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24 Wedding Photo Backdrop Ideas for Your Ceremony & Reception

Wedding photos are a lifelong keepsake you’ll look at over and over again through the years, so we know you want them to be amazing. Part of creating fantastic wedding photos is having gorgeous wedding backdrops for the shots. You may already have one in mind that matches your wedding theme and colors, but there’s always room for more.  

Here are some great cost-effective wedding backdrop ideas that create the ideal look for photo backgrounds. Try one or more of these so you can vogue in style on your big day and add even more beautiful memories to your wedding album. 

The best wedding photo backdrops can turn “photos of the wedding party” into beautiful works of art. The backgrounds shouldn’t be so bold that they overwhelm the people in the pictures, but they should enhance the look to make every shot special. 

Here are some tried and true methods for creating fun and exciting wedding backdrops to keep your big day picture perfect. These wedding backdrop ideas can be theme specific, but many will fit with any wedding day theme, from a rustic wedding ceremony to a wedding reception with a modern feel.

Twinkle Lights


Twinkle lights are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to add a special touch to a wedding. They work exceptionally well for a stunning backdrop and add a touch of ambiance and style. 

There are many sizes and types of twinkle lights, also called fairy lights, to consider as wedding backdrop ideas. Most twinkle lights are micro LED styles with tiny wires, so they look like they’re floating in the air. You can also use traditional holiday light strings if you think the wires will blend into the background. 

Consider the colors of the wedding, and if you’re in doubt about color, use white or soft white twinkle lights that go with everything. Add a fairy light backdrop to your ceremony area, or create a photo opportunity by draping a curtain of lights from the ceiling.

Flower Wall

floral wall at wedding

Creating a flower wall is easy if you use artificial flowers. Artificial flowers cost less and take less planning to pull off than flowers from a florist, and you can make the backdrop as far in advance as you want.

If you use real flowers, you and your florist will have to time the delivery to avoid wilting. Put your flower wall somewhere away from as much heat and sunlight as possible to keep the buds fresh and beautiful longer. 

Floral walls make a gorgeous photo backdrop for your wedding ceremony or at the reception for guest photography.

Floral Grid


A floral grid is a great way to add intrigue and interest when using flowers to create a backdrop. The floral grid is also a great way to use multiple colors and designs. Choose a metal grid in the size and shape you want, and weave, hot glue, and twist flower stems around the metal to create your design. If you use artificial flowers, you can take days to get the look exactly how you want. 

Try getting some ideas for these grids from wedding crafts sites or social media platforms such as Pinterest. There are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from to create the ideal backdrop. 

Wedding Arbors

wedding arch ideas

One of the most used wedding backdrops in recent history is the wedding arbor or arch. You can make them basic with only greenery, or you can use flowers and bows or other crafts to make them more intricate. 

They’re a fun project for the bridal party to create, or if you choose, you can have your wedding planner hire someone to create a custom piece used for the ceremony. This idea is an excellent choice if you want to stretch your budget and make more use of wedding accessories. 

Wooden Triangle Arch

wedding arch ideas

The wooden triangle arch is one of the most unique and versatile wedding backdrop ideas for photos. They can be plain or can feature specific designs that match the theme of the wedding. In addition, you can add other features like flowers, bows, and even twinkle lights. 

This is also an ideal feature for taking guest photos to capture the big day and remember who attended your nuptials. The triangle look is one of our favorite modern wedding backdrop ideas.



Tapestries made from flowing fabrics with unique patterns are a classic and lush touch for the services themselves and also for the wedding pictures. You can keep them simple in a single color with a light, translucent fabric.

In addition to the tapestries, you can use tie-backs for texture and depth or add touches of flowers randomly to add some formality to your wedding photo backdrops. 

Greenery Wall


If you want to create a greenery wall for your wedding photos, you only need some large foam blocks and your choice of greenery, whether artificial or natural. 

Most real foliage can last a few days if you keep it hydrated. If you don’t want to worry about wilting and other issues, artificial greenery from the local craft store can make wedding backgrounds as beautiful as real foliage.

One fun trend is to add a neon sign to the greenery! Consider using a saying about love, your wedding hashtag, or your names.



Incorporate balloons into an arch for the background or use them in the corners of a floral display. Stick to one or two of your wedding colors to avoid a jumbled birthday-party look. Some balloon artists can do amazing things with just balloons, so don’t discount this classic wedding backdrop idea.

Vintage Doors


Vintage doors are lovely wedding backgrounds for classic country-style weddings. They add a homey yet warm feel and work well for any wedding with an outdoor theme. 

You can source them online, or you might be able to find some at your local flea market. Repaint and distress them for the right look and color scheme. 

Painted Backdrops


Painted backdrops are one of the easiest and affordable wedding backdrop ideas out there. You can use just about any material, including: 

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cloth
  • Plastic 

Source your materials from your local craft store, or see if you can get someone at the wedding party to donate the materials to help save on wedding costs. Enlist the help of a few crafty people to help offer ideas and make the work go faster. 

Decorated Trees

tree wrapped in string lights

One of the most popular wedding background ideas is the use of decorated trees, especially trees that reflect the theme of the wedding. For example, you can use palms and similar plants for a tropical-themed wedding.

Likewise, if you have a winter or holiday wedding, you can use small pines and topiary to add a special touch.  

Add string lights, hang lanterns and other decor, and use the natural landscape of the tree to elevate your wedding decorations.

Wooden Backdrops

wooden wedding backdrop

Wooden backdrops are a sturdy and versatile choice for wedding backgrounds. You’ll likely want to ask a professional carpenter to build them unless you know someone handy. 

Anchor heavy wood backdrops into place for added safety. You can staple or glue whatever decor you want to them, and painting them is a breeze. 



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Murals are incredible wedding backdrop ideas if you have artistic ability or know someone who does. Make sure the color scheme matches or complements your wedding colors, and check out the painting before the wedding so you can tweak it to match your taste.

Macramé Displays


You can use macramé curtains as wedding backgrounds that hang like a tapestry behind you or curtains designed to hang across the top and down each side of you like a beautiful frame. If you know someone who does macrame, you’re in luck if they’re willing to create custom pieces for you.

You can also find macramé panels made specifically as wedding backdrops from retail sites like Amazon and Etsy. 

Suspended Flowers

hanging purple flowers

Suspended flowers add a new element of interest to a classic floral addition. You can use a thin fishing line or ornamental vines to suspend the flowers. Be sure to keep them out of reach of the guests, children, and any wildlife in the area. 

Chalkboard Backdrop


You can create a fun design and lettering for your backdrop if you have access to a chalkboard. Cover the edges with vines, lights, or greenery for a more sophisticated look. 

Come up with funny, sweet, and romantic messages as part of your background before your big day so you can narrow it down to your favorites.

Vines & Fairy Lights


It’s easy to find artificial vines at any local floral or craft store. Simply add them in sections where you plan to have photos or other wedding activities. Adding fairy lights to the greenery adds class and style and helps create a soft and dazzling look. 

Solid Wall with Decor 


If you want to use a full-sized separate wall, you can easily construct one or salvage a partition wall from a thrift store or antique store. 

If there’s an existing wall at the wedding venue, you can add paper over it with paintings or words and then add decor around it to create an instant backdrop. 

Pampas Grass


Pampas grass is easy to use and adds a flowing, natural touch. Be careful working with pampas grass because it has sharp edges that can cut you. Avoid using any balloons or lights that might touch the grass for safety reasons. 



Surfboards are ideal for beach-themed weddings. You can use them in place of an arch or other similar features. Pair them with palm trees and some other tropical greenery, and you have an instant beach backdrop for photos, cake, and other activities.

Lit Up Curtains


Lit-up curtains are another great touch that adds depth and intrigue to any style of wedding. You can use both light and heavy curtains for this backdrop style. Some people use sheer curtains with twinkle lights behind them for a softer look. 

Try to stay neutral with the colors unless you have a bold color that you can use that matches lighting selections, such as red or blue.

Recycled Window Frames


You can find recycled window frames at your local antique shop or your nearest flea market. You may even have some luck at local yard sales. A few here or there can set the mood for a country-themed wedding. 

Crepe Paper Backdrop


Crepe paper is cheap and efficient for creating a great-looking backdrop. You can find it at most craft supply stores or online. It’s fragile and easy to tear, so be careful and have plenty of extra on hand. 

This is one of the wedding background ideas that’s easy enough everyone can help, so enlist the members of your wedding party as decorators!



Origami is fun and creative. If you’re not great at origami, you can hire someone to create some intricate and beautiful paper flowers and other elements to include in your wedding background ideas. 

If you want to brush up on your skills and do it yourself, how-to books can help you create simple but gorgeous paper decor. 

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