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Extravagant Ideas for a 1920s Wedding Theme

The 1920s is a decade known for its carefree environment and glamorous lifestyle. For those dreaming of a similarly glamorous wedding, there are plenty of 1920s wedding theme ideas to pursue.

Also called the Roaring Twenties, this extravagant era focused highly on the party scene with the inclusion of fine champagne and exciting Jazz music that created the decade’s second nickname, the Jazz Age.

After reading The Great Gatsby, you may have loved the idea of incorporating this lavish theme into your wedding. Pairing black and gold in the color scheme, accenting centerpieces with luscious feathers, and detailing the ceremonial backdrop with geometrical art are only a few of the various ways to style your 1920s-themed wedding. 

Get inspired by these 1920s wedding ideas to transform your big day into the chic, Gatsby-styled theme you love. 

The Roaring Twenties-Themed Wedding Decor

The lavish flair of the Roaring Twenties has stood the test of time for a century. With its intricate flapper-styled dresses and beaded accessories, many brides have turned to the 1920s for their wedding dresses and decor. Take inspiration from these decorative ideas for your 1920s-themed wedding. 


Flapper Clothing

Finding the perfect wedding dress is difficult enough. Searching for a specific themed dress may seem even more impossible. However, with these tips to guide you, your 1920s wedding dress may be spotted even easier than you imagined. 

The flapper-styled dress is typically straight, loose-fitting, and sleeveless while adorned with elaborate beaded designs. You can even create a modern twist by cinching in the waist of the dress with a corset to show your figure. Accent the dress with a beaded or feathered headpiece for a statement look.


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Grooms can get away with a nice tux or suit, but if you are willing to dive into the theme completely, a button-down shirt paired with grey slacks and suspenders or vest topped with a peaky-blinder flat cap. 


Gold Accents

Due to the economic boom of the 1920s, the parties during this Jazz Age were graced with extravagance. Of course, that is why gold was such a profound color scheme in this era. Adding gold to your wedding can be quite challenging since the bold color is difficult to balance. 

However, the secret technique is to incorporate gold accents into your color scheme using simple decor. Table runners are a great way to include that lavish gold into your wedding reception without overpowering the scene. Add a bit of greenery to your reception dinner tables to highlight the golden eye-catcher. 

For an art deco look, use gold with black or navy.


Vintage Welcome Sign

You can’t go wrong with using a blackboard for your wedding entrance to welcome all of the guests to your big event. They are convenient to decorate and easy to find. To add an emphasis on the 1920s theme, use Croatoan typography as it symbolizes the era with an Art Deco influence. 

Use a gold border for the blackboard to further incorporate the gold accents in your color theme. Not only will your guests be impressed, but they will also recognize the vintage design that you are going for. 


Snazzy Chandelier

Everyone loves an ornate light fixture. Really spice up your reception by using a detailed chandelier as a dining hall focal point. Adorning the fixture with crystals, you will achieve your high-class look for your ‘20s-style wedding. 

For a more dramatic look, drape layered beads over the chandelier. This will soften the light as well as provide a touch of elegance within your reception centerpiece. 


Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Go big with a magnificent centerpiece for your wedding reception dinner tables. One of the many decorative elements that the Roaring Twenties is known for is its use of feathers. From headpieces to clothing items and decor, feathers are a big part of this decade. 

Incorporate feathers in a big way to bring out the theme for your 1920s wedding. Ostrich feathers are quite large, which is great for decorating larger areas like the reception hall. Set them in a tall vase for a palm tree effect. You can even put a small light in the vase to make your gorgeous feathers glow. 

Of course, the feathers are of faux material and can come in many colors. White and blush pink are great colors for pairing with gold and black. These statement pieces will leave you and your guests feeling as if they have traveled back in time to the Jazz Age. 


Champagne Tower

Most newlyweds will cut the wedding cake together as a sign of union in marriage at the wedding reception. However, if you are looking for a unique and exciting replacement, why not build a champagne tower? 

This idea resembles a popular scene in The Great Gatsby where there are multiple champagne glasses stacked in a pyramid. Once the reception commences, you and your partner can pour the champagne into the top glass and let the liquid overpour in the descending glasses to create a waterfall effect. 

This is great for 1920s decor and creates a memorable moment for the newlyweds and guests. 


Geometric Backdrop

Really bring out the black and gold color scheme of your 1920s-themed wedding with this geometric backdrop. With the black creating a spotlight for the gold to shine, you will have a showstopper background to share your wedding vows in front of. 

This powerful backdrop is instantly recognizable as a 1920s design and will impress your guests during your wedding ceremony. Use basic geometrical shapes, such as rectangles and diamonds, to create that impressionable Great Gatsby decor. 


Grand Exit

To complete your big day, you will need a ravishing grand exit from your wedding reception. Inspired by the Great Gatsby, vintage cars are the way to go when you are seeking to leave an impact on your guests. 

One of the most famous cars during the 1920s is the 1929 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster. During the warmer seasons, this vintage car is a great exit vehicle with its removable top. Therefore, you will be able to ride into the sunset with a breeze through your hair as you await your married future. 



Stray away from the typical, and seemingly repetitive, wedding themes and pick a unique theme for your big day. The 1920s is a tremendous style for any couple who is looking for an elegant touch for their wedding. From vintage cars to elaborate centerpieces, the Jazz Age has many exciting decor options to choose from. 

Be bold with your choices to leave a lasting memory of your big day. Take note of these decorative 1920s wedding ideas to inspire your own Roaring Twenties wedding. 

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