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How To Wear Your Wedding Rings

One of the most exciting parts of being newly married is staring at and showing off your rings. But how do you wear your wedding rings, and in what order? Do you wear your wedding band on top or bottom of your engagement ring? 

Wedding bands symbolize your ongoing commitment to your spouse and show the world that you’re madly in love and have gotten married to solidify that love. However, beyond the symbolic implications, there are a lot of logistical questions about how to wear them!

Consider factors like personal style, cost, and if you want your rings to match. Keep reading for more information on ways to wear your weddings rings, like do you wear your wedding band on top or bottom and more.

All the Info on Wedding Rings

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The history of the wedding ring is ancient! Rings as symbols of eternity were common in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

However, it was not until Medieval Europe that rings with gems were adopted as symbols of marriage. This long history eventually found a stronghold in America, despite the Puritan belief that jewelry was frivolous.

Today, most couples share and exchange rings, representing marriage’s commitment to endless love and faith in your spouse. By wearing these rings, you have a physical memento of the symbolic beauty of marriage.


How Do You Wear Your Wedding Band?

One may wonder what the best and most respectful way to wear your band is. While there’s not an exactly right answer or necessary rules, there are standard conventions that most people follow in how they wear their rings.

It also varies between men and women, because women often have an engagement ring to pair their wedding band with. Ultimately, the most important thing is wear your wedding band however you’re most comfortable.

Some people take off their band regularly, while others wear them all the time. It’s all up to your preferences. Certain professions require that you remove jewelry, which is why some couples opt for permanent wedding band tattoos.


Do You Wear Your Wedding Band on Top of your Engagement Ring or Below?


If you plan on wearing a wedding band and an engagement ring, tradition dictates that you wear the band below the engagement ring, supposedly so that the band is closer to your heart.

It also looks best in many sets, which are often designed for the band to sit below the engagement ring, which is helpful if you plan to stick to tradition.

However, as engagement rings change in size and shape, bands may need to change positions or even go away altogether. Some brides have recently advocated for going one-ring. If you’re a two-ringer, though, the band is meant to go below the engagement ring.


Which Hand Do You Wear Wedding Rings On?

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Most people wear their rings on their left ring finger, as is traditional in many North American and European countries. The traditional ring finger is between your pinky and middle finger.

This is from an ancient tradition called “Vena amoris”, which is Latin for vein of love. The belief is that a vein runs directly through your heart into your left ring finger, indicating where the ring should be.

While this tradition is sweet, it is ultimately incorrect, even though the ring finger has stayed as the spot for engagement rings.

However, not all cultures follow this. For example, in Russia, Germany, Norway, and India, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the right hand, as the left hand is traditionally believed to be bad luck. Therefore, you can wear them on whatever hand you want.


Do You Have to Wear Both Rings on the Same Finger?

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As stated above, engagement rings and wedding bands are traditionally worn stacked. However, there’s nothing dictating this as important other than old traditions.

While many like the look of two stacked rings, you could wear them on different fingers or even on different hands if that makes you more comfortable.

That being said, a lot of rings are meant to be worn stacked! If you want to wear your rings stacked with comfort, be sure to look into bands that are made to be worn with a ring like yours, based on cut and size.


Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring At Your Wedding?

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While it may seem against the point to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day, you should if you want to! You just might have to have a bridesmaid or even a ring bearer hold it while the exchanging of the rings is underway during the ceremony.

That being said, if it seems like too much work, you can keep it off for the ceremony and pop it back on for the reception. Even further, you can experiment with stacking the band on top for the ring exchange, and then just switch it back if you don’t like it.


How Do Men Wear Wedding Bands?

Typically, men wear their wedding band on the same hand and finger that women do– left hand, ring finger. Obviously, though, there is no hard and fast rule for how someone may wear their wedding band.

Generally, both members of the married couple wear their rings on the same hand and finger.

If one person has a strong opinion about how they’d like to wear theirs, then the other person may just wish to follow suit. However, there are other things to keep in mind, like a dominant hand or if one person has a very hands-on career.


Wedding Band Alternatives

wedding band tattoos

If rings aren’t for you, there are lots of other ways to show your commitment. For example, some couples get wedding tattoos to express the permanence of their commitment. 

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If you’re still into jewelry but want to keep your hands free, you could always try wedding necklaces or bracelets to keep your marriage close to your heart.

If you’re not worried about expressing your married status to the rest of the world, you could always just frame your vows and hang them in your home. This keepsake is more private, but just as indicative of the special ceremony you’ve had.

Some couples even do engraved wallet cards so that they can keep their beloved with them if they’re apart! Beware that these are easily lost with a lost wallet, though.

first anniversary

Others may choose to exchange anniversary rings on milestone anniversaries. Anniversary rings are a nice way to honor the longevity of your marriage.


More About Wedding Rings

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here for all your ring needs. From how much to spend on an engagement ring to finding your ring size, keep reading for more help in your wedding planning experience.

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