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Gorgeous Green and White Centerpieces for Every Bride

Look no farther than Yeah Weddings for some great centerpiece ideas. Use traditional floral colors like green and white to create the ultimate wedding centerpiece.

Whether you’re planning a classically romantic wedding or a rustic vintage affair, green and white centerpieces are a gorgeous addition to any table. 

How to Decide on Floral Arrangements for Your Wedding

floral arrangement for weddings

Depending on what kind of wedding you are having, and what time of year you will be exchanging your nuptials, the kinds of flowers available to you may vary.

Some of the most popular color schemes for wedding florals almost always involve the colors green and white, so you can’t go wrong by opting for these shades. 

When choosing your wedding florals, some brides know exactly what they want, while others may be clueless on what type of flowers they want.

If you are the kind of bride that has always known what they want for their wedding florals, it may be easy for you to make your decision. If you would rather consult with a florist or look online for ideas that go along with your chosen theme, this is a great place to start. 

Why Choose Green and White? 

green and white ideas

Whichever type of wedding you choose to have, whether it is a barn wedding with a rustic theme, or a winter wedding in January, green and white florals will go well with any kind of wedding.

This color combination could work well at a backyard wedding, a garden wedding, or a wedding with a neutral color palette. Green and white is a classic wedding floral combination. 

Green leaves and white flowers are an absolutely stunning addition to wedding reception space. Bright greenery is classic and goes great with simple arrangements or more complex centerpiece designs. 

Deciding on which type of flowers you like is another tough question for brides trying to decide what they want their bridal florals to look like.

Another question that brides often ask themselves is if they want fresh flowers or faux flowers. Real flowers can be somewhat pricey, so brides on a budget may opt for fake flowers at their wedding. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for green and white centerpieces. These classic designs will look perfect on your reception tables! These floral and greenery ideas are perfect inspiration for your flowers in your centerpieces! 

1. White Hydrangeas

white hydrangea centerpiece

Arrangements of hydrangeas look great with lush greenery for a beautiful wedding centerpiece. For a classic garden themed floral centerpiece, use bursting blooms of white hydrangeas to create a romantic and classy arrangement. 

2. Parrot Tulips

parrot tulips

Parrot tulips are an absolutely gorgeous accent to any green and white floral arrangement. The frilled tulips add texture and depth to your arrangement, as well as compliment your green and white color scheme. 

3. White Peonies

bride holding peonies

White peonies are a gorgeous wedding floral option that lots of brides love. Use these gorgeous blooms if you are having an all-white wedding, or if you want to incorporate classic bridal florals. 

4. White Roses

white roses black background

White roses are a classic floral option for brides who love that white wedding color. Roses are gorgeous in any shade, so if you need flowers that go along with your wedding color palette, opt for these.

5. Tall Centerpieces

tall towering centerpieces

If you want jaw dropping centerpieces at your reception, think big. Tall centerpieces will draw the attention of your wedding guests as soon as they walk into your reception space.  

6. Fake Flowers

real flowers with faux elements

Some brides choose to use faux flowers to save money. Fake flowers can be incorporated with some real blooms to create elaborate centerpieces. Your guests will never know that you are using artificial roses or another faux floral if you incorporate them with fabulous greenery. 

7. Cloudlike Arrangements 

cloud like florals

All-white centerpieces for weddings are a super stylish way to incorporate lots of bridal florals into your reception. Create large, cloud-like centerpieces that will blow your guests away. Incorporate the natural beauty of the florals with the elegance of large, tall centerpieces. 

8. Assorted Greenery

centerpiece made of greenery

Uses bunches of greenery for floral accents that are inexpensive. Greenery is much cheaper than flowers, so you can save money by incorporating lots of stems that do not have blooms.

Flowers can cost brides a lot of money. Each floral centerpiece at your reception could run you around $120 to $600 per arrangement, so if you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget, this is a great idea. 

9. Green Hydrangea

green hydrangeas

Arrangements of hydrangea are perfect for a spring or summer wedding centerpiece. Use green hydrangeas to go with your wedding colors if you are looking for green and white floral ideas. 

11. Curly Willow Branches

curly willow branches in floral arrangement

Use unique forms of greenery such as curly willow branches to create  garden-themed centerpieces that are truly gorgeous. Adding in arrangements of branches or other types of greenery with lush white garden roses creates an ethereal look. 

12. Eucalyptus Leaves

eucalyptus leaves

Adding in accents such as eucalyptus leaves is a great way to add some lush greenery to your centerpieces. If you want to have an all green wedding centerpiece, opt for plants like this to make your florals pop. 

13. Modern Centerpieces

modern centerpiece

Make your centerpieces look a little bit more modern by using tall glass vases. Placing your green and white floral arrangements in modern looking vases that tower over your reception tables is a great way to make your wedding unique. 

14. White Tulips

white tulips

If you love the look of white tulips and you want them to be incorporated in your centerpieces or wedding bouquets, keep it simple. White tulips can look absolutely gorgeous just on their own, and they have fresh green stems that look perfect in a clear glass vase. 

15. Air Plants

various types of air plants

Air plants are a new trend for trendy brides that want something different at their wedding reception. Using these plants that do not need water and stand alone can be a great way to add some greenery to a centerpiece.

Decorate gold glass vessels with whichever white florals you love and add some accents of succulents or air plants for a truly stunning centerpiece idea.

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