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33 Magnificent Groom Boutonniere Ideas

Although wearing a groom’s boutonniere isn’t required for a marriage ceremony, many people choose to follow this tradition due to its symbolic ties of love and devotion towards their spouse.

If you feel the same way and need some inspiration before reaching out to your wedding florist, we’re here to help at YeahWeddings! Check out our list of wedding boutonniere ideas!

It’s no secret that floral boutonnieres are one of the most popular kinds of wedding accessories.

If you want to follow this same trend but have no idea where to start with your search for a hint of greenery, have no fear! We’ve come to the rescue with our suggestions for a wedding boutonniere with flowers! 



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Create the ultimate groom’s boutonniere for your black tie wedding by embracing some stephanotis flowers. This arrangement will certainly be remembered by your guests for the years to come.



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Anemone wedding flowers will look nothing less than refined and elegant when worn on the left lapel of your tuxedo jacket. Consider this option especially if you prefer flowers that won’t carry any scents.

Grape Hyacinths 

It’s no wonder why so many people include grape hyacinths with their groom boutonniere ideas. This detail will effortlessly bring a romantic vibe to your wedding day outfit.


Add a pop of color to your wedding boutonniere by incorporating kumquats. This bold greenery works really well for any grooms who are striving for unexpected choices during their special day. 


Pay tribute to your autumnal wedding by picking wheat as your groom’s boutonniere. As an uncommon alternative, you won’t have to worry about your guests thinking that your arrangement is boring. 



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Sunflowers never fail as gorgeous options for excellent wedding boutonnieres. Don’t shy away from taking a DIY approach with this decoration before your special day!



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Pinecones have never felt more appropriate as groom boutonniere ideas than during an alfresco wedding in the woods. Complete this accessory by tying a white bow! 

Maple Leaf

Maple leaves bring a striking element to a wedding boutonniere that can’t be found with other kinds of greenery style. The browning leaves of this detail definitely won’t be missed during your marriage ceremony. 

Pampas Grass

A groom’s boutonniere doesn’t need to be bold and colorful to look lovely during your espousal.  Include pampas grass as part of your arrangement and you definitely won’t regret your decision.


Most people wouldn’t think of ferns as wedding boutonnieres, but this alternative proves itself to be rather beautiful. Finish off the bohemian vibe with a macrame wrap!


Hydrangeas are no strangers to nuptials as groom boutonniere ideas. This bit of greenery work for grooms who are considering inexpensive options that fit within their wedding budget. 


You can never go wrong with scabiosa flowers as your wedding boutonniere. Unlike the other plants on this list, this possibility is available for nuptials throughout every season of the year.



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Who says that you can’t incorporate an acorn into your groom’s boutonniere? This interesting possibility will certainly start some conversations among your wedding party. 


Tulips are such a stunning choice among wedding boutonnieres. Think about choosing a white one as a nod to the bride’s ceremonial gown

Dried Lavender


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The simplest groom boutonniere ideas will make the loudest statements on your special day. Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed by this decorative decision during your formal wedding. 



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Make the most of a marriage celebration in a desert venue by wearing a wedding boutonniere with a succulent. This lighter greenery tends to live longer than the other suggestions on this list. 



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Thistle flowers go hand in hand with wedding bouquets so don’t hesitate to adorn one on your ivory lapel. Give yourself a serious style upgrade by picking this groom’s boutonniere


Chrysanthemums aren’t falling out of popularity any time soon as beautiful wedding boutonnieres. These arrangements really stand out when paired with a classic black tuxedo.


Ranunculus flowers have truly earned their place among groom boutonniere ideas. As an option that is available in a wide range of hues, you won’t have to worry about not matching your color scheme. 


Play up the theme of your summertime espousal with a pineapple as your wedding boutonniere. This lighthearted detail will definitely help with creating a wonderful memory on your special day. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Who doesn’t love the sophisticated look of phalaenopsis orchids? This possibility certainly won’t feel out of place during a black tie wedding that takes inspiration from the luxuries of the Roaring Twenties

What Are Other Groom Boutonniere Ideas?

If the idea of a floral boutonniere doesn’t sound perfect for your romantic celebration, just know that you don’t have to settle on this detail. Plenty of grooms have created their wedding decorations with other meaningful objects instead of additional greenery.

Check out our alternative recommendations for a wedding boutonniere



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Embrace the aesthetics of your beach wedding by having a starfish as your groom’s boutonniere. Feel free to embellish your arrangement with tiny pearls! 


If you’re looking for groom boutonniere ideas that are both playful and vivid, a pinwheel will definitely do the trick. The youngest guests in your wedding party will surely appreciate this whimsical choice. 

Book Page 

A list of wedding boutonnieres wouldn’t be complete without mentioning book page flowers. This possibility contrasts especially well with grey suits. 

Pocket Watch

Turn back the clocks during your vintage wedding by adorning a pocket watch as a groom’s boutonniere. Use this sophisticated detail as an ode to the time that you’ve spent together with your future spouse!



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Give yourself the full experience of a rustic ceremony by wearing a key as a wedding boutonniere. Go with this accessory to truly steal the show on your special day!


Bring some nautical charm to your groom boutonniere ideas by including a knot. This decoration works especially well for anybody who wants an adjustable option with their wedding day outfit.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to using buttons as wedding boutonnieres. Add a quirky touch to your formal attire by finding one that matches your ceremonial theme.


Take advantage of your celestial wedding by finding a geode as your groom’s boutonniere. Don’t think twice about this kind of arrangement especially if you prefer something that is particularly eye-catching.

Peacock Feather

A new years eve ceremony isn’t truly ideal without wearing a peacock feather as a formal accessory. This elegant choice will definitely leave a lasting impression among your guests during your holiday wedding.


If you’re searching for groom boutonniere ideas that’ll work with a travel-themed event, a compass becomes a safe decision. This unconventional accessory will certainly grab the attention of every guest in your wedding party.

Guitar Pick

If music has played an important part of your relationship with your future spouse, chances are that you’ll love the idea of using a guitar pick as a groom’s boutonniere. Don’t forget to customize it with your names or the name of your favorite love song!

When looking at the larger picture of the planning process, finding a boutonniere for your wedding day outfit may feel like an easy decision. At the same time, you may not want to overlook this arrangement due to the symbolic meaning that it will carry during your romantic celebration.

If you’re feeling unsure about what kind of groom’s boutonniere to wear during your marriage ceremony, keep in mind that you can reach out to your wedding florist with any questions.

simple wedding boutonniere

Ask your married friends and family members for their opinions as well. Don’t hold back on any of their ideas especially if it aligns better with your wedding theme.

Let us know in the comments section if any of our recommendations sound perfect for your espousal! We would love to hear any suggestions for wedding boutonniere ideas that we didn’t include on our list! 

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