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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Attire Ideas

Usually the day before the wedding ceremony, friends and family will meet up at the rehearsal dinner to celebrate the upcoming day for the happy couple on their wedding weekend. Although this event requires a certain amount of formal attire, you may want to save your best outfit for the big wedding day. Therefore, these rehearsal dinner attire ideas will help guide you in your search for the right style to wear during the rehearsal. 

For both men and women, there are many casual choices to choose from that are comfortable enough to move around in yet formal enough to create a tasteful appearance. If you are unsure of the dress code for the rehearsal dinner, be sure to reach out to the bride or groom’s friends and family for more detailed information.

Otherwise, gain inspiration from these popular styles of casual dress clothes that will present you in the best way. 


Outfit Styles for the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

From dresses and ties to rompers and button-downs, there is a range of chic styles for both men and women to wear to the rehearsal dinner. Unlike the wedding ceremony, the rehearsal dinner is a time to dress in slightly more casual attire for a relaxed atmosphere which makes shopping for the perfect outfit much more simple and affordable. 

However, if you have never been to a rehearsal dinner, knowing what to wear can become quite a hassle. Luckily, this guide of styles and ideas will aid you in your search for the perfect attire for any wedding rehearsal dinner dress code. 


Formal Attire

formal attire

If the rehearsal dinner requires formal attire, there is still a range of comfortable and stylish options for and men and women to choose from. If the wedding is black tie, you may be expected to dress somewhat formally for the rehearsal.

It is unlikely that you will be expected to dress in a lavish gown or tuxedo for this event, so these options are well-suited for the popular seasonal attire that fit perfectly with the wedding theme without creating too much of a statement piece. 



  • Knee-length cocktail dress
  • Floor-length flowing gown, especially for beach weddings
  • A neutral-colored pantsuit with a light jacket
  • Fashionable jewelry
  • High-heels or flats



  • Button-down, long-sleeve shirt 
  • Neutral-colored suit jacket 
  • Slacks
  • Black dress shoes with black socks
  • Tie and bowtie may be optional


Business Casual

semi formal menswear

For a mature wedding party, the dress code may be named “business casual.” This style will require the guests to dress in formal attire without going to the extremes of a tuxedo or flashy gown. Unlike formal attire, decorative accents like bows and flashy jewelry are not typically mandatory. Here are some examples of what you may wear in a business casual style. 



  • Knee-length black dress
  • Cocktail dress
  • Dressy jumpsuit
  • Fashionable blouse with dress pants
  • Tasteful blazer
  • Low or high heels or flats
  • Lightweight trench coat for the winter season



  • Button-down shirt (white or black)
  • Grey or white suit jacket
  • Dress pants or slacks
  • Black or brown dress shoes
  • Tie may be optional but usually preferred


Summer Formal-Casual

woman in sun dress

During the warmer season, the rehearsal dinner may be an outside event. Of course, you will want to dress for comfort without straying too far away from the tasteful attire. Whether you are dressing for a beach wedding celebration or a garden party, these options will keep you cool while making you feel your best during the event. 



  • Bright sundress
  • Formal jumpsuit (short sleeve, thin straps, or strapless)
  • Dressy romper that does not come higher than mid-thigh
  • Short-sleeve blouse with dress pants
  • Low heels, wedges, or flats



  • Short-sleeve polo
  • Linen button-down shirt (short-sleeve or long-sleeve)
  • Dress pants or slacks
  • Black, brown, or tan dress shoes
  • Tie may be optional


Winter Formal-Casual

winter attire

Like summer, you will want to dress for the occasion with the consideration of the season attire. Although the dinner may take place inside, it is best to prepare for the outside elements with the right dressy attire. These outfits will keep you warm on a chilly day while letting your fashion shine its brightest during the rehearsal dinner. 



  • Little black dress with sleeves
  • Long-sleeve jumper
  • Fashionable sweater or long-sleeve blouse
  • Cardigan, trendy blazer, or lightweight trench coat
  • Dress pants 
  • Low heels or flats



  • Cotton button-down shirt
  • Dress pants or slacks
  • Sweater vest suit jacket
  • Black, brown, or tan dress shoes with black socks
  • Lightweight trench coat
  • Tie may be optional 


Casual Attire

button down shirt

For a casual event, the dress code is quite lenient with the guest attire. Although you will not want to dress in a completely laid-back outfit, your options are very free in comparison to all other wedding festivities. For inspiration on your casual rehearsal dinner attire, take note of these trendy ideas.



  • Floral romper
  • Button-down dress with tights
  • Two-piece jumpsuit
  • Bright or neutral-colored blouse
  • Jeans (if optional) or dress pants
  • Low heels, flats, wedges, or sandals (if optional)



  • Polo shirt
  • Button-down shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • V-neck shirt (if optional)
  • Slacks or khaki pants
  • Black, brown, or tan semi-dress shoes


Frequently Asked Questions About Rehearsal Dinner Attire

Still not sure how to dress for a rehearsal dinner? Check out our answers to common questions. 


Do you dress up for rehearsal dinner?

Although the dress code is much more casual for the rehearsal dinner than the actual wedding, it is still custom to dress up for the wedding celebration. If you are unsure of the dress code, be sure to reach out to the friends and family members of the bride and groom. 


Can you wear jeans to a wedding rehearsal?

Typically, a wedding rehearsal dinner outfit would meet in the middle of casual and formal. However, some rehearsal dinners may allow the guests to wear jeans. If you are still unsure about if jeans are allowed at the rehearsal you are attending, contact the host or party planner of the event to learn more about the dress code. 


Can you wear black to a rehearsal dinner?

It is common for people to wear black or a dark color to a rehearsal dinner. Since the rehearsal takes place before the actual wedding, it is not typically seen as a rude appearance like it may on a wedding day. 


What should the bride and groom wear to the rehearsal dinner? 

The bride and groom typically set the tone for the rehearsal dinner, so they should have a good idea of the formality of the event. It’s common for the bride to wear a more casual white dress to her wedding rehearsal, while the groom can wear a casual suit or button down. 



Shopping for the right fit to wear for the rehearsal dinner outfit can be quite challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for. After reaching out to the friends and family of the bride and groom, you can gain a better understanding of the event’s dress code to set the guidelines as you seek your perfect attire. 

With that in mind, these ideas are beneficial for every type of rehearsal dinner that you may encounter. From formal wear to casual chic, there are options that allow you comfort for the celebration while making your appearance match the theme of the dinner. In no time, you will be ready to wine and dine with the happy couple in preparation for the big wedding day. 


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