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Mystical Ideas for a Celestial Wedding Theme

Taking inspiration from bohemian ceremonies, celestial wedding ideas have gained popularity among brides and grooms who want to incorporate their love for astronomy into their ceremonies and receptions. 

If you’re thinking about a starry night wedding theme for your own special day but don’t know where to begin looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

Find out everything you need to know about planning with celestial wedding vibes in mind!

Give a sneak preview of your starry night wedding theme by choosing invitations that play into the mystical aesthetics of your special day. 

Take a look at our recommendations for celestial wedding invitations!  


A celestial wedding palette isn’t complete without designing your invitations with drawings of constellations. Feel free to use real groups of stars or make up your own! 

Moon Phases

Set the celestial tone of your special day with starry night wedding invitations that include moon phases. Go with a watercolor style to create an especially dreamy look!


If you’re planning your special day with a celestial wedding theme, chances are that you’ll like the idea of zodiac invitation cards. Your guests will only become more excited to attend your magical event. 

Celestial Wedding Attire 

Take advantage of your starry night wedding theme by wearing unique attire that would normally feel out of place with other ceremonial themes.

Check out our ideas for a celestial wedding dress and other kinds of outfits! 

Bridal Attire

Embrace your celestial wedding theme by wearing a starry gown. Finish off this magical look with a rhinestone veil or lunar hair pins!

Celestial Bridesmaids 

Encourage your bridesmaids to follow your celestial theme by wearing dresses in lighter shades of pink, yellow, and purple. Their gorgeous outfits will photograph exquisitely during your special day. 


A dark blue suit will feel right at home during a ceremony with this starry sky theme. Pair this ensemble with a geode boutonniere to grab the attention of your entire wedding party!

Galaxy Groomsmen

Galaxy prints are an essential part of any starry night wedding theme. Find your suit jackets, ties, and groomsmen socks in these eye-catching fabrics!

Celestial Themed Decorations

Give your guests the full experience of a celestial wedding theme by using stellar decorations to create a magical atmosphere.

Discover your celestial wedding inspiration here! 

Starry Mason Jars

Jazz up your reception tables by using starry mason jars as centerpieces for your space themed wedding. These displays are popular among brides and grooms who are looking to DIY for their special day. 

Golden Silverware

Golden silverware is a solid addition to any celestial wedding tablescape. These luxurious eating utensils definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Get creative with your celestial wedding theme ideas by decorating your event space with telescopes. Include these optical instruments to steal the show and create a unique photo opportunity! 

Moon Cake Topper

When it comes to a celestial wedding theme, moon cake toppers never fail as memorable decorations. This option contrasts especially well with naked cakes

Neon Signs

You can never go wrong with using neon signs as decorations for your celestial wedding palette. Order classic sayings like “You are magic” and “To the moon and back” to pull this whole theme together! 

Sky Globes

Bring your space themed wedding dreams to life by finding sky globes to use as table accents. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off these iridescent details.

Geode Plates

Geode plates are a must-have for any ceremony and reception with celestial inspiration. This gorgeous decor will surely start some conversations among your wedding party. 

Galaxy Candles

Galaxy candles are never the wrong option as table accents. Everyone is guaranteed to be impressed by these celestial wedding details.

Star Lanterns

Light up the night by adorning your celestial wedding venue with star lanterns. These interstellar decorations will definitely leave your guests in amazement. 

Lantern wedding decor can add a unique glow to any theme! Find more lantern ideas here.

Food Ideas

Play up the theme of your celestial wedding palette by preparing dishes that are out of this world!

Get inspired by reading our celestial wedding ideas!

Rock Candy

Keep your celestial theme ideas short and simple by serving rock candy. These sweet treats will definitely win everybody over. 

Starry Cake Pops

If you’re looking for snacks that won’t feel out of place with the celestial vibes of your special day, starry cake pops will certainly do the trick. Don’t be surprised if anybody in your wedding party steals this delicious idea for their own celestial weddings!

Use cake pops and other desserts to add some flair to your cake table!

Geode Wedding Cake

Complete your starry night sky theme by ordering a geode cake instead of a standard option. This ceremonial dessert looks so pretty that your guests might not even want to take a bite! 

Celestial Wedding Favors

Keep your guests starry-eyed by giving them a party favor that matches your celestial-themed wedding!

Read all about our suggestions for celestial wedding favors! 

Lunar Charm

Make the most of your space themed wedding by choosing lunar charm as your party favors. This versatile possibility can be added to a lanyard, keychain, or a piece of jewelry. 

Tarot Cards

If you’re planning a marriage ceremony and reception with a starry night wedding theme, nothing feels more appropriate as thank-you gifts than tarot cards. These party favors will definitely help everybody remember the magic that they experienced on your special day. 

Constellation Napkins

Pay tribute to your celestial wedding theme by giving constellation napkins to your guests. Couples tend to pick this alternative if they don’t want their party favors to be used once and later forgotten. 


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