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Best Date Box Subscriptions for Couples

There are so many subscription boxes available. There are specially curated boxes for every interest and need under the sun, everything from toys for your puppy to vegan snacks to new clothes. For couples, a date night box subscription may be the perfect gift.

It’s exciting to unwrap specialty items and discover new favorite products every month. But did you know there are also subscription boxes for date nights with your partner? These date box subscriptions usually come with everything you need for an inexpensive night at home.

Whether you’re newly engaged, in the trenches of wedding planning, or looking to add some excitement to any relationship, date box subscriptions might be the answer. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 best date night subscription boxes available now.

What are Date Night Subscription Boxes?

A date night box is just that – a date night in a box. These date boxes come with date night ideas and activities for couples to enjoy a unique night together. For couples that have been together for a long time, finding a new date night activity can be difficult. These subscription boxes for couples make it easy to enjoy date night!

Most date boxes are a monthly subscription box with a different idea or activity month to month. The box comes with a complete date, whether it’s a themed box like movie night, a box filled with board games for couples, or even a chef curated dinner menu with everything you need to cook.

There are plenty of date night subscription boxes to choose from, so you can find one that offers the perfect date night for your needs. Consider how you and your significant other enjoy spending quality time together, or what date ideas sound most appealing.

Date night boxes can be given as anniversary presents, engagement gifts for couples, or just as a gift to yourself! They are a great way to de-stress and reconnect while planning your wedding.

Find the best date night subscription box below!

There are many options for date night subscription boxes, but we especially love these.

One more bonus to highlight before jumping in: a date night subscription box is almost always far cheaper than going out for the night!

Let’s check out the 7 best date night boxes.

Date Box Club

datebox club

The Date Box Club subscription is one of our favorite generic boxes, meaning that it isn’t tailored to a specific interest or hobby. Every month is something entirely new, and that keeps things thrilling!

Some past Date Box Club boxes included a hot sauce challenge, competition game night, and a DIY mosaic coaster kit. Each package includes everything you need to spend a quality evening, just the two of you.

Subscriptions start at $32.95 for a 12-month plan, and they also offer a $5 monthly digital subscription option, where they’ll email you instructions and a list of everything you’ll need to participate. This digital only option means that you can have the best date even on the tightest of budgets.

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If you’re looking for something a little bit more personal, then Happily might be the date night subscription box for you. When you sign up, they send a questionnaire for you and your partner. That way, they can accommodate your likes and dislikes and other particularities, including lifestyle (like no alcohol or vegan) and medical needs (such as food allergies).

Happily doesn’t stop at dates; they also curate online classes to help you and your partner tackle tough topics. It’s ideal for soon-to-be-married couples and newlyweds to smooth unexpected bumps in the road. Use Happily for your next date night, or to stay in touch with your partner during your engagement!

Subscriptions start at $32.99 for a 6-month commitment.

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Crated with Love

crated with love

If you and your partner love to laugh, look no further. Crated with Love sends a date box packed with a fun adventure designed to strengthen your bond to one another. You’ll learn a lot about the other person, improve communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, and have a great time doing it.

Some past boxes from Crated with Love have included surviving a zombie apocalypse game, an escape room, and even going back in time to your first day of middle school.

Crated with Love was kind enough to send us a few boxes to try, and each box is packed with an impressive amount of fun! Their “Summer of Love” box includes a face painting set, tie dye kit, a bucket list challenge, and a card game, as well as instructions on how to use each and other potential activities. The “Awkward Years” box has tons of middle school themed activities to take you back to the 90s! Their box of 141 outrageous conversation starters could also lead to hundreds of successful date night conversations.

Subscriptions start at just $29.99 for a 12-month subscription, and they also offer a $5 digital subscription. Crated with Love also offers one-time boxes, so you can choose exactly what date night you’re going to get without the commitment of a subscription!

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Crate Dates

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This one is for the foodie couples! Crate Dates by Crate Joy sends you an adorably curated package each month that often includes recipes and ingredients for fun dishes such as s’mores at home. They also have games, DIYs, conversation starters, and more.

Subscriptions start at $33.95 per month, and Crate Dates is part of Crate Joy, which ships several other unique themed subscription boxes.

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Unbox, or Unbox Love, has some really neat features that we especially love. For one thing, their themes and activities are always exciting and new. Every month is entirely different, giving you and your sweetheart the chance to explore other interests together.

Enjoy everything from a classic date night cooking together, to a Friday night murder mystery.

In addition, they tailor their themed date nights regionally. That way, if you live in the northeast, they will not send you something that requires going outdoors in January. Unbox offers subscriptions starting at $37 for a 6-month commitment.

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Date Night in a Box

date night in box

If you prefer hands-on, interactive activities, then Date Night in a Box might be the perfect fit. These custom-curated boxes offer recipes and ingredients, craft projects, games, and much more. They are all designed to be tackled by two people, each with their role to play.

They also offer a faith version, so if you and your partner are also seeking to deepen your connection through shared beliefs, this is the perfect option.

You can feel great about your date night subscription since each Date Night in a Box is hand-packed by individuals with disabilities. This company is committed to expanding employment opportunities for peoples of all kinds of abilities.

Subscriptions start at $39 for a year’s subscription for the regular box (the faith box is slightly more expensive).

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Modern Love Box

modern love

Modern Love Box stands out from the other subscription boxes on this list as it has a completely digital option, called the Modern Love Inbox. Every month, they send all kinds of goodies to your email inbox, including conversation starters, practical advice, games, recipes, ideas, and more.

While the Modern Love Inbox isn’t actually a physical box, you still benefit from this date night subscription. Even though you don’t get all the materials to do all of these activities, the amount of ideas means that you can easily get several nights of togetherness out of a single subscription.

Another great aspect is that you can try it for free for the first month. Afterward, it’s only $12 per month–that’s less than a streaming service! The Modern Love subscription box is a fun and affordable way to keep things fresh and exciting with your partner. Their physical boxes are also fantastically curated.

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Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we all learned about the joys and challenges of co-existing and relationships. For many couples, their date night subscription boxes not only brought them some much-needed relief but helped them learn to problem-solve and communicate better.

You can carry those lessons over into your relationship with any of these 7 best date night subscription boxes. With something a little different in each one, you’re sure to find something you love with your monthly subscription.

Another super fun option for a date night box subscription is something tailored to your mutual interests. There are cooking, arts and crafts, and even serial killer mystery subscription boxes! Do some research to find a date night box that matches your unique interests.

The great thing about date night boxes is that they are specifically designed for couples to strengthen their bond and bring enjoyment into relationships. Everyone could use a little more of that.

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