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17 Gorgeous and Unique Welcome Signs for your Wedding

A wedding welcome sign is a great addition to your wedding decor. Not only does it make every guest feel special and appreciated, it also acts as a beautiful and unique decor piece. Whatever your style, these welcome sign ideas are sure to inspire and make all your guests feel warmly welcomed.

Ideas and Inspiration


Unsure of what welcome sign idea and design to choose? This list is sure to make your decision as easy as possible. With these ideas, your wedding welcome sign is guaranteed to be a showstopper.


Ocean Driftwood


If you love that beach vibe, then a driftwood sign is the way to go. Gather a wide variety of sizes of wood and paint unique individual signs pointing guests toward the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception. Affix the wooden pieces to a post for a totem style sign. Include some shell accents to add to the beachy vibe




Chalkboards are a great choice if you are looking for an easy sign option. You can put any words or design on it that you’d like. The best part is if you mess up you can wipe the chalk away and try again. And after your wedding, you can take it home and redesign it to fit in with your home decor! 


Make a Map


If your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception are taking place in a few different locations, why not make a map to help guests find their way? Pinpoint each individual location to ensure guests know exactly where they should be. 


A Pane of Glass


A pane of glass with paint is a great option for a simple yet gorgeous wedding welcome sign. White paint is a classic option, but you could also opt for a paint that matches your wedding colors.

Imagine the afternoon sun filtering in through your sign and casting a beautiful glow on your ceremony. It’s nothing short of magical.


Lovely Letterboard


Letterboards have become increasingly popular in recent years. These decor pieces are versatile and look good with a wide variety of different wedding themes and styles. These boards are a simple way to outline the day’s list of events in a way that is succinct and straight to the point. 


Wood Pallet 


A wood pallet is a wonderful rustic choice for your wedding. Whether you are going for an outdoorsy forest vibe or that rustic farm charm, a wood pallet can get you exactly what you want. A little paint and some creativity and you’ll have a beautiful, personalized sign for your barn wedding. 


Frosted Acrylic


A frosted acrylic welcome sign is an elegant addition to your wedding decor. This piece is magical and will only add to the enchanting and romantic vibe of your wedding day. Add some calligraphy to add to the elegance and beauty of the sign.


An Easel


All artists and art lovers alike can appreciate the simple modern beauty of a wooden easel. Pair it with a hand painted canvas and you have the perfect welcome sign for your big day. Add your names, the date of your wedding, a greeting to your guests, and a fun image or pattern.


A Love Letter to Your Guests


Your guests play a large role in your wedding, so why not take the time to thank them and tell them how much they mean to you. A short love letter from you and your soon to be spouse is a great way to welcome your guests and tell them how much they mean to you. 


Floral Accents


Vamp up any sign with some unique and fun floral accents. Frame your normal wooden sign with garlands of greenery or accents that match your specific wedding flowers. This is a great way to get that cohesive vibe amongst your wedding decor and flowers.


Simple Modern


A simple modern sign is the perfect choice for a twenty first century couple. One great modern option is a circular white sign with delicate gold lettering. Place it atop a matching cold metal easel for a clean and sharp look.


Beautiful Tapestry


Cloth tapestries are unique and versatile pieces that you can put up anywhere at your wedding. Hang it above your welcome table or on the fence at your backyard barn wedding. Tapestries come in a variety of exciting and vibrant colors so you can make it truly unique and fit with your individual style.


Relationship Timeline


In every relationship it is important to remember how you got to where you are. A great way to do that is by creating a wedding welcome sign that shows your relationship timeline. This is a great way to remind yourself and your guests how far you and your new spouse have come and how far you will continue to go.

Remember, your wedding marks the beginning of the next chapter of your life, but it is important to acknowledge all the chapters that came before.


Fun Font


Spice up any of these signs with a one of a kind, fun and fresh font. If you are feeling extra creative, you can hand letter the sign yourself. This handmade piece is sure to appeal to all of your guests and can act as the perfect keepsake from your wedding.

Add some photos of you and your spouse to make it even more special. This welcome sign has the schedule for the big day on it as well! 


A Welcome Beverage


Everybody loves a good drink so why not welcome your guests with a signature cocktail? Set up a table near the entrance to your ceremony with a special cocktail and water or another option for those who don’t drink.

This idea is sure to excite your guests and get everybody ready for a night they will never forget. You can also make a signature cocktail sign to tell your guests what they’re drinking and why it’s so special.


Bodega Board


A bodega board is great for more than just sandwich and salad options. Grab one and make it your own personalized wedding sign. Set it down by the entrance to your aisle or the doorway to your wedding venue for everyone to read on the way to their seats.


Paper Banner


What’s a party without a paper celebration banner? Welcome your guests with a hand lettered white or brown paper sign. Consider making it a one of a kind keepsake by having your guests sign and doodle on it. It can act as a welcome sign and a guest book that you can treasure for years to come!




These signs are a great way to welcome your guests to your wedding and make everyone feel special. No matter what your style, everyone will feel special on your big day.

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