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15 Charming Ideas For Crystal Wedding Cakes

If you’ve scoured Pinterest and other social media websites recently for wedding dessert inspiration, you’ve probably come across geode cakes.

charming ideas for crystal wedding cakes

 While gaining the most popularity among modern ceremonies, the geode wedding cake trend might have left you with a few questions. 

What is a geode cake? Do crystal wedding cakes cost more than other kinds of desserts? Will a gemstone cake match my wedding theme?

Find out everything you need to know about geode wedding cakes from our list of ideas!

What is a Geode Cake?

Geode cakes are decorated to look like a crystallized mineral structure. While first appearing at bohemian ceremonies, these wedding desserts have gained further popularity with celestial nuptials

Since these edible sugar decorations can be customized by shape and color, a gemstone cake can work with nearly any kind of wedding theme! 


How Much Does a Geode Wedding Cake Cost?

The cost of a geode design varies depending on the dessert’s size. The smallest versions start at $101 and can range to $3500 with more tiers and crystal details. Don’t forget to adjust this part of your budget based on the amount of people that you will be inviting to your special day!

The location of the bakery is another determining factor towards the price of these desserts. Cake designers in the city tend to charge more for a gemstone cake than suburban and rural areas. If they don’t specialize in making geode wedding cakes, the bakers might charge more for the crystal details. 

What Are The Best Kinds of Geode Wedding Cakes?

For some brides and grooms, these gorgeous desserts are a better fit for their special day instead of a traditional wedding cake. If you have the same opinion but feel unsure about what kind of style to order as your gemstone cake, have no fear!

Get inspired with our list of geode wedding cake designs!

Single Tier

Keep your geode wedding cake ideas short and simple by ordering a single tier treat with edible crystal accents. Add some fresh flowers from your bridal bouquet to complete this enchanting look for your dessert table!


If you’re organizing a romantic wedding day at a garden venue, nothing feels more fitting for your dessert experience than an emerald gemstone cake. Be sure to use butterfly decorations as a playful touch that’ll be appreciated by your younger guests! 



Who doesn’t love the look of an aquamarine geode cake? These delicious desserts will feel right at home especially during a wedding planned during the coldest months of the year.



When it comes to these matrimonial desserts, pink geodes never fail as show-stopping decorations. Finish off this display by including a matching crystal cake topper



Maroon crystal cakes bring a charming element that can’t be found with other wedding desserts. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this edible geode design. 



If you and your future spouse prefer an understated option with your crystal wedding cakes, go with a silver geode cutout. This dessert choice will definitely be remembered by your guests for the years to come. 



An art deco wedding that takes inspiration from the 1920s isn’t complete without presenting a gold gemstone cake. Nobody will be able to resist taking a bite of this luxurious dessert. 


Who could say no to receiving a piece of lavender geode cake? These extravagant gem-filled desserts will photograph beautifully on your special day. 



Get creative with your geode wedding cake ideas by ordering this dessert with orange rock candy accents. Your guests will enjoy every minute of eating this treat during an autumn espousal



A black cake might not be your first choice when thinking about your color palette, but these crystal desserts prove to be an awe-inspiring visual experience. This unique alternative will surely start some conversations among your wedding party. 



Spruce up your dessert table by including a rainbow gemstone cake as the centerpiece. It’s hard to imagine a better decor option for an LGBT wedding! 


Marble crystal wedding cakes aren’t falling out of favor anytime soon as delicate desserts. This gorgeous display will definitely leave a lasting impression among your guest list. 



For any brides and grooms who aren’t a fan of the cutout look, a geometric geode cake becomes the best alternative. Don’t be surprised if anybody from your wedding party asks for seconds of this sweet dessert! 



Bring your geode dessert dreams to life with a square tier wedding cake. This delicious treat will definitely become a favorite among your guests of all ages. 


Fault Line

If you’re looking for dessert ideas that’ll feed a smaller wedding guest list, a fault line cake will surely do the trick. These edible displays aren’t going out of style anytime soon. 


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