraction of what a florist would charge. You’ll also have the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and personal for your wedding day. 

Whether you’re making a wedding bouquet or a flower arrangement for any occasion, the steps are the same. All the choices are yours, from start to finish, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a combination of flowers you love. 

Pick a Theme or Color Scheme

If you haven’t settled on your wedding colors, you’ll want to do that before you shop for artificial flowers.

Do you want bright, vibrant hues or pastels? A color wheel can help you see which shades best complement each other if you need some help deciding. 

Purchase Artificial Flowers

Once you’ve chosen your color theme, it’s time to shop! Flowers made from silk and other long-lasting materials are widely available in every type of bloom and color, so the only limit is your imagination. 

Your favorite flowers make a perfect place to start. Pick other flowers that look great alongside your top picks, and don’t forget to choose some different sizes and textures. 

Consider choosing one or two main flowers to act as a focal point, and then buy filler flowers like baby’s breathe, olive branches, or other greenery. Popular wedding flowers include hydrangeas, roses, calla lilies, and more. If you’re making your own bouquet, you have plenty of freedom!

Keep your eyes open for other pieces you might want to include like artificial foliage, seedpods, or berries. Browsing florist shops and websites can help, too. 

Gather Other Supplies

sewing lace

You’ll need floral wire and tape, wire cutters, scissors, and any other accessories you plan to use for decoration. A hot glue gun will come in handy for adding embellishments to the outside of the finished bouquet. You make also want a vase to hold the flowers until the big day.

Gather decorative supplies as well, like ribbons, lace, or even gem stones for a finishing touch.

Start With a Few Main Blooms

wrapping flowers with floral tape

It’s easy to learn how to make a bouquet of fake flowers like a pro when you start with a good foundation. Pick three or four blooms to form the base of your bouquet. Using the wire cutters, remove most of the leaves along each stem, leaving only the ones closest to the bloom. Arrange these together until you’re happy with the look.

Use Wire and Floral Tape to Lengthen Stems 

To lengthen the stems of each flower, lay floral wire against the stem and wrap them together with floral tape. The stems can be trimmed to a uniform length after all the flowers are added. 

Once you have your wedding bouquet put together, trim the stems to your desired length – you can always trim more off later if needed.

Fill in With More Flowers 

creating a bouquet

Add more flowers around the original blooms. Turn the bouquet as you add to it so you build one layer at a time from the center out. Rotating as you work helps keep the bouquet balanced. Continue wrapping with floral tape as you go for added support and stability.

Don’t forget to add ornamental touches like artificial sprigs of fern or grasses, fake berries, or baby’s breath as you go to give your bouquet the shape and color profile you want. 

Wrap With Floral Tape 

You may want to wrap floral tape once or twice around the stems as you add each layer. You can still unwrap it easily to make changes, but the tape can help hold everything in place as you work. 

Once you have all the flowers placed how you want them and you’ve reached a desirable size, firmly wrap floral tape around the stems several times to secure the bouquet. Trim any unruly ends with wire cutters to make the bottom even. 

Decorate Your Bouquet

The final step in learning how to make a bouquet of fake flowers is adding decorations. A simple bow of ribbon or other material might be enough to suit your taste.

Lace or beads can punch up the look, while details like jute twine or a string of artificial pearls wrapped around the stems and hot-glued in place can add a gorgeous finishing touch.

Benefits of Using Fake Flowers 

fake roses

Fake flowers have several advantages over fresh ones that make them a great choice for your wedding. 


Hiring a florist is convenient, but you’ll pay a premium to have someone create the bouquet for you out of fresh flowers. The fluctuating cost of fresh flowers adds to the expense, and dried flowers can cost even more.

Learning how to make a bouquet of fake flowers yourself can slash hundreds of dollars from your wedding budget.

Lasts Longer

A fresh bouquet will start to wilt and darken within a few days. Wedding flowers can be hung to dry, dipped in resin, or pressed to preserve them, but they’ll never look as beautiful as the day they were cut.

An artificial bouquet, on the other hand, can be displayed for months and kept as a keepsake. Most silk flowers can last for years with proper care. Using artificial flowers means you can keep your bouquet forever without the hassle of preserving real flowers.

Can Be Prepared in Advance 

A florist has to prepare wedding flowers on a tight schedule to ensure peak freshness for the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. If the timing of their delivery is off, the flowers won’t look their best. Real flowers must be prepared within days of the wedding.

Fake flower bouquets can be made far in advance when it’s convenient for you and still look fresh and new on your wedding day. You can create your DIY bouquet months in advance, crossing one thing off your wedding planning checklist!

Get Flowers in Any Season 

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One of the biggest benefits of learning how to make a bouquet of fake flowers is the ability to choose any blooms, no matter the season, without worrying about surging costs due to flower shortages or market fluctuations. Fake flowers don’t go out of season, so your bouquet can contain any type of blooms you prefer.

When you use real flowers for your bridal bouquet, there are limitations based on season, availability, and price of the blossom. With artificial flowers, you can create a DIY wedding bouquet with any flower you want and different colors to match your theme.

DIY Wedding Bouquets in Any Size

Another benefit of using artificial flowers for your wedding bouquet is that you can make it as big as you’d like! With real florals, the cost can often deter you from having a large bouquet. Many brides opt for smaller bridal bouquets to cut the price down, but with artificial flowers you can make a big, gorgeous bouquet.

You can also DIY a boutonniere for the groom and his groomsmen!

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