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September wedding colors

September Wedding Colors and Combinations

Finding the right color palette to match your wedding can be a struggle when considering the season and even the month of your big day. However, if you are planning your wedding for the month of September, you are in luck! You can find your perfect color palette with these September wedding colors that are ideal for any themed wedding.

Whether you are decorating your wedding ceremony to create a classic chic style or leaning towards an elegant botanical scene, these September color combinations will make your wedding decor pop with the right amount of accented neutrals and vivid shades for a unique balance.

Get inspired by these September wedding color combinations to help make your wedding day a dream come true. 

From bold burgundy to sage green, the month of September comes with a variety of color palettes that can match any wedding theme. These color combinations will enhance your ceremony and reception décor, bridesmaids’ dresses, and even the wedding cake! Find your perfect September color with these ideas for your upcoming wedding. 

Deep Burgundy and Gold

burgundy and gold wedding invitations

It is safe to say that Burgundy is the color of fall. The richness of this bold choice can be found in our natural elements all around. Therefore, including a deep burgundy in your wedding layout not only creates a chic design but also matches the seasonal feel for the month of September.

For an elegant accent, consider pairing a shiny gold with the matte burgundy to create a contrasting and balanced scene. This color palette will make you and your guests feel as if they are walking into a modern art gallery next to a cozy coffeehouse. Sink yourself in the autumn season of September by introducing the burgundy and gold design for your dream wedding. 

Dusty Blue and Peach

dusty blue and peach wedding colors

Another contrasting color combination is the unique pair of dusty blue and soft peach. The dark concept of this deep blue and grey mix will set up a sophisticated color scheme for your autumn September wedding. The soft, bright peach is a tremendous accent to tie together the overall bridal theme of the wedding. 

Not only will this color combo fit well into your wedding décor, but these colors can also make for some beautifully designed dresses. As a color coordination idea, try having your bridesmaids dress in the dusty blue while the flower girls dress in the peach.

Your ceremony will then have the perfect balance of elegance and pastel charm to make your guests stare in awe. 

Sage Green and Light Grey

wedding table numbers

For a dreamy botanical wedding in the midst of September, consider adding a pop of color with sage green. This delicate tone is tremendous for a boho-chic theme and compliments the season of fall. As a pair, light grey works best with this subtle style. 

Bridesmaids’ dresses, decorative vines, and even table runners seem even more sophisticated with the nice color of sage green. Since these particular shades of grey and green are quite soft, you may find it easier to style light pinks and flashes of white to brighten up your wedding ceremony. 

Immerse yourself in the feel of September with this botanical color combination for your perfect fairytale wedding. 

Lavender and White

purple table runners

Did you know that lavender is the color of love and devotion? What better way to express the meaning of this color than to include it in your very own wedding? Not only does lavender provide a refreshing color palette in the cool season of fall, but it also pairs nicely with various shades of grey and the popular wedding color, white!

Compliment the bridal wedding dress with elegantly designed lavender bridesmaids’ dresses or pair a lavender tie with the grey suits of the groomsmen.

For an added touch, even set up lavender bouquets for your reception dinner table centerpieces. You and your guests will love this lavender color scheme for your upcoming September wedding. 

Champagne and Deep Purple

purple champagne wedding flowers

Since September is known for its somber colors and fall vibes, a great match for the season is a balanced colored palette such as champagne and deep purple. The two go hand in hand in creating the perfect bridal scene for a traditional wedding day. 

With this color combination, the floral décor will become the key to making your wedding stand out in the fall season. While the leaves outside change to deep reds and oranges, your champagne and purple bouquets will create a chic autumn accent. 

By the time you shower your wedding ceremony and reception in the refined combination of champagne and dark purple, you will be immersed in a romantic setting for two partners to join hands in marriage. 

Navy Blue and Gold

navy blue and grey wedding decor

Another color that pairs nicely with gold is the traditional September color, navy blue. Similar to the deep blue of the September birthstone, Sapphire, which symbolizes trust and loyalty, navy blue contains a dignified color scheme for any classy wedding venue. 

Although gold is a great accent for this somber color, another tremendous option is a burlap tan that creates a more laid-back vibe to your wedding scene.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with considering navy blue as a foundation for your September wedding layout. You and your guests will fall in love with this fall color palette as the two lovebirds join hands on their big day!

Brown and Beige

brown and beige wedding color scheme

For those who are seeking a more neutral color combination for their big wedding day, pairing brown and beige is the perfect choice for you. This mixture matches wonderfully with a boho wedding theme without taking away from the bridal feel of the romantic day. 

With the botanical elements of Pampas grass and falling leaves, your September wedding will include all of the seasonal scenery inspired by your natural surroundings. This neutral color combination is especially fitting for outdoor weddings where the brown and beige scheme falls in line with the cool weather of autumn. 

Consider including brown and beige in your dream wedding to truly grasp the romantic feel of September. 

Teal and Tan

teal bridesmaid dresses

Looking for an interesting wedding color scheme for your big day? These rich colors will pair nicely for your wedding reception or ceremony to create the perfect autumnal décor. This combination really takes the cake by creating a range of unique decorative ideas for both indoor and outdoor weddings. 

Teal and tan are especially ideal for a rustic wedding. With the use of teal antiques and burlap accents, you can design a beautiful layout that will make your autumnal wedding stand out.

For a touch of bridal décor, add white flowers to really bring out the deep tones of your September wedding colors. Soon enough, you will find yourself falling in love with this romantic wedding color scheme. 

Burnt Orange and Grey

orange and grey wedding

Burnt orange can easily be a favorite fall wedding color when partnered with deep colors such as dark grey. The vivid pigment directly reminds everyone of the beautiful falling leaves that Mother Nature supplies in the month of September. To add on, burnt orange contains all of the vibrant auras needed for a magical wedding color palette. 

With a more neutral shade to balance out the rich tones of the burnt orange, this color combination makes a unique idea to be included in your wedding style. You may even want to have a range of orange and grey bridesmaids’ dresses or bouquet additions to your table décor.

No matter what, this colorful mixture will make your autumnal wedding a picture-perfect venue for you and your guests.

Deep Red and Light Grey

Red and grey wedding reception

Another contrasting color combo would be the rich shades of deep red and neutral tones of light grey. For a classy September wedding, the vibrancy of red works well for table centerpieces and even bridesmaids’ dresses. Balancing the warm fall colors with grey, you will be able to create a sophisticated style for your special day. 

Wedding bouquets, table décor, and even altar backdrops can become a topic of conversation when they pop with various shades of deep reds and are accented by light grey. You will love your elegant venue setup with this September color combination that just screams romance. 

People Also Ask

Learn more about September weddings with these commonly asked questions. 

What is the September color?

The official September color is from the month’s birthstone, Sapphire, which is a deep blue. This rich color meets in the middle of a midnight sky and oceanic waters. The color also symbolizes trust and loyalty, making it a popular color scheme for September weddings. 

Is September a fall or summer wedding?

September marks the start of fall. Therefore, this month can be considered a traditional autumn wedding.

However, the seasonal change differs depending on how close you are to the equinox. Therefore, if September in your region still provides all of the summer elements outside, then your summer wedding could possibly take place during this time. 

Is September a popular wedding month?

September is the most popular wedding month out of the entire year. The most popular wedding season is during the months of May to October. However, September takes the number one spot of being the month in which the largest amount of weddings take place. 

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