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Wedding Aisle Decor to Fit Any Venue

You are getting married! It’s the moment you have dreamed about your entire life and it’s happening now! The wedding aisle is that special place where you and your partner will take your first steps as a wedded couple. The right wedding aisle decor will make for a gorgeous wedding procession. 

You want to make sure that that aisle is absolutely perfect for that special moment when you finally get to tell your partner “I do”.

In this article you will be given wedding aisle decor ideas. They will  help make your special moment as special as it can possibly be! 

The key is to be as creative and unique as you want with your wedding aisle decorations. In the United States, many couples center their wedding ceremony around the wedding aisle. So why not make sure you make the experience for you and your loved ones as original as possible?

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Whether you are planning your wedding aisle decorations on a budget, or you are trying to be as original and unique as you can be with your planning, there are plenty of ideas in this article that will make your wedding aisle gorgeous!


Beautiful Ways to Decorate your Wedding Aisle 

Whether your wedding  is going to be big or small, inside or outside, in the country or in the city, this article will give you ideas on how to create the perfect wedding aisle decorations for your wedding! 


 Make it simple 

The main focus of the wedding is going to be on you and your spouse. So make sure that your wedding aisle decorations are not too distracting. Simplistic beauty is always appreciated at a wedding ceremony.

The seating arrangements down the aisle can be lightly decorated with flowers and bows. For extreme simplicity, decorate the chair closest to the aisle with cascading flowers.

aisle lined with flowers

For the wedding aisle itself, you could have flower petals sprinkled up to the altar.

If the wedding is outside, maybe a simple stone pathway, surrounded by greenery and flowers, would be the best way to go. Whether the wedding is inside or outside, a simple white or light pink aisle runner will make a lovely decoration for the wedding aisle.

 Want to do something fun and interesting that won’t distract your guests from the view of you getting married? Then go ahead and get some vase aisle markers! You can fill these little vases with flowers, seashells or even cacti!

 It doesn’t matter if your wedding is inside or outside, simple flower canopies are such a sweet and simple way to make your wedding aisle look elegant! 

The altar at the end of the wedding aisle can be lightly decorated with candles, flora or fauna. 

These are just a few wedding aisle decoration ideas to help you get started. 


Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Aisles

While most wedding aisle decorations work for both inside and outside venues, there are some cute ideas you could do strictly for either/or. 

For outdoor weddings on a beach, the bride could walk up the aisle with big light pink sea shells lining the entire aisle! 

 If the wedding is in a desert, the aisle decorations can be intertwined twigs leading up to the altar!For a spring wedding in Florida, flowers surrounding the altar and bordering the entire aisle is a beautiful idea. 

For indoor weddings, flowers will always look good. But instead of having them plainly on the floor, the aisle can be lined with vases, or maybe the flowers can be held in hanging flower planters! Maybe the wedding aisle could be lined with simple candles on the walls and hanging from the ceilings. 

If the wedding is in a church, lining the wedding aisle, walls, and ceiling with flowers and candles is a lovely and elegant way to decorate the wedding aisle!


Decorate The Aisle With Your Seating Arrangement

One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen was one where everyone was standing in a hand linked circle around the bride and bridegroom. There were no chairs leading up the wedding aisle to the altar.

Depending on how long the wedding ceremony is going to be for your personal wedding, this is a really beautiful way to arrange your guests for your wedding! Plus, no one has to worry about someone taller than them sitting in front of them!

There are also, of course, plenty of seating arrangements that can work where guests are on the sides of the aisle leading up to the altar!

You can use fold-able chairs and spruce them up with lanterns, fairy lights and flowers. You can use wooden chairs in any color you like. Fun and different patterns with the chairs work well too! 

 The chairs can even be set up so they are in a square shape. The bride could walk up the aisle in one of the four corners. 

You can have chairs encircling the wedding altar. There can be a space given in the circle where the bride walks through, too!

The chairs can be in a half circle, and the aisle can be in the open space in front of it. Or, the chairs can even be in a spiral around the altar where the bride’s aisle will be in the swirly path the chairs make! Instead of using individual chairs, you could do long benches as well.

Of course, there are many other ways you can decorate your wedding aisle with chairs!

Maybe you want to use giant pillows instead? As long as you can still see the aisle, you can set your seating up how and with whatever you like!



hot pink aisle decor

Flowers and wedding aisles just go together.There are so many places you can put flowers on and around the wedding aisle! 

You can have flower petals strewn across the wedding aisle itself. They can be put on the backs or sides of wedding aisle seating. There can be flowers placed in vases beside the aisle seating. Flower bouquets could be put up on hanging centerpieces above the aisle. 

They can even be on the walls surrounding or in front of the wedding aisle. 

Basically, flowers make wedding aisles look very pretty. You can put them anywhere and everywhere!


The Aisle Itself

Whether your wedding aisle is in a church, in the Bahamas or the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, make sure that you plan on how the wedding aisle is going to be set up. 

You want to make sure you can walk up the aisle, and that people are able to view your special moment comfortably. Make sure that the chairs and any chair accessories are off to the side to make room for the bride to come down the aisle!

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This also  means that you should make sure that you have flat surfaces to make the wedding aisle on. Maybe you will use a simple carpet, or a stone path. Just be sure that the wedding aisle is clear of things that you could trip over. 

You also want to make sure that the aisle is well lit. The wedding aisle is the very place where the bride is going to walk up to her groom! The wedding aisle should also be wide enough so that the bride and whomever may be accompanying her down the aisle have room enough to make it to the altar.

father of the bride side

Basically, the wedding aisle is a very important and special place in a wedding ceremony. Make sure you make it all it can be on your wedding day!


Affordable Ways to Decorate your Wedding Aisle

Now that we know some great ideas on beautiful wedding aisle decorations, let’s take a look at how we can frugally get those wedding aisle decorations.

Choose Inexpensive Flowers

baby's breath

While it is tempting to get the typical roses, tulips and lilacs to line the aisle for your wedding, there are cheaper alternatives you can use. They will make your wedding aisle  just as beautiful too! 

  • Alstroemeria
  • Baby’s Breath 
  • Carnations 

Many other types of flowers are beautiful and inexpensive – consider using filler flowers or less expensive blooms to save money. 


 Use Your Venue

wedding ceremony

If your wedding aisle is outside, use the beauty of nature to help you out!

Your wedding aisle could be in the middle of naturally growing flowers! This is great because, at least as far as aisle decorations go, you don’t have to worry about your budget with the flowers!


Candles and Fairy Lights

candle lit wedding

To make sure your wedding aisle is as magical and romantic as you can possibly make it, get your wedding lights at affordable places. This way you can achieve your gorgeous wedding aisle aesthetic without hurting your bank account. 

Tea light candles are relatively inexpensive, and the plain white candles will look gorgeous lining the aisles. There are also budget string lights available so that you can create a magical lighting effect without breaking the bank.


Concluding thoughts 

There you have it! These wedding aisle decorations are sure to make your wedding absolutely stunning.

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