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10 Ideas for a Beautiful Bridal Bouquet of Greenery

For a rustic theme or outside wedding, you may start to reconsider opting out on a decorative floral bouquet to walk down the aisle. Instead, you will find having a delicately wrapped bundle of vines and other greenery is a better replacement for a more natural composition in your wedding day bouquet. There are greenery bouquet ideas to fit any type of bride!

If you are charmed by the simple, woodsy style of greenery bouquets, then look no further than these beautiful bouquet ideas to inspire your ceremony composition. You will be walking down the wedding aisle with a breathtaking bouquet of lush vines and leafy florals in no time with these ten wedding bouquet styles and ideas. 

With hundreds of different types of greenery and flowers out there, finding the perfect combination for your wedding bouquet may be a hefty decision. Luckily, these greenery bouquet ideas will help you in choosing the right fit for your wedding ceremony.

From charming vines to delicate flowering plants, there is a gorgeous wedding bouquet of greenery for every bride. 

Baby’s Breath

baby's breath

A popular choice among brides for a greenery bouquet is the bundle of Baby’s Breath flowers. These plants contain long, green stems made perfect for wrapping and small, white flowers to create a slight pop of color. Although a simple design, these flowering plants match well with an outdoor garden wedding to pull together the natural theme of the special day. 

Even more, Baby’s Breath symbolizes a meaningful message of purity, love, and romance, making it the perfect flower for a wedding day. You and your guests will love this dainty greenery bouquet as you walk down the aisle with a well-balanced mix of green and speckled white

Eucalyptus Leaves and White Roses

Eucalyptus bouquet

A cottage garden favorite of greenery in wedding botanical designs is Eucalyptus leaves. The plant provides a beautiful sage green to create a subtle, natural display for your wedding bouquet. It even sprouts an abundance of leaves to make your bouquet as full of greenery as you may wish. 

To top it off, stick in a few white roses to really bring out the green in the Eucalyptus leaves. This will create a balance in colors within your greenery bouquet while still matching the traditional wedding theme for your special day.

Bupleurum Greenery and Orange Roses

Bupleurum and orange flowers

Looking for a more rustic display for your summer wedding? This lovely mixture of light green Bupleurum greenery and vivid orange roses will brighten up your wedding ceremony. The Bupleurum plant itself contains darker leaves to really make the yellow tips stand out. 

Combined with the orange roses, your sunny display will make all of your guests stare in awe. To complete the rustic, summer look, wrap the stems with a brown rope and add a bit of brown grass for a more balanced color palette. In no time, you will be ready to walk down the aisle with the perfect greenery bouquet. 

Dusty Miller Leaves and ‘Widecombe Fair’ Dianthus

Dusty Miller and pink flower bouquet

If you are having your wedding in the cooler season of winter, this plant-flower arrangement will provide a stunning touch to your greenery bouquet. For a winter color palette, the Dusty Miller leaves come in an icy green, creating a blue undertone. 

Since the leaves leave a negative color, bring out the winter palette with a contrasting soft champagne-pink ‘Widecombe Fair’ Dianthus. The ruffled petals of this brightly colored flower soften the edges of the Dusty Miller leaves to make a wonderful pair for the winter season.

You will love this gorgeous option for a winter greenery bouquet arrangement on your special wedding day. 

Brunia Berries

Brunia berries

Another ideal winter arrangement is the use of Brunia Berries. These tall, dark-stemmed plants contrast stunningly against a white, snowy backdrop for a wedding ceremony. To add on, the stems are topped off with subtle white berries to really bring out the feel of the season. 

The berries alone will create the perfect greenery bouquet for your winter wedding. If you wish to create a neutral tone to enhance the icy green of the Brunia Berries, use brown grass as a base for your bouquet arrangement.

Soon enough, you will have your perfect winter greenery bouquet for your natural-styled wedding. 

Fern, Ivy, and Eucalyptus

assorted greenery bouquet

Create a big display of assorted luscious greenery and feathered leaves for your wedding ceremony. Mixing ferns, ivy, and eucalyptus, your greenery bouquet will contain all of the elements for a boho-themed summer wedding. 

With this arrangement, you can have an all-green bouquet or add a few white Ranunculus flowers for a pop of color. This balanced mix of bright, dark, and sage greens along with white will come together beautifully for your walk down the wedding aisle. 

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's lace bouquet

Like Baby Breath, Queen Anne’s Lace is a flowering plant that speckles a light shade of white for your greenery bridal bouquet. The long green stems spout delicate white flower tips that curve in an elegant form. It is no wonder why this beautiful plant is called Queen Anne’s Lace.

These beautiful flowers really create a bridal lace display that brings out the bright green in the stems to make you feel like a queen during your own wedding ceremony. Wrap your Queen Anne’s Lace in a royal Satin ribbon to make the perfect greenery bouquet for your garden-themed wedding. 

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley

For a spring or summertime wedding, consider holding a bouquet of flowering plants called Lily of the Valley. Like its name, the plant consists of small white, bell-shaped flowers surrounded by large, feathering leaves. This bouquet is a favorite among some of the greenery bouquets seen at weddings due to its beauty and meaningful symbolism of love’s good fortune.

You will love the natural feel of the large amounts of greenery along with the accented bridal features of the white blooms. Although the Lily of the Valley comes at a higher price than other wedding bouquets, its stunning visuals make the flowering plant worth every penny.

Walk down the aisle with a lovely Lily of the Valley bouquet to really feel “love’s good fortune” on your wedding day. 

Pompon Button and Eustoma Flowers

Pompon Button bouquet

Brighten up your wedding ceremony by carrying a bridal bouquet of vivid green Pompon Button flowers and white Eustoma flowers. Pompon Buttons are bright green flowers that are typically used as accents for wedding centerpieces or bridal bouquets. 

To pair nicely with it are the Eustoma flowers that can come in varying colors, including white. Eustomas also have dark green leaves attached to them to balance out the spring arrangement of your bouquet. To add some extra green, be sure to order your Eustomas in a bunch where only half of the buds have completely bloomed to incorporate some of the green, fresh blooms. 

In no time, you will have a gorgeous display for your walk down the wedding ceremony aisle. 


succulent bouquet

Last, but not least, a creative option for your wedding ceremony is to use a bouquet with succulents. Not only are these plants eye-catching, but they come in a variety of shapes and colors, too. From dark purple to teal, these thick-leaved plants can fit any wedding theme of your choice. 

For extra greenery, you can add leafy plants such as Eucalyptus or Dusty Miller leaves to really amplify the unique beauty of the succulents. 

Questions About Greenery Bouquets

Learn more about this bridal bouquet trend!

Are greenery bouquets cheaper than flowers?

Greenery bouquets are a lot less expensive than your average floral arrangements. Of course, the type of plants you use for the bouquet will determine the cost. However, you are much more likely to save money with bouquets of greenery rather than flowers. If you’re really looking to save, consider a DIY artificial bouquet – you can even DIY greenery!

How much is a greenery bouquet?

Depending on what types of plants you choose to have in your bouquet and how much greenery you plan to add, greenery bouquets can range from $50 to $300. Some of the more expensive bouquets usually contain seasonal foliage that is difficult to maintain. 

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