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newlyweds taking selfie with their group of friends and making funny faces

22 Funny Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Smile

Hurray! You’re getting married! You spent so much time planning and preparing for your wedding. Now that your wedding day is here, it is time to have some fun and let your wedding photographer snap some photos of your big day. Celebrate with some funny wedding pictures to remember your big day.

If you don’t want your wedding photos to be overly serious, then get inspired with these funny wedding photos that’ll make you burst with laughter. 

Funny & Silly Ideas for Your Wedding Photos 

Not all wedding photos need to be serious and romantic – there are plenty of funny poses and silly wedding pictures that you can smile at when you look back at your big day! Check out these funny wedding picture ideas. 

Jump In the Air

couple jumping in the air during their wedding photoshoot

There is no need to contain your excitement on your wedding day. Jump for joy and let your inner child out. Jumping up with your feet and hands in the air is a fun way to capture your joy and excitement for the wedding. 


Funny Faces

a wedding couple making funny faces and taking a selfie

Couples usually take part in many rituals and traditions at their wedding, which can add a serious tone to the wedding. But you can lighten the mood by adding comedic flair to your wedding moments.

Let your wedding photographers capture your playful personalities. Making funny faces at each other is an awesome idea for couples with the same sense of humor. 




If you have goofy wedding guests, you are bound to be photobombed. Wedding photo crashers make for funny wedding photos. 


Pose With Furry Friends


A lot of couples bring their furry friends to their weddings. Bringing your dog to the wedding increases the possibility of having funny silly moments that you’ll never forget. Just look at this photo where the dog joins the bride and groom on the dance floor!


Hold a Funny Sign


Here is a funny wedding photo idea that you can easily recreate. The ring bearer can hold a sign that reads, “Has anyone seen the rings?”

Or here’s another funny wedding picture idea: The bride’s father can hold a sign that says, “I loved her first!” while standing right next to the happy couple.  




Take note of this bride dabbing with the groomsmen. Do a dab dance pic!


Cake Smeared on Couple’s Faces


Before everyone starts getting their slice of cake, make sure your wedding photographer captures the wedding cake smash moment. Take a look at these newlyweds who smeared their wedding cake all over each other’s faces. A cake to the face makes for funny wedding pictures and memories. 


Embrace the Unexpected!


Sometimes, bad weather interferes with couples’ wedding day. For some couples, this might be their worst nightmare, but you don’t need to let a little bad weather ruin your big day. Instead, make the most of it and let your photographer take a photo of you and your partner strolling in the rain.

Plus, they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck and signifies that you will have a strong, lasting marriage. There is no doubt that you will look back and laugh at this unexpected moment when you flip through your wedding photo album.   


After Wedding Snack


Didn’t get full during the wedding? On your way to your honeymoon? Stop for a snack and take a pic. Just look at these newlyweds who decided to get some tacos and burritos! 


Funny Kid Reactions


Sometimes, kids steal the show at weddings as they are super unpredictable. Photos of the little ones can either be really cute or really funny. It would be amazing if your photographer captured the little ones’ silly moments on camera as it will make unforgettable wedding memories. 


Make a Big Entrance


Take inspiration from these party-goers who entered the wedding reception riding on battery-operated cars for kids. This big entrance for the wedding party will make a funny wedding moment. Make sure your wedding photographer snaps a photo of your big entrance. 


Bouquet Toss


Another fun wedding tradition that makes for perfect funny wedding picture opportunities is the bouquet toss as your bridesmaids fight over the bridal bouquet. 


Bride Drags the Groom


You’re in it for life! This funny wedding photo idea basically yells that there is no backing out now!


Groom Carries Bride on His Shoulder 


The groom carrying the bride on his shoulder is another fun wedding photo idea that you may want to recreate. 


Show Your Ring Finger


Pulling out the ring finger is yet another silly wedding photo idea that couples can recreate. This idea might not appeal to all wedding couples, but if you opt for it, you and you’re guests are guaranteed to laugh.   


Dance Number 


If you and your beloved have a funny dance number prepared, make sure to tell your wedding photographer to snap some pics of your silly dance routine. This will make unforgettable memories. 


Wedding Wasn’t Wind Proof


Embrace the windswept look. If you are getting married at a windy location, then be prepared for inevitable hair whipping pics.

Messy hair and a messy veil will make for some funny wedding pictures as it shows that things do not always go according to plan. You’ll be able to look back at these photos and laugh at this spontaneous moment. 


Do a Heel Click Jump


This wedding couple was strolling down the road when the groom decided to do a heel click jump to celebrate his marriage. 


Use Props


Use creative wedding photo booth props to capture silly wedding pictures.  


Spiderman Kiss


If you’re a popular culture fan that is obsessed with the Spider-Man Trilogy, you’ll want to recreate this cute and iconic moment that involves the groom kissing his bride while hanging upside down. It’ll make for a funny wedding photo. 


Can’t Keep a Straight Face


While there are some wedding photographers who always tell couples to smile more for the camera, others say the complete opposite. In fact, some couples are unhappy with their wedding photographers because they are not smiling in any of the photos they took.

It would be really funny if your wedding photographer asks you to make a serious face while you and your partner just can’t keep a straight face. 


Jumping on the Bed


This ecstatic wedding couple couldn’t contain their excitement after tying the knot that they started celebrating by jumping on the bed.


Wrap Up

Consider using some of these funny wedding picture ideas that will make you laugh out loud. These funny wedding pics will add a comedic flair to your wedding. Plus, they will provide memorable wedding moments that you will cherish forever.  

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