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13 Gorgeous Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Deciding how to wear your hair on your wedding day can be difficult. There are so many things to consider from whether to wear it up or down to how many hair accessories to wear. This list of thirteen boho wedding hairstyles is sure to make the process much easier. With this list, you are sure to find the perfect hairstyle for you on your wedding day. 

Boho Hairstyles and Necessary Accessories

Ranging from simple to more complex, these thirteen boho inspired wedding hairstyles are perfect for any bride on her wedding day. 

Hair Down with a Hat


Wearing your hair down is a simple yet bold choice for your wedding day hairstyle. To spice up the look, pair it with a flat wide brimmed white hat. For even more boho beauty, consider adorning the hat with wildflowers.

Fishtail Braid Crown

Braids are a classic boho hairstyle that are sure to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Take the traditional fishtail braid and bring it across the top of your head for the perfect fishtail braid crown. 

An Ornate Crown

You should feel like royalty on your wedding day so why not wear a gorgeous crown? Choose a crown made of natural elements including branches, flowers, and a smattering of greenery. Another great option is to go for an ornate, geometric crown that is sure to garner a lot of attention.

Wavy Ponytail with a Flower Crown

Ponytails are pretty casual, but a great way to add a bit of flair is to add a flower crown. Add some loose waves to your hair before putting it up in a ponytail. Bring the ponytail over your shoulder and add a show stopping flower crown that matches your bouquet to round out this boho look. 

Milkmaid Braids

For an effortless yet gorgeous look, throw your hair into a milkmaid braid atop your head. Pull a few strands loose at the front to frame your face and add to the purposely messy look. Not only is this look extremely easy to pull off, it is also sophisticated and will make people believe you spent a lot of time on your hair.

Embellished Braid

Of course braids are always the go to hairstyle for any boho bride, but normal braids can be a bit boring. A great way to change up the look and make it more unique is by embellishing it with flowers and clips. This is a great option for the boho bride who likes this look, but wants to make it their own. If you have long enough hair, try this braid!

Woodland Tiara

Similar to a traditional flower crown, a woodland tiara is the perfect option for a forest loving bride to wear during her boho inspired wedding. A woodland crown can be made with branches, vines, moss, and other natural elements.

When put together, the tiara is reminiscent of something a woodland fairy may wear. Put your hair in a half up, half down style and place the tiara atop your head. You are sure to look stunning wearing this piece. 

Floral Hairpins

Take your updo to the next level with some floral hairpins. Whatever your wedding flowers are, grab some beautiful floral pins. Not only will they help to hold your hair in place all day long, they will also add an eye catching decoration to your look.

Depending on your style, you can get larger pins for a more striking look or you can get smaller pins for a more simple yet elegant look. 

Half Updo with Baby’s-Breath

Baby’s-breath is the epitome of boho style. Put your hair in a classy half updo by braiding half of your hair in the back. You can either leave the braid going down your back or pin it at the base of your neck. Place sprigs of baby’s-breath in the length of the braid to add some texture and natural beauty. 

Low Ponytail

Low ponytails are extremely versatile and perfect for your boho wedding hairstyle. Gather your gorgeous hair into a low ponytail. Be sure to leave a few loose pieces at the top and around your face to get that beautiful messy vibe. For even more boho magic, add a beaded headband or flower crown to round out the look. 

Classic Chignon with Braids

A chignon is a style in which your hair is all gathered at the base of your head in a bun or a knot. This is one of the most popular hairstyles for brides. To get the boho feel, opt for a more messy look. Pull strands of hair at the front and embrace the messy bun.

Another option is to add braids to the style. French braid the front then pull the rest into a low knot for the perfect boho bun. If you still want to go for the classic shape, but want that boho feel, try adding a floral clip.

Sparkly Headband

Headbands scream beautiful boho vibes. Take the low twist from the last hairstyle and add a bit of glam by donning a sparkly headband. To take the look up a level, consider wearing a headband that matches the crystals in your jewelry. The subtle parallel between the headband and the jewelry is sure to add to the boho flair. 

Messy Beach Waves

Messy beach waves are the perfect go-to boho hairstyle for all brides. Whether you have a bob or hair down your back, beach waves look gorgeous on every length of hair. Curl your hair then brush through them to get that loose wave. Add a bit of texturizing spray and you are good to go. These are effortless and stunning.


No matter the length or texture of your hair, these boho wedding hairstyles are sure to excite. Take these ideas and put your own spin on them to get the boho hairstyle that is right for you. With these styles, you are guaranteed to look breathtaking on your wedding day.

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