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What to Write on a Bridal Shower Invitation

Congratulations, you are hosting a bridal shower! As you can imagine, that involves a lot of responsibilities. Right from the get-go, you might be asking yourself how to manage the very first steps, starting with wording and sending out the bridal invitations.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about bridal shower invitation wording, from the basics to special considerations and more. 

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples

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Knowing what to write on an invitation can be tricky, with different etiquette for different events like the bridal shower.

How you word the bridal shower invitation depends a lot on the style of the day. Is it a laid-back brunch with friends? Is it a formal dinner? Is it a casual all-day affair where people can stop by at their convenience? The theme and atmosphere of the day will determine how you word the invitation. 

Here’s one example of what you might write on your bridal shower invites: 

Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of Sara Woodman
On Saturday the eighth of May two thousand twenty-one
At two o’clock in the afternoon

Walter Event Hall
263 Circle Dr. 
Tallahassee, Florida

Please RSVP to Ellen Woodman at 555-5555 by April twenty-fifth.
The bride and groom are registered at Zola

Here’s another example of a less formal bridal shower invitation: 

Let’s raise a glass to our favorite girl! 
Join us for a bridal shower celebrating Katie Johnson
March 3, 2021
At 3 PM

Nico’s Restaurant
10 Hill Plaza 
Olympia, WA

Regrets only to Tara at 
Registry at Williams Sonoma and Wayfair

Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

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If you’re having a wedding shower instead of a traditional bridal shower, you may want to change up the wording on the invitation. Typically, a wedding shower includes both the bride and groom and male and female guests, instead of the all-girls bridal shower. 

Make sure it’s clear on your invitations that you’re hosting a wedding shower for all guests to join. Consider wording such as: 

Please join us for a his & hers wedding shower celebrating Matt & Kim
All guests are welcome to join us in celebrating the happy couple! 

June 10th, 2022
Martha’s Winery on Broad
1200 Broad Street
New Haven, MA

RSVP to Maria at by May 15th
Matt & Kim are registered at 

What To Include On a Bridal Shower Invitation

When you sit down to put the invitation for a bridal shower together, the first thing to cover is the most basic information. If you like, think of it as the five Ws: who, what, where, when, and why. 

The Bride’s Name

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Of course, you should mention the bride in the shower invitation! There are plenty of ways to do this, even unique ways that fit the theme. 

If you browse online shower templates, you will see hundreds of ideas, from formal to casual. Traditionally, a wedding shower invitation wording looks like this:

You are invited to the bridal shower of Tracy Jones…

Nowadays, most bridal showers aren’t nearly that formal. Most of them are casual affairs centered on close family and friends. Feel free — with the bride’s permission — to make things a bit more casual, especially if there is a theme! 

Here are a few ways that you could word an invitation for a more informal bridal shower and introduce the main event — the bride:

Join us in celebrating the upcoming marriage of Anna Smith at a wedding shower!


Let’s raise our glasses to Gina before her big day! Join us for a bridal shower at…


Jane is getting married! Let’s celebrate her with a bridal shower…

Date, Time, Location

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There is more than one way to put the date and time, and this varies based on the style and formality of the invitation. Make sure the information is incredibly clear so that there are no mix-ups. For example, if you use numerals, make it obvious that 4/3 means April 3, not March 4. To avoid this issue, most invitations traditionally spell out the date and time. 

Therefore, the date and time will probably look something like this: Saturday, the twenty-fifth of September, at four o’clock in the afternoon. 

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to say “in the afternoon” for any time where that would be self-evident. If the invitation is getting crunched for space, you can word it as “four o’clock,” and rest assured that no one will show up in the wee hours of the morning. 

When listing the place where the shower is held, it is important to include two things: the actual name of the venue and the street address. 

Here are a few examples:

St. Mary’s Church Hall 
405 Glen Ave.
Rochester, New York


La Strada Restaurant
12 Portney St. 
Scottsdale, AZ


The home of the bride/the bride’s mother/the hostess
1413 Oakwood Ave. 
Portland, Oregon

Including the name of the venue helps guests know what atmosphere to expect — casual, intimate, formal, etc. It is not necessary to include a zip code with the address. 

The Theme

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Bridal showers take many different forms these days. If you’re planning a non-traditional bridal shower — such as a stop-and-greet, where guests can stop by whenever they please — include that information so that everyone knows what to expect when they arrive.

Plenty of bridal showers also have a theme, so include this info on the invitation! Adding a theme clues the guests to what they should expect, as well as any special considerations such as what to wear or bring.

When And How To RSVP

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Including the RSVP info is crucial, especially if the shower will be at a professional venue where you need to give a headcount. Along with the standard request to RSVP, let guests know who they should contact, the number or address of the host, and the deadline for responding. 

Here’s an example: “Please RSVP to Mary Jane at [phone number] by May ninth!”

Most bridal shower invitations nowadays prefer to use an email or phone number for RSVPs instead of a formal return card. This can be the easiest way to manage the guest list, especially if they have the option to text the host. 

Many hosts also ask for regrets only. In other words, if they don’t hear from a guest, they will assume they’re coming. Anyone who needs to decline the invitation should reach out to the provided contact information. 

Make sure to give an RSVP deadline that is well before the shower, even if it is a more informal event. In general, two to four weeks ahead of time is a good window. If the shower will be at a professional venue, speak with the events manager or other member of staff to find out how far ahead you’ll need to give the headcount.

The Host’s Name And Contact Info

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You should mention the person hosting the shower and how they are related to the bride. There are several ways to word this. Here are a few examples:

Mary Miller invites you to celebrate her daughter Vanessa


Please join us at the home of the bride’s sister


Please RSVP by September 4th to Allison Smith

Include the preferred way to contact the host, either with a full RSVP or with regrets only. This could be via email, text, call, or mailed response card.

Registry Information And Gift Policy

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One of the main goals of a bridal shower is bringing gifts for the bride to help her as she starts her marriage. Most couples register for household items well before their wedding. Make sure you include registry information on the shower invitation so that guests can buy a gift in time. 

Examples of how to word the registry information:

Emily is registered at Pottery Barn and Bed Bath & Beyond.


To view Sara’s registry, please visit her wedding website: [include link here].


Andrea is registered at [include wedding registry link here].


Registry at Crate & Barrel and Amazon.


Additionally, some brides prefer that guests not bring gifts at all. Sometimes a couple will request that guests give cash or gift cards instead of a registry gift. Talk to the couple beforehand to find out their arrangements. If they have a cash fund, for example, include that information on the invitation. 

You can word it like this, for example:

In place of gifts, please consider making a donation to Bridget and Josh’s honeymoon fund [at this link, information on wedding website, etc.]

Dress Code

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Most bridal showers aren’t formal occasions, so they usually don’t have a dress code. However, there might be other considerations that affect what the guests should wear!

If there is a theme that requires a fun costume or outfit or if the bride wants to take a coordinated photo, include the information in the bridal shower invitation. Of course, if you are hosting the event at a venue with a dress code, include that info as well.


When Should Bridal Shower Invitations Be Mailed Out? 

You want plenty of heads up before a bridal shower to finalize the guest count, but not as much as a wedding. Aim to get the invitations in the mail about a month before the event, with an RSVP date of at least two weeks before.

Can You Email Bridal Shower Invitations?

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Bridal showers come in every theme and flavor. For a casual bridal shower, an email invitation is perfectly appropriate. Just clear it with the bride first! 

Can You Put Registry Information On Bridal Shower Invitations?

You can and should put registry information on a bridal shower invitation! One purpose of a bridal shower is to make sure the couple has everything they need to start their lives together. Guests need to know where and how to get them a great gift.

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