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First Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Struggling to think of the most perfect first wedding anniversary gift? Here is our guide to some traditional and modern 1st-anniversary gift ideas to say congratulations on one year of marriage! 

first anniversary

It may be difficult to find inspiration for a first anniversary gift. By the first wedding anniversary, the newly married couple may have just bought a house together, or had children. These major life changes that come along with being married may seem like a gift in themselves, but there are still many options to choose from for anniversary gifts. 

For example, mementos from your wedding and relationship or old photographs of you as a couple may be a good starting point. Let your artistic side come out and celebrate this very special milestone with something memorable and creative. 

Traditional First Anniversary Gifts


The most traditional first anniversary gift for over 100 years has been the gift of paper. This is partly due to the fact that paper was an expensive commodity, and paper would be a gift for the home. Paper used to be handmade and more expensive than it is today, so this tradition has sort of faded out throughout the years.

The concept of the paper first anniversary gift has not gone away though. The paper would symbolize the fact that if you take care of it, similar to your marriage, it will stay intact. If you do not take care of the paper, it will tear or break.

This concept can be applied to your marriage and other gifts that you may decide on for your first anniversary. 


small gift

The typical budget of the first anniversary gift will vary based on the couple. A realistic goal is to purchase something that has sentimental value so that you feel like you are getting your money’s worth. 

If you are looking for other more material items you may think your new husband, wife, or a newly married couple you know may like, look for deals so you do not have to pay full price. 

Newlywed Couple

first anniversary

These gifts are perfect for the newly married couple that you know. This list is full of traditional anniversary gifts for newlyweds that will stand the test of time. 

For the Sentimental Couple

For the sappy couple who still tears up looking at their old wedding photographs, give them something special. Cute customized items are a great option for the sentimental couple who will enjoy an item that reminds them of something special. 

Something like a paper anniversary gift like a custom photo collage made with their favorite photos from their wedding is an amazing gift idea. There are also things on Etsy that you can have customized to remind the couple of their wedding day. 

song lyric wall art

This song lyric wall art from Etsy is the perfect gift for the couple who still has the top tier of their wedding cake in the fridge. A level up from the traditional gift of a simple anniversary card, this wall art is the most perfect gift for a sentimental couple on their first wedding anniversary. 

For the Creative Couple

A perfect gift for a more creative couple is something that they are able to do together that will allow them to add some spice to their relationship. Perhaps a date night gift box full of wine, paint brushes, paint, and canvases for a fun personal date night!

Another idea is a book called “The Adventure Challenge” which is full of different adventures for couples to go on together. This is a way to add some passion into the relationship and make some fun memories by going on dates together. 

Another gift idea is something called a LoveBook, this allows for several personalization options for couples to make the book special to them. You can include all the reasons why they are together and why they are celebrating one year of marriage together! 


For the Foodie Couple

If you know a couple who is really into cooking and all things related to food, there are many ideas for modern gifts to get this couple to help them cook dinner or to spruce up their kitchen space.

air fryer

Products like an air fryer or a sous vide precision cooker are awesome additions to any foodie couple’s kitchen. If you know the couple well, make sure you do not get a product or appliance that they already have. 

sous vide

If you want to give them a good date night activity, send a dinner kit so that they can have a celebration of their anniversary from the comfort of their own home. The couple will love having a fun date night meal to cook together.  

For the Comfy Couple

book club gift

If you know that one couple who is always cuddled up in bed with their favorite book, or always binge watching the newest Netflix series, these gifts are perfect! If the couple are book lovers, give them a book club subscription box. This gift is perfect for the couple who loves to read together and likes trying new books out. 

If you’d rather find something romantic, there are date subscriptions to keep couples busy!

candle gift

Another gift for comfy couples is a Homesick candle. These candles are typically scented as something nostalgic or something that may be special to someone. There are many scents that have to do with love, marriage, or dating, so these are all valid choices for a first anniversary gift. 

If you really want to give the gift of comfort, give the couple you are buying a gift for a nice pair of cotton pajamas or sheets. These items will surely go to good use if they are going to a couple who just loves to cuddle up in bed!

For the Fun Couple

For the couple who loves to party and have fun, invest in a custom wine gift box so that they can have a toast to one year of fun together!

There are lots of options for alcoholic gift boxes online, so find one that is either a classic bottle of wine, or a whole cocktail making kit. Some kits even include classes which is a classy touch that they couple will love. 

truth or drink

Another way to help this fun couple keep the romance alive is to give a fun drinking game for the couple to play together. A drinking game like Truth or Drink can be a fun way for the couple to learn even more about each other! 

First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

anniversary gift

Celebrate one of the most momentous occasions besides your actual wedding day by giving your new husband a gift he won’t forget. Celebrate married life with these ideas. 

For the Rugged Husband

wooden clock

If you have a spouse who loves to go hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activities, give him something rugged that he will love. Items like a wooden wall clock will be the perfect gift for a rugged husband.

This beautiful piece will look great in your home, and he will love the wood accent. 

leather phone case

Hunting gear, fishing gear, or anything related to your husband’s favorite hobbies is always a safe bet for a gift idea. Masculine accessories like a leather phone case are also a great idea for a rugged husband. 

For the Husband Who Loves to Cook

chef's knife

If you are lucky enough to have a partner who loves to cook it up in the kitchen, give him a custom recipe book or a kitchen appliance that he wants.

Create the opportunity for a romantic night by giving him some gourmet ingredients to mess around in the kitchen with. You may want to give a special custom chef’s knife that will surely be only used on special occasions because of how amazing it is. 

For the Nerdy Husband

If you have a husband who loves reading books about astronomy or outer space, the perfect gift is a Night Sky Projector so you guys can watch the stars from the comfort of your bed. 

night sky projector

If your nerdy husband is obsessed with something specific, show him that you know what he is interested by buying something he has been hinting about!

For example, if he builds models, maybe buy him a tool that he has been complaining about needing. This will show that you truly listen and know what he wants! 

For the Husband Who Loves the Gym 

If your husband is obsessed with the gym, a good choice of a gift is an alarm clock or a watch that tracks your calories, steps, and heart rate. There are plenty of options on websites like Amazon, with the most popular options being an Apple Watch or a FitBit. 

First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

anniversary gift

Get your sweetie a gift that is greater than just roses to celebrate your relationship! These gift suggestions will definitely get your wife in her feelings and happy to be with you!

For the Wife Who Has Everything


If your wife already has everything that she wants, traditional gifts may not cut it. Get her something that you think she will truly like a piece of art or a piece of jewelry.

Spoil your wife with an adorable gold gemstone necklace or a bracelet with your initials on it. These kinds of gifts will melt her heart and make her remember why she married you!

For the Busy Wife

spa day

If your wife is always busy with work or other activities, give her some rest and relaxation. Make a gift box full of a bottle of wine, chocolate, bath supplies, or any other spa-like things to make her enjoy some stress-free time to herself. 

Another idea is to get your wife a collection of stationery so she can write official letters with your monogram as a married couple on it. This is an essential item that most couples should have together.  

For the Wife Who Needs a Vacation 

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

If you know your wife would like a weekend trip to the beach more than anything else, plan a honeymoon a year into your marriage. Choose a destination that is within your budget and take your wife on a much needed vacation. Trips are a perfect way to make lifetime memories as a couple!

For the Wife Who Had a Dream Wedding 

wedding photobook

Remind your wife of your wedding day by giving her a custom photo collage artwork that you had made to frame in your home. Another idea is to preserve something from your wedding day into a permanent item such as your wedding cake or your bouquet for a keepsake item.

There are many events you want to remember forever, and your wedding is definitely one of them. Get a quality keepsake item that you know your wife will love. 

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  • My husband got me an anniversary sundial that sits on the window sill in our family room, it is made of glass and it makes big rainbows in the room when the sun shines. It tells time by using the sun, and it was made especially for us with a date line for our anniversary that the time shadow follows on our special day each year. I don’t remember what it’s called exactly but you can find it online with a search. It even has a special mark on our anniversary line that the time shadow touches at the actual time we were married, and we like to drink a toast when it happens each year. It’s a really good personalized gift, check it out!