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Popular Wedding Superstitions Explained

There are many common wedding superstitions that many people follow.

Ever wondered why brides don’t want their groom to see their wedding gown before their special day?

Read more to find out the meaning behind this popular wedding superstition and its origins! 

What are the Most Unlucky Months for Weddings? 

calendar with unlucky date

If you are planning your wedding, some believe that the month that you choose to have your wedding determines how well your marriage will go.

If you are planning your wedding and haven’t selected a date yet, try to avoid May if you’re superstitious. May is said to be the most unlucky month to get married. 

The reason for this superstition is that ancient Romans believed that the month of May was for mourning. The ancient Romans celebrated a festival called Lemuria, where they honored and mourned the dead. As the ancient Romans said, “Marry in the month of May, you will surely rue the day.”

So, What is the Luckiest Month to Get Married?

Now that you know to avoid the month of May, what is the luckiest month to get married? If you want a long, peaceful marriage, try to plan your wedding in June.

June is thought to be the luckiest month to get married due to the fact that ancient Romans believed that the goddess Juno, who rules over the month of June, brought new brides good luck. 

Ancient Roman women believed that Juno watched over them and brought good wishes to their marriage if they got married in June. This tradition is still practiced today, as the most popular month to get married is June. As the saying goes, “Married in the month of roses – June – life will be one, long honeymoon!

bride looking up

Here are some of the most popular wedding superstitions, some of which are still practiced today. 

What is Considered Good Luck for a Wedding? 

Here are some of the most common wedding superstitions for brides who are looking for luck on their wedding day.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

something blue

The popular wedding superstition that a bride should include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue is a very common superstition that is still practiced today. Many brides will receive gifts that go along with this popular superstition. 

Wedding Veil to Protect

Originating in Rome, many believe that a bride wearing a veil symbolizes a disguise from evil spirits. 

Flower Crown

flower crowns

Another Roman tradition states that brides should wear a flower crown. This is because they believed that evil spirits could not harm anyone that wore or were inside of a circle. This is where the common wedding accessory of flower crowns originated from. 

Carry the Bride

A common wedding superstition is that grooms should carry their bride over the threshold of their new home. This superstition originated in medieval times, when people believed that bad spirits could enter the bride from the soles of her feet. 

Sugar Cube in Your Wedding Glove

sugar cube tradition

If you want a little extra good luck on your wedding day and a happy marriage in your future, place a sugar cube in your wedding glove. This is part of ancient Greek culture to bring some sweetness to your marriage. 

Pinch the Bride

It is a popular Egyptian tradition to pinch the bride on their wedding day. 

Spiders in Your Wedding Dress

wedding dress in window

While the thought of this may terrify some brides, it is considered a good omen to find a spider in your wedding dress according to English folklore. 

Rain on Your Wedding Day

This is a superstition that still exists today. This tradition originated in Hindu culture, and they believed that if it rained on your wedding day it was good luck.

While no bride wants a torrential downpour on their wedding day, you can look on the bright side and think of it as an excellent omen.

Wednesday Weddings

happy wednesday sign

The luckiest day to get married is Wednesday, according to English traditions. 


Irish brides believe that bells ringing at their wedding day create a successful marriage and a peaceful family life for the future. 

Crying on Your Wedding Day

bride crying

If you find yourself in tears on your wedding day, don’t fret! This is actually a sign of good luck and symbolizes that you will have no tears left to cry after your wedding day.


Henna Bridal Makeup

In the Middle East, it is a common tradition for brides to wear henna on their hands to protect from the evil eye. This is a common part of Muslim wedding rituals.

Finnish Pillowcase Gifts

An interesting wedding superstition in Finland is that Finnish brides will go door to door with a pillowcase asking for gifts. 

Swedish Coin Tradition

Swedish brides will often receive a gold coin from their mother and a silver coin from their father. They will then place the coins in her bridal shoes to represent wealth and prosperity. 

Breaking Glass

breaking glass at wedding day

Jewish couples will often break glass at their wedding to represent the fragility of marriage. However many pieces the glass breaks into will represent how many years the couple will be married. 

Moroccan Milk Bath

According to Moroccan wedding customs, brides will bathe in a milk bath to clean themselves before the wedding and to bring good luck.

Holland’s Pine Tree Tradition 

Another interesting wedding superstition is that couples should receive a pine tree as a gift for good luck and fertility in Holland. 

What is Considered Bad Luck for a Wedding? 

good luck

Here are some wedding superstitions that are said to be bad luck.

Saturday Weddings

According to English traditions, Saturday is considered the unluckiest wedding day. Despite this, Saturday remains a popular day for weddings since most people want to celebrate over the weekend!

Pearl Engagement Ring

pearl ring

While some brides may appreciate the beauty of pearls, it is a bad idea to include pearls into bridal ensembles or ring arrangements. Pearls are considered a bad omen in some cultures. 

First Look

Many ancient cultures say that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the big day. 

Set of Knives Wedding Gift

set of knives

Whatever you do, do not give a newlywed couple a set of knives as a wedding gift. This is said to represent a broken marriage. 

Using Your Married Name Before the Wedding

If you are tempted to use your new married name before the wedding, don’t. This gives you a bad omen on your wedding day.

Stay Away From Nuns and Monks!

nuns walking down street

It is said that if a bride is to cross paths with a nun or a monk on her wedding day, that she will be cursed with bad luck and infertility. 

Older Sister

It is a common wedding superstition that if the older sister of the bride is still single, she should dance barefoot to ensure she gets married in the future.

Dropping the Ring

dropping the ring

If you or your partner, officiant, or ring bearer drop the wedding ring on your special day, it is considered a bad omen for your marriage.

Clock Wedding Gift

According to Chinese tradition, a clock is the worst gift for newlyweds and represents bad luck. 


peonies for wedding bouquets

Although peonies are gorgeous flowers that are often put in bridal bouquets, in some cultures, they are considered a sign of shame. 

Yellow Roses

According to Victorian tradition, brides should not put yellow roses in their bouquets because they will cause jealousy in the relationship.

Wearing Red

red dress

If you wear red on your wedding day, it may be a bad omen. According to old nursery rhymes, if you wear red, it will make you “wish you were dead.

This sounds a little harsh, but if you want to avoid an unlucky marriage, you may want to wear a different color. 

Sewing Your Own Dress

If you sew your own dress, remember that according to wedding superstitions, each stitch represents a tear you will shed in your relationship.

Putting On Your Whole Bridal Ensemble Before the Wedding

bridal ensemble

Try not to put your whole bridal ensemble on before the wedding day. If you do, you may doom your future marriage by doing so. 

Seeing a Pregnant Woman 

If you have a pregnant visitor over at your house, it is a sign of bad luck in some cultures. 

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