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Micro Weddings: Everything You Need to Know

The current COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we choose to gather, celebrate, and value our friends, family, and partners. One industry that has been notably changed is the wedding industry, as many have chosen to pause their celebrations until they can have every one they want to invite attend.

However, pandemic or no, some people have been rethinking their priorities and redefining who is important in their lives. If you’re looking to keep it quiet, an intimate wedding might be the event for you. This article covers micro weddings, what they are, how to plan, and different ideas.

What is a Micro Wedding?

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A micro wedding is a type of wedding that is generally defined as a marriage ceremony and celebration with a 50 person or less guest count. It still has all the aspects of more traditional or larger weddings, like a ceremony, dinner, and reception, but everything is scaled down to foster a more intimate setting.

However, the scale for a micro wedding can certainly change. Fifty people would be a rather large micro wedding– some people have as few as only 10 or 15 guests attend theirs.

Either way, the entire point is to scale down the traditional 100+ guest experience toward something smaller and more communal, reflecting the couples’ closest loved ones.


Planning a Micro Wedding

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As a result, planning a micro wedding is similar to traditional planning in a lot of ways. You still have venues, vendors, and whatever beautiful dress you desire.

Timing is likely still on the same schedule as well, so be sure to carve out a good chunk of time to plan. You can refer to our perfect 12-month wedding planning timeline for assistance.

However, some things about planning a micro wedding may be different. For example, you may have access to a wider group of caterers, food vendors, or cake bakers who may be capable of making food for smaller groups of people.

You also may have access to smaller venues, something many couples are drawn to. Take advantage of these options through some Googling!


Micro Wedding Cost

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Since a micro wedding is smaller than a traditional wedding, the cost is also smaller. Depending on your specific plans, it can be anywhere from $100 for a marriage license and couples take out to around $10,000 for a venue and meal for 50 guests.

Refinery29 interviewed several micro brides to get an idea of how much they spent on their micro weddings, getting a variety of average costs.

Like always, it’s important to set a reasonable budget and to stick to it. You can read more here about wedding planning on a budget.


Who to Invite

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The most important aspect of a micro wedding is refining your wedding guest lists. Making hefty cuts to the guest list is what shifts a party from macro to micro. While this may be hard to do, reducing your guest list to under 50 people prioritizes the most important people in your life.

Therefore, be sure to only include your most important family and friends. Once you get it down to under 50, some of the people who didn’t get invited may be prickly, but just let them know that the affair was very small.


Venues and Packages

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To assist you in planning, some wedding venues, like hotels, have specific packages for hosting micro weddings. The package may include hotel rooms for you and a limited number of guests, a decorated ceremony or reception space, and maybe a nice meal for your guests.

If this is something you’d be interested in, there are a lot of resources that can give you a look at options. If you simply Google “micro wedding packages” and your area, you should be able to find plenty of dream venues, making your planning process so much easier.


Micro Wedding Ideas

If you’re looking for inspo to add to your Pinterest boards, this is the section for you! Decorating for a more intimate space and throwing a smaller party may feel like it’s different from planning a larger event, but a lot of the same principles and ideas still apply.

When imagining your micro wedding, you can transfer a lot of the ideas you would have for a more formal ceremony into a smaller space. If you want large, towering centerpieces, you can get smaller versions for cozier tables. If you want cozy ceremony seating, consider poufs or cozy benches.


Decorating a Micro Ceremony

If you’re trying to do something sort of whimsical and woodsy, decorating a tree as your altar is a perfect look. These easy decorations combine textures from fabrics and flowers for a warm mood.

If you can get married on a rooftop, that is the perfect spot for a micro wedding. The breathtaking views and easy socialization will make the best wedding.

Decorating your ceremony space with fairy lights and other soft lighting is one of the best ways to create a homey atmosphere for your ceremony.

If you want to incorporate your religious beliefs into your micro wedding, you could decorate a cozy space with airy sheets and a large Cross, like the one shown here.


Dressing for a Mini Wedding

Really lean in to the “micro” theme by wearing a more casual, or even mini, wedding dress! This classy number would work perfectly at a cozier affair.

This look is mod and looks comfortable, and is topped off with a classic veil. The combination of traditional and unconventional elements is what the micro wedding is all about.

While this full length look may not have the “micro” aspect going for it, the airy, bohemian look will keep you comfortable enough to dance with your closest loved ones.

This trendy and sexy white dress is basically made for a micro rooftop wedding at a trendy hotel. You’ll be the belle of the ball.


Reception Ideas

Seating your loved ones at one big table at the reception is the best way to enjoy each other’s company over dinner and to really revel in the delight of such an intimate celebration.

If you’re not feeling like hiring a DJ or band for such a small reception, get the tunes going by spinning some classic vinyl of you and your fiancee’s favorite albums.

If you need a makeshift dance floor, putting down some nice rugs or blankets can designate a stylish space for guests to boogie!

For cocktail hour, get everyone spaced out and mingled by using these high top tables for people to put their drinks down and to get to know one another, topped with some flowers you could even use as favors.


Food for a Micro Wedding

Set up your micro wedding appetizers as a smorgasbord buffet, so that everyone can grab what they’d like, but the smaller guest size won’t have you running out.

If it’s a really small occasion, you can do the food family style, where you place everything at the center of the table and collectively dig in! 

Pass around trays of pre-poured booze to get the drinks flowing in an easy fashion.

Celebrate the smallness of your wedding by digging into a tiny cake!


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