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What You Need to Know About Bridal Shower Hashtags

Bridal shower hashtags are a fun and easy way to keep track of all of the photos being taken and sort all of the posts about your big day. It is the perfect way to ensure that you will have access to any photos your guests end up taking and posting on social media.

Bridal shower hashtags can range from generic to personalized, simple to unique. The choice is yours! It is important to choose a hashtag that best represents you and your style. 

The Best Bridal Shower Hashtags

Whether you are the bride, you are hosting her bridal shower, or you are attending the event, it is always a fun idea to use a hashtag to help find and organize all social media posts about the day.

The difficult part is deciding which hashtag is best for the shower. Do you pick a common tag or do you create your own one of a kind tag?

While that is up to you or the bride to decide, here are some ideas to help you choose which type of hashtag to use. 

Event and Location

An easy way to tag your bridal shower posts is by including a hashtag based on the event and it’s location. Whether you are doing a simple at home get together or a fun boozy bridal brunch, these hashtags are perfect for your specific event.

You can even add these hashtags to your bridal shower invitations so guests know in advance!

Leave them generic or personalize them based on your own special celebration. Here are some simple event and location hashtags that you can take and make your own!


  • #BridalShower
  • #BridalShower2021
  • #BridalBrunch
  • #NYCBridalShower
  • #MABridalShower
  • #PhillyBridalShower
  • #BridalBrunch
  • #BridalTea
  • #JackAndJillShower
  • #CouplesShower
  • #SheSaidYes

Tags That Reference The Bride

Since the bridal shower is all about the bride, why not make the hashtag all about her too? This is a great choice if you are a guest at the shower. Whether you are letting everyone know that you are #TeamBride or you just want to show your support for her, these hashtags are perfect for your posts. 


  • #TeamBride
  • #BrideTribe
  • #BrideBabes
  • #BridalParty
  • #HereComesTheBride
  • #GettingHitched
  • #WifeLife
  • #WifedUp
  • #MsToMrs
  • #BrideLife
  • #AlmostMrs

Humorous Hashtags

Puns make some of the best bridal shower hashtags. They are fun and fresh and everybody is sure to laugh out loud when they read it. Tag your bridal shower posts with some of these absolutely hilarious hashtags. 


  • #DontMindIfIDo
  • #ThenComesMarriage
  • #EatDrinkBeMarried
  • #MarriageHasANiceRingToIt
  • #NachoAverageBridalShower
  • #MarriageIsAMatterOfWifeAndDebt
  • #SipSipHooray
  • #WhaleyExcitedForTheWedding
  • #CanKnotWaitToBeMarried

Season and Theme

The time of year or the theme of the wedding can be an easy way to come up with the perfect bridal shower hashtag to commemorate the event. Consider the season in which the bridal shower is happening as well as if there is any theme to the shower. Use one or both to help you decide which hashtag is best. 


  • #SpringBridalShower
  • #SpringWedding
  • #FallBridalShower
  • #FallWedding
  • #DisneyBridalShower
  • #GoldBridalShower
  • #BeachyBridalShower
  • #BridalShowerBrunch
  • #BridalTeaParty
  • #JackAndJillWeddingShower

Include Names

A great way to tag your bridal shower posts is by using the names of the bride and the groom. As you will see later, this is a great method for coming up with your own personalized hashtag. For now, here are a few simple hashtags that use 


  • #[Name]GetsMarried
  • #[Name]GetsHitched
  • #FutureMrs[Name]
  • #Mrs[Name]
  • #MrAndMrs[Name]
  • #The[Name]s

How to Make Your Own Bridal Shower Hashtag

Now that you have some general hashtag ideas, you might be thinking, “How do I come up with a custom bridal shower hashtag for my wedding/my best friend’s wedding?”

While coming up with one on your own can seem daunting, it can be a simple process. Gather your smartest friends, sit down, and start brainstorming based on these simple tips and tricks!

Use Your Names

As previously mentioned, an easy way to create a personalized and unique hashtag is to use the names of the bride and groom. Think of different ways to include their first names, last names, nicknames, or anything else they might be called.

Picking something based on their names helps to ensure that guests remember the hashtag and use it in their posts.

Include Your Wedding Date

If you are looking for a way to make a generic hashtag unique to you, using your wedding date or year is an easy way to achieve this. This is a particularly great idea if you are looking to avoid using a hashtag another couple has already used.

Your wedding date and year have likely not been used as a part of any number of generic hashtags so consider including it. It could be the difference between having a hashtag everyone has used and a hashtag nobody has used. 

Make a Pun or Two

Word play is not only entertaining, it also makes for the perfect bridal shower hashtag. Puns, rhymes, jokes, and the like all make for a top notch hashtag.

Some of the most memorable hashtags are the ones that make people laugh the hardest. The more witty the hashtag, the better it is! 

Use an Online Hashtag Generator

If you are at a complete loss of what to use for your hashtag, enlist the help of an online hashtag generator. These handy tools are extremely helpful and surprisingly simple to use. Merely plug in some information and it automatically spits out a list of unique hashtags based upon the details you provided. 

Find a list of the best hashtag generators here to make it easy to create your own!


Bridal shower hashtags give guests the opportunity to post all of their pictures somewhere the bride is sure to see them. Share entertaining photos and offer words of congratulations all in one place.

When coming up with the right bridal shower hashtag, be sure to choose something that is unique and fits the bride’s vibe. Most importantly, be sure to write the hashtag somewhere guests can easily see to ensure that they end up using it!

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