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Ideas and Inspiration for a Parisian Wedding Theme

Paris is famously known to be one of the topmost romantic cities in the world. Many couples dream of being married in front of the Eiffel Tower or on a brick balcony that overlooks the entire city. If you have fallen in love with the thought of a Paris wedding but don’t have the financial support for the trip, bring Paris to you with these gorgeous wedding decoration ideas that will make you feel like you are truly in the City of Lights. 

From Parisian-themed wedding favors to European-inspired centerpieces, your Paris-themed wedding will make your guests stop and stare in awe. Take note of these unique and breathtaking ideas to make your wedding stand out just as much as the charming city of Paris. 

When decorating a Parisian theme wedding, you may stumble on ideas that go further than statues of the Eiffel Tower without a wedding planner. Luckily, these unique ways to incorporate the Parisian culture into your wedding design will fuel your creative process. Discover elegant ways to transform your special day into a Paris getaway with this list of lovely decor ideas. 

Vintage Lanterns

vintage wedding lantern

For centerpieces, aisle decor, or hanging light sources, European-styled antique lanterns are an elegant way to achieve a fairytale wedding design that creates a Paris setting. Playing on Paris’ nickname, the City of Lights, you can display decorative candles inside of these vintage lanterns for a romantic hue during your wedding ceremony. 

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Eiffel Tower Pastry Platter

Eiffel Tower pastry platter

The most recognizable landmark in all of Paris is, of course, the sky-reaching Eiffel Tower. With all of the decorative statues and cake designs of this memorable structure, you may find yourself wondering if there are any creative ways to utilize the Eiffel Tower in your Paris-themed wedding. 

Consider making a pastry platter using the dividing levels of the Eiffel Tower in your wedding reception. This unique idea is not only practical for your pastry table setup, but it also provides a beautiful way to remind the guests of the overall theme. 

French Macaroons


While we are on the topic of sweets, be sure to add these delicious treats to your Parisian wedding reception design. Also called macarons, these small colorful confections were introduced to France by Italy and built upon to create a popular choice in Paris. There is even a macaroon bar on the second level of the Eiffel Tower for all natives and tourists to equally enjoy. 

With these small delicates, you will be sure to intrigue your guests as they make their way to the reception cake table. 

White Ostrich Feathered Centerpiece

white ostrich feather centerpiece

You may recognize this decor of white ostrich feathers from any 1920s or Gatsby-themed wedding. However, this trend was adopted from the 1860s French style of wearing white ostrich feathers on hats and outfits to present a refined appearance. 

What if you created that same refined appearance in your Paris-themed wedding reception? By adding large white ostrich feathers in decorative vases, you can create a high-class centerpiece for your reception dinner tables. With these statement pieces, you will be sure to wow your guests as they step into your Parisian wedding ballroom. 

Cherry Blossom Table Decor

Cherry blossom decor

During the spring, Paris is blooming with an array of Cherry Blossom trees, especially near the Eiffel Tower. Why not include these refreshing beauties in your wedding decor?

You can choose to simply display the cerisiers, as the French call it, directly on the reception tables or create a unique centerpiece with an antique birdcage to match the garden display of Paris. 

Post Card Invitation

Paris themed wedding invitations

Wedding invitations leave your guests with the first impression of your theme. With these vintage Paris-themed postcard invitations, your guests will easily understand the style your wedding is going for. 

To create an antique-designed postcard background, use faded French words on a neutral backdrop for your invitations. Afterward, all you will need is a recognizable landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower, and eye-catching flowers to really make the color pop. Last, but not least, add a postal stamp to really set off the feel of a vintage postal card style. 

Royal Blue Wedding Cake

royal blue wedding cake

Did you know blue is the color of nobility in France? Feel like royalty during your own wedding with this royal blue wedding cake design.

With a touch of gold accents, your elegant cake will fit the high-class Parisian theme for your special day. For a pop of color, consider added blush pink flowers to really pull together the majestic style of this Paris-themed cake design. 

Wedding Sign Decor

wedding sign decor

Europe is known for its use of bicycling, especially Paris. Include this cultural feature in your own Parisian-styled wedding by displaying a bike and basket that pairs well with all wedding venues.

In front of a wooden gate, you can arrange various baskets of flowers along with your antique bike to create a refreshing scene for your wedding sign decor. 

Paris Style Photo Area

Paris theme photozone

Everybody loves a good photoshoot at their wedding. For your wedding pictures, design a Parisian wedding style layout to make for a fitting bridal photoshoot that best matches your overall wedding theme. To achieve this fashion, position a tall-standing love couch in front of a white curtain surrounded by classy home furniture, such as crystal lamps and antique dresser drawers. 

For added decor, you can include a small Eiffel Tower statue on the furniture and small, French-designed luggage to lay by the couch. To top it all off, situate an arrangement of roses and other flowers to make a bridal scene. Once it is all pulled together, you will have an exquisite site for your Parisian wedding photoshoot. 

Love Lock Favors

love lock wedding favors

One major tradition in Paris is for couples to engrave their names on padlocks to forever be locked onto the bridge of Pont Des Arts as a way of showing their commitment to their relationship. For your Paris-inspired wedding, you use these love locks as a way to keep track of the wedding guests’ arrival as well as creating cute Parisian-themed wedding favors.

You can send out a key to each guest’s own personal love lock that will be located at the entrance to the wedding venue. Once the guest arrives, they can find their name to unlock and keep it as a souvenir from this special day. Not only will the love locks serve as a fitting choice for your Paris wedding theme, but your guests will forever have a keepsake of the joyful occasion. 

Pincushion Ring Holder

Pincushion ring holder

Add a little French style to your wedding ceremony with this royal-designed ring holder. In the past, pincushions were only used for sewing and resembled a tomato. However, this unique twist creates a perfect display for your wedding rings at the altar of your ceremonial venue. 

With intricate, swirled designs along the edges of the pincushion to the added diamond embellishments, your Paris-themed ring holder will make the perfect choice for your personalized wedding. 

Showcasing Wine Display

wine display

Paris is well-known for its exquisite selections of wine due to the amount of aging and fine details that go into the production of some of its most expensive wines in the country. If you are planning on having a bar at your wedding reception, using Parisian wine bottles will make for a great included decorative element in your Paris-themed wedding. 

To build the scene, buy or make a wooden bottle crate that securely holds the wine bottles. For a rustic style, add bundles of hay into the crate to create some padding for the glass.

Lastly, display your wines in the small cubbies that are shaped and designed for the bottle figure. When it is all put together, you will have your Parisian-style wedding day decor that produces a high-class focal point for your reception bar. 

Questions About Paris Wedding Themes

Learn more about how to throw a Parisian themed wedding!

What is a Parisian wedding style?

A Parisian wedding theme consists of a balance between elegant designs and botanical beauty. Keeping a romantic setting, Paris wedding themes are typically set up to create an aura of a spring day in the City of Lights. 

What color best represents Paris?

Parisian colors are traditionally that of their flag: blue and red. The blue symbolizes nobility as well as the color of the Virgin Mary. The red represents the bloodshed by martyrs.

Some of the meanings behind the colors of the flag have changed to represent the sacrifices the country endured during the French Revolution. 

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