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26 Meaningful Ideas For Mother of the Bride Gifts

The mother of the bride has some of the most important responsibilities throughout the planning process of your wedding day. Without her, the couple would have even more on their plates, so it’s a good idea to thank her with a mother of the bride gift.

Whether she’s researching event venues or editing your guest list, your marriage ceremony wouldn’t be the same without her help. Many couples express their gratitude towards these efforts as a wedding planner by giving her a thoughtful gift.

mother of bride responsibilities include dress shopping

If you feel the same way but don’t know how to start looking for mother of the bride presents, just remember that you’re not alone. We’re here to help with our picks for the best mother of the bride gifts here at YeahWeddings! 

When searching for the perfect gift, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the countless possibilities that’ll show your appreciation in different ways. 

If you need help with limiting your options for mother of the bride presents, take a look at our list of awesome gift ideas!

Cocktail Napkin Set

Cocktail Napkin Set

Cocktail napkin sets are such a timeless idea among the best mother of the bride gifts. She’ll appreciate this present for protecting her furniture from liquid stains and other kinds of damages. 

Folded Book Art

Go the extra mile with your personalized gifts by giving her a piece of folded art from one of her favorite books. Incorporate a sweet message and she’ll be more than happy to show off this decoration in her home or work space.

Garden Markers

Garden Markers

Keep your mother of the bride gifts short and simple by choosing garden markers. Go with a nature-friendly one especially if you’re already planning on being environmentally conscious during your wedding day

Recipe Plate

If you’re searching for custom gifts that are especially memorable, a recipe plate will surely do the trick. She’ll definitely treasure this wholehearted option for the years to come. 

Heart Cocotte

Heart Cocotte

For anybody who doesn’t want their ideas to be used once and later forgotten, heart cocottes prove to be one of the best gift ideas for the mother of the bride. This piece of kitchenware becomes a sweet reminder of the love that was celebrated during your marriage ceremony.

Floral Suncatcher

Floral suncatchers were made to be given out as beautiful mother of the bride presents. This special gift will seem especially meaningful if you’re tying the knot outdoors during the spring or summertime

Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror

Everybody needs a new makeup mirror from time to time so think about giving a tri-folded lighted one for her mother of the bride gift. Buy one that comes with multiple lighting modes so she can use it during her beauty routine for any occasion. 

French Press

For anybody who is a coffee lover, nothing is better as a cool gift than a French Press. She’ll owe all of her refreshing brewed drinks to your modern present. 

Cork Planter 

Cork Planter

When looking for the best mother of the bride gifts, don’t think twice about purchasing cork planters to reflect her green thumb. This possibility will certainly bring a smile to her face.

Teardrop Earrings

Who wouldn’t love to be given teardrop earrings as their mother of the bride gifts? The unique design of this sterling silver piece of jewelry will surely stand out from the others in her beautiful collection. 

Teapot Cozy

Teapot Cozy

A teapot cozy is never the wrong decision as mother of the bride presents. She’ll enjoy using this unusual gift long after your marriage ceremony. 

Spiral Candle

Spiral candles are such a unique alternative compared to the traditional wedding gifts that are given out to the mother of the bride. Feel free to pick a floral scent that will remind her of your special day. 

Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest

If she enjoys creating homemade meals in her free time, a spoon rest becomes a safe option among the best mother of the bride gifts. She’ll thank you for giving her a present that keeps her kitchen clean and organized.

Butterfly Puddler

Get creative with your mother of the bride gift ideas by ordering her a butterfly puddler. This outdoor accessory will look nothing less than gorgeous among her other garden decorations. 

Smartphone Photo Mini-Printer

As one of many choices for her mother of the bride presents, a smartphone mini-printer will definitely leave a lasting impression. The slim and portable form of this fun gift allows her to take it where she needs to go.

Easel Calendar

Easel Calendar

If she likes to keep track of her schedule in the old-fashioned way, chances are that she’ll cherish an easel calendar as a mother of the bride gift. Don’t hesitate to finalize a beautiful design that matches your matrimonial theme. 

Woven Bowl

Amazing gifts for moms don’t need to be lavish to be genuinely appreciated. Woven bowls will certainly bring tears of joy to her eyes especially after attending a bohemian espousal

Foot Spa Massager

Foot Spa Massager

If you’re hunting for a present that’ll help her deal with the stressful moments of organizing your wedding day, look no further than a foot spa massager. This special gift works its magic after a bubble bath with various heating and vibrating functions.  

Ceramic Picture Frame

Show your gratitude towards her involvement in the wedding planning process by giving her a ceramic picture frame. Be sure to include your favorite engagement photo with these sentimental gifts! 

Foldable Flats

Foldable Flats

If you’re seeking out thoughtful mother of the bride gift ideas that are both practical and fashionable, don’t shy away from foldable flats. She’ll get some extra use out of this present when traveling for your destination wedding

Touch Screen Toaster

Who could say no to a touch screen toaster as a special mother of the bride gift? This luxurious present will feel right at home among her other pieces of kitchenware. 

Handwritten Letter Blanket

Handwritten Letter Blanket

Nothing says wholesome personalized gifts quite like handwritten letter blankets. She’ll adore this memorable present for keeping her warm during the chilly nights of the wintertime. 

Sea Glass Ring

Embrace the aesthetics of your seaside ceremony with a sea glass ring as your lovely gift for the mother of the bride. The soft color of these gorgeous pieces are perfect as accessories for semi-formal wedding attire. 

Flower Wind Spinner

Brighten up her garden space with a flower wind spinner as your fun gift for Mom. Order a waterproof option so your present can be used for as long as possible.

Horseshoe Trivet

Play into the theme of your rustic wedding by finding her a horseshoe trivet as your creative mother of the bride gifts. This present will look stunning in the kitchen as she prepares meals throughout the day.

Wine Tote Carrier

Wine Tote Carrier

Tote carriers never fail as mother of the bride gift ideas. For the sake of her convenience when she’s enjoying her favorite bottle of wine, make sure to buy a stain resistant and machine washable version. 

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If you’ve found your inspiration from our gift guide, take a moment to let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you about any other beautiful wedding gifts that we have missed!

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