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How to Seamlessly Achieve the Mismatched Bridesmaid Look

Having mismatched bridesmaids dresses has become increasingly popular in recent years. If this trend is done right, your bridesmaids will look coordinated and gorgeous standing beside you on your wedding day.

But how do you get that beautiful mismatched yet coordinated look? Don’t worry! Here is everything you need to know in order to properly choose and style mismatched bridesmaids dresses. 


Ways to Mismatch Bridesmaids Dresses

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Opting for mismatched bridesmaids dresses presents a few difficulties. If the style is executed improperly, your bridesmaids can end up looking uncoordinated and uncomplimentary, which is the opposite of what you are going for.

In order to achieve a complimentary and coordinated look, you have to choose what mismatched route you would like to take. 


Same Color, Different Styles

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The first route you can take is to choose a variety of dresses in the same color yet made in different styles. This is a great option if you want the cohesiveness of having your bridesmaids in the same color, but do not want to confine them all to one specific silhouette.

It is very likely that one single silhouette will not flatter every single one of your bridesmaids. By choosing to have dresses in the same color but different styles, you are giving your bridesmaids a wider variety to choose from.

This ensures that they will be able to select a dress that is flattering for their figure. Everyone is sure to find something that makes them feel comfortable and gorgeous.


Same Style, Different Colors

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This next option is great if you have found a specific dress that you love, but you still want to go for that lovely and unique mismatched look. Choosing one dress style that comes in different colors ensures that you will find a wonderful balance between cohesion and variety.

With this option, be sure that the silhouette you choose is flattering for all of your bridesmaids. Remember to try to stick to colors that are complimentary of one another to ensure that none of your bridesmaids look disjointed or stand out too much. 


Different Styles, Different Colors

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If you are going for the mismatched look, why not go all out by choosing dresses in a variety of different colors and styles?

For this option, you can either stick to the same color family by choosing different shades and tints of the same color or you can make your decisions based on your chosen wedding color palette.

Whatever you decide, it is important to make sure that the colors and styles look good next to one another.


Tips to Remember

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Now that you know the various ways in which you can achieve a gorgeous mismatched look, here are some additional tips to keep in mind. These tips will help to ensure that everybody will look and feel their absolute best on the big day. 


Try Not to Vary Too Many Features

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While having a wide variety of looks can be nice, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Try not to switch up too many features across dresses.

You should aim to change only one to two things across dresses. For example, you could change the color and the hemline while keeping the neckline and the fabric the same. 

If you’re going for a totally mismatched and unique look, consider renting dresses from sites like Rent the Runway.


Stick to Your Chosen Vision

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It is important to go into this with a guiding vision and theme in mind. Whether you have a guiding color palette or chosen dress style, be firm in your desires and try not to be swayed by the opinions of others.

In the end, this is your wedding day and you have the final say as to how everybody looks. 


Use Accessories to Coordinate Looks

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When going for the mismatched look, it is important to have a consistent and coordinated component across all bridesmaids. Choose a dainty necklace, statement earrings, or matching bouquets.

A simple yet consistent piece will easily tie the entire look together in a way that is effortless and stunning. 


Choose a Wide Variety of Hemlines

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Variety is always important and that is definitely true when it comes to hemlines. When deciding on dresses, make sure to select a large variety of hemlines and silhouettes to choose from.

Have each of your bridesmaids pick dresses from your chosen selection and make sure more than one person is wearing each style. 


Use Paint Swatches to Help with Color and Coordination

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Paint swatches are not just good for choosing paint colors. They are also extremely helpful for finding and comparing shades and tints of colors.

Whether you are opting for dresses in different hues or in different colors all together, paint swatches can be extremely helpful for color comparison and coordination. Swatches are also great for helping you decide on your color scheme and what variations of color you want to go for. 

There are also online color palette tools to help you visualize your color scheme!


Set Guidelines and Gather Input from your Bridesmaids

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As previously mentioned, it is important to go into this process with a clear vision or theme in mind. With that being said, give this vision to your bridesmaids and allow them to choose dresses that make them feel the most comfortable but still fit inside that theme.

You can choose the small details like color and designer then allow them to select their dress. This ensures that everybody will be happy and look and feel their absolute best. 




Your wedding day is about you so you should work with your bridesmaids to choose dresses that are right for all of you. Keep your personal vision in mind and do not compromise your desires. Remember to have fun and work to make everybody feel their absolute best. 

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