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Tea Party Theme Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

What’s a more unique and fun way to celebrate a woman being married than to have a tea party-themed bridal shower? Teacups, finger food, and a grand amount of flowers are definitely the necessities to make the bride feel like the Queen of England. 

While this elegant theme may seem quite expensive and difficult to set up, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect tea party for a bridal shower that will be easy on the bank account and quite enjoyable to decorate. Search through these decoration ideas to gain inspiration for your tea party bridal shower. 

Although bridal showers are made to excite the guests as they celebrate the marriage between the bride and the groom, many of the decor and theme options can become quite repetitive. Throwing a tea party is an imaginative way to show that same love to the bride while providing an interesting twist to the typical bridal shower theme. 

Luckily, building your tea party-themed bridal shower has become easier with these creative tips to guide you along the way. 

Pastel Color Scheme

pastel color theme

The first step in decorating for your tea party bridal shower is to decide on a color scheme. Tea parties are known to be feminine in decor, reminding someone of a sunny spring day. Pastel colors are best suited for such an occasion from cherry blossom pink to sky blue. 

Keeping the color scheme bright and cheerful will set the mood for your tea party bridal shower and make you feel like a princess preparing for your special day. 

Eye-Catching Invitations

bridal shower invitations

Make a great first impression with bright and easily recognizable tea party bridal shower invitations. With hundreds of designed invitation cards, you will easily be able to find a set that best matches your color scheme and party theme. 

If you wish to personalize your tea party-themed invitations with images of teacups or food platters, you can use Minted to build your own customized cards. From floral layouts to bright pastels, the options are endless when designing tea party bridal shower invitation cards.

Matching Teacups 

woman pouring tea

Of course, you will need a beautiful set of teacups to hold your tea at your tea party-themed bridal shower! Whether you like the simplicity of solid colored teacups or intricate floral designs, there are plenty of options for your personalized bridal shower color palette. 

Some may think that elegant teacups will come at a hefty price, but this claim is completely false. Many online stores offer a variety of detailed teacup sets at an extremely fair price. To begin your search, you will want to visit Etsy or Amazon and you may find the perfect match for your tea party bridal shower theme. 

Platter of Delicates

tea sandwiches

This edible decor is a top choice for any high-class event as it is easily accessible and very much cute. Starting with a simple three-layer platter, you can display all of your sweet delicates and finger foods with a touch of sophistication. 

Your choices of snacks may include small-cut sandwiches, scones, or biscuits. If you come across some difficulty deciding what types of food to make for the platter, you can visit here for a more detailed list of recipes that are easy to make and taste amazing. 

Spring Centerpieces


As the guests gather at the tables to sip on their tea, they will need to spark up a nice conversation. Give them something to talk about with unique table centerpieces. One easy way to create a beautiful table display is to set white sweets or flowers in a vintage birdcage and surround the scene with lively cherry blossoms. 

When said aloud, the idea may seem quite strange; however, the centerpiece will bring about a Spring aura that will leave your guests in awe. You and your closest friends and family members will be able to enjoy your afternoon tea with an elegant view during your bridal shower. 

Pink Outdoors

pink outdoor area

If your bridal shower is taking place during the mild season of Spring, you may want to consider having an outdoor area for guests to sit and enjoy the fresh air with their tea. A great way to decorate this space is to set up white fold-out tables with chairs. For added embellishments decorate the table with a simple vase and flowers.

Use a vintage bicycle with a basket of flowers as a backdrop for the scene so guests can take pictures in a beautiful outdoor layout. If you do not have a garden for added embellishments to your outdoor space, throw pink flower pedals throughout the area for a pop of color.

Now, with a simple decorating process, you have your picture-perfect outdoor area for your tea party bridal shower. 

Flower-Topped Teapots

teapot with flowers

Did you order an extra set of teapots and teacups only to find out that there will be plenty of extras? Just turn them into decorations! Creating tea party-themed decor can be as simple as setting flowers inside teapots. 

Whether you display these cute centerpieces on your dining tables or on top of wall shelves, all of your guests will stop to view these lovely teapots. Even more, this decor will definitely make you and your guests crave tea as you all enter the bridal shower. 

Paper Lanterns 

paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a scenic and affordable way to decorate the ceiling space of your tea party bridal shower. Although these Chinese lanterns typically come in vivid reds and oranges, there are plenty of color options out there that best fit your color scheme. 

White is an amazing shade that matches the elegance of the tea party theme and is convenient to pair with any surrounding colors. For a pop of color, add greenery around the lanterns with the use of hanging vines.

These simple touches will have your guests feeling as if they are sitting in a garden on a nice Spring day sipping their tea. 

Pocket Napkin Fold for Table Setup

folded napkin

Need a classy table setup for your tea party-themed bridal shower? You will be surprised to find out that all it takes is an easy napkin folding technique to create a refined look for your plate display. Inspired by Martha Stewart’s angled pocket napkin fold, this technique is designed to make your table setup appealing to the eye. 

For a visual of this folding technique, you can view the step-by-step examples here. Add a small flower for a pop of color or pocket your silverware for a neat, organized display. 

Jarred Tea Leaf Happies

tea leaf jars

Leave your guests with a fond memory of the happy occasion with jarred tea leaves. There are many types of herbal tea leaves that you can use for your tea party-themed bridal shower. For any leftover material, you can simply put the leaves in miniature jars for the guests to take home. 

With this cute idea, you won’t have to waste any of the tea and your guests will be able to enjoy their own cup of tea even after the bridal shower. 

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