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42 Delicious Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas

As a celebration that is usually held during the morning or early afternoon, bridal showers typically include breakfast and lunch for her closest friends and family members.

If you haven’t attended any wedding shower brunches in the past and have been assigned to create the menu for this meal as the maid of honor, have no fear! We’re here to help with our suggestions for bridal shower brunch ideas! 

The beauty of hosting a brunch is opening up to a wide range of possibilities that wouldn’t work if you were limiting yourself to either breakfast or lunch. Just keep in mind any dietary restrictions of the bride and the other guests. 

Read all about the brunch themed bridal showers tips that you need to know with our list here at Yeah Weddings! 

Mimosa Bar

mimosa station

Set up a DIY mimosa bar for guests to make their own delicious brunch cocktails! Stock up on champagne, and set out different juices like classic orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, mango juice, and more. Add in garnishes like fresh fruit and herbs. Get creative by adding a cute sign with instructions!

Learn how to set up a build your own mimosa bar and consider adding bloody Mary’s into the mix too!



Create a menu of sophisticated Sunday brunch by serving parfaits to your guests. These French desserts will only make your celebratory meal even more memorable.


macarons at a bridal shower

Macarons never go out of style at bridal showers. Your crowd won’t be able to forget this sweet surprise! 

Omelette Station

Omelette Station at a bridal wedding shower

A make-your-own-omelette station is a game changer! If your brunch is catered, consider having a chef whip up omelettes for your hungry crowd. This is easier than it seems – have toppings ready like chopped onion, red pepper, spinach, cheese, and more to create custom omelettes. They only take a few minutes to make!

Everyone will rave about the great food at your shower with this brunch classic.

Sausage Pinwheels

Sausage Pinwheels at a bridal wedding shower

Unleash your creativity by baking sausage pinwheels for your bridal brunch party. Don’t be surprised if your guests use this same idea during their own nuptials! 

Banana Bread

banana bread

It’s no wonder why so many people choose banana bread as part of their wedding shower brunches. Everybody will certainly be pleased by this food choice. 


pancakes at a bridal shower

A list of bridal shower brunch ideas isn’t complete without mentioning pancakes. For anybody who is aiming to follow a specific budget, this meal becomes an ideal decision. 

Apple Cobbler

apple cobbler at a bridal wedding shower during brunch

Add some rustic flair to your bridal-to-be brunch by picking apple cobbler. Encourage your guests to top this dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Spinach Artichoke Pizza at a bridal shower

Most people wouldn’t think of spinach artichoke pizza as their first option for Sunday brunch food, but this cuisine proves itself to be delicious. You won’t have to worry about anybody going hungry when eating this filling dish. 

English Muffins

English muffins

Give your guests the full experience of an elegant brunch by offering English muffins. These baked goods work for any kind of afternoon tea party. 

Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal served at a bridal shower

Take your brunch shower ideas a step further by preparing baked oatmeal. None of your guests will be able to resist this appetizing meal. 



Wedding shower brunches aren’t complete without crepes. Your crowd will certainly be asking for extra servings of this French cuisine. 

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

If you’re looking to throw a successful bridal shower brunch that’s on the healthier side, fruit salad does the trick. This option is extremely easy for anybody who wants to DIY these meals for their guests. 



Who could say no to burritos? Guests of all ages will definitely enjoy this Mexican cuisine!

Belgian Waffles

belgian waffles

Take advantage of your travel-themed wedding by planning for Belgian Waffles as part of your menu. Pair this breakfast food with chicken to create something that is particularly savory!

Cream Scones

Cream Scones

Cream scones aren’t falling out of favor any time soon as tasty dishes for a bridal brunch menu. These baked goods are a timeless choice that’ll feel right at home if you’re organizing a vintage wedding day.



If you’ve never heard of shakshuka, know that you’re not alone but don’t write off this Northwest African dish from your brunch shower ideas. Everybody will love this meal consisting of poached eggs in a sauce with olive oil, garlic, onion, peppers, and various spices!

Bacon and Egg Tacos

Bacon and Egg Tacos

Go the extra mile with your bridal shower brunch by preparing bacon and egg tacos. This meal feels especially appropriate for anybody who is exchanging their vows in a desert venue

French Toast

french toast

French toast never fails. Add a splash of vibrant colors to these meals by giving guests toppings to add, like strawberries, kiwis, oranges, or blueberries! Don’t forget whipped cream and chocolate chips to go with the fresh fruit.

Mini Quiche

Mini Quiche

Make the most of your bridal brunch menu by picking mini quiches. These French tarts will surely become a favorite among your guests. 



Keep your brunch ideas short and sweet by including doughnuts. Don’t hesitate to find ones with icing that matches the colors of your bridal party theme

Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy

If you’re looking for bridal shower brunch ideas that are unexpected but savory, go with biscuits and gravy. This dish from the American South will only leave everybody wanting more! 

Bagel Sliders

Bagel Sliders

Bagel sliders are a fun twist on breakfast and lunch foods. It’s a guarantee that your crowd will be impressed by the creativity of this dish!


lasagna served at a bridal shower

Lasagna is always a safe decision for bridal shower brunch food. This delicious meal will make everybody’s hearts soar. 

Carrot Cake

carrot cake

Play up the theme of your spring ceremony by baking carrot cake as part of your brunch menu. This dessert will certainly leave a lasting impression among everybody. 



If you prefer something different from the usual kinds of bridal shower brunch ideas, frittata has got you covered. Your guests will definitely remember this Italian meal for the years to come.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs at a bridal shower

Think about serving deviled eggs and you won’t regret it. Don’t be surprised if everyone asks for seconds! 



You can never go wrong with choosing clafoutis as your bridal shower brunch food. This baked French dessert will surely start some conversations among your guests.

Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls

Elevate your bridal brunch menu with acai bowls made of coconuts, strawberries, bananas, and other kinds of fresh fruit. Everybody will feel satisfied and refreshed after having this healthy meal during this garden party. 

Gingerbread Rolls 

Gingerbread Rolls 

Nothing says Christmas wedding ceremony like gingerbread rolls for your shower cake. Your crowd won’t be able to turn down these wintertime desserts. 



Show your love for Mexican cuisine by offering Chilaquiles. This dish, consisting of corn tortillas that are lightly fried, is guaranteed to be a hit!

Stuffed Avocado 

stuffed avocado

Stuffed avocados are a must-have for your bridal shower brunch ideas. This meal won’t feel out of place from the other cuisine that you’ll be feeding to your guests. 



If you’re looking for meals that will make everybody happy, don’t think twice about incorporating nachos into your bridal brunch menu. This option works especially well for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Croque Monsieur 

Croque Monsieur

Bring your bridal shower brunch dreams to life with croque monsieur. Your crowd will love every minute of eating these hot sandwiches. 



Spice up your shower with enchiladas? Your guests will surely thank you for giving them such an appetizing meal!

Pizza Bagels

pizza bagels

Pizza bagels are hard to beat as brunch shower ideas. These finger foods will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. 

Hash Brown Burgers

Hash Brown Burgers

Hash brown burgers aren’t something that you see everyday with wedding shower brunches. As an unusual but tasty choice, you won’t have to worry about anybody thinking that your idea has been overdone. 

Caprese Croissants 


Jazz up your bridal brunch menu by adding basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella to some croissants. This cuisine doesn’t get any more comforting for your crowd. 

Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese

When thinking of options for your bridal shower brunch, just know that you don’t have to skip out on mac and cheese. Layer it with peppers and bacon bits to pack the meal with extra flavor! 



Take inspiration for your brunch shower ideas with this Austrian dessert. Strudel will definitely go quickly among your crowd. 

Scrambled Egg Braid

Scrambled Egg Braid

Embrace a different kind of bridal shower brunch food by preparing some scrambled egg braids. This uncommon option will certainly be enticing to your guests.

Bear Claw

Bear Claw

If you’re planning a marriage ceremony in the woods, bear claw pastries become a no-brainer for your bridal brunch menu. Everybody will be coming back for more after having a taste of these sweet treats! 


Bruschetta and crostinis

Consider treating your guests to bruschetta. Feel free to swap out the tomatoes and basil for squash and apples as the perfect touch for an autumn ceremony

How to Decorate Your Bridal Shower Brunch

Everyone loves brunch food, but don’t forget to decorate your bridal brunch! Whether you’re throwing a garden party or you booked a restaurant, decorations are an absolute must. 

Popular bridal shower decor typically includes jumbo balloons, perhaps spelling out “bride to be” or another common bridal shower saying. If your shower has a theme, pick decorations on brand for that style! You could throw a Parisian style brunch complete with croissants, pastries, and finish the look with Eiffel towers as a statement centerpiece.

If you have enough space, don’t be afraid to decorate your brunch to bring it to the next level.

You can also use games and activities as the part of the decor. If you have cute game prizes, put them on full display! Even if the prizes are just a few gift cards, you can wrap them nicely to match. the decorations. 

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