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32 Best 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For All Kinds of Husbands and Wives

Most husbands and wives don’t hold back when celebrating the five years that have passed since their wedding day. This special 5 year anniversary milestone is a testament to the love and devotion that happy couples feel towards each other.

No matter what kind of 5th wedding anniversary you decide to have, whether it involves planning a party to invite your loved ones or having a simple and private occasion instead, both sides are generally expected to provide gifts during their 5th wedding anniversary.

Find the best five year anniversary gift ideas for the special person in your life.

five year anniversary gift

With so many options for wedding anniversary gifts, you might not know where to begin when making a choice for your significant other. 

Have no fear because we’re here to help you at YeahWeddings! with our picks for traditional and modern five year anniversary gifts! 

If you and your spouse want to follow the five year anniversary tradition, the perfect gift should be made out of wood. This study material is meant to symbolize the strength of the marriage that you have experienced for half a decade.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Her

From a first glance, something made of wood may not sound like the most romantic idea for a 5th year anniversary present. The opposite has proven to be true as people have gotten more creative with making traditional gifts and sharing their ideas across the Internet. 

Read all about traditional wood anniversary gifts that’ll make your celebration even more meaningful for you and your wife!


Nothing feels more appropriate as a traditional five year anniversary gift than a wooden necklace. Buy one in the shape of a heart with five gemstones that are meant to represent each year that you have been together as a married couple.

Bathtub Caddy 

Bathtub caddies are no strangers to a five year anniversary tradition as thoughtful gift ideas. These waterproof spaces can hold a bottle of wine, phone, candles, books, and so much more.

Cutting Board

Wood cutting boards are truly a staple among wood anniversary gifts. This present will look amazing in the kitchen or dining table after your wife slices and dices food.

Bonsai Tree

If your significant other has a green thumb, look no further than a bonsai tree for her 5th anniversary gift. Most kits will allow her to grow the plant indoors or outdoors.


It’s no wonder why so many wives receive wooden roses from their spouses as a traditional five year anniversary gift. These presents last longer than fresh flowers without sacrificing any beauty.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are a timeless choice among traditional wood gifts. Your romantic partner will thank you for this present for helping her stay organized with her necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories.


Nothing says five year anniversary tradition quite like a wooden postcard. Decorate your present with adorable hearts and a love quote as part of a sweet message to your wife.

Incense Stick Holder

The simplest 5 year anniversary gift ideas make the loudest statements about endearment and gratitude. An incense stick holder becomes perfect for any spouse who enjoys a nice scent as part of her relaxation after work.


If you’re searching for a 5 year wedding anniversary gift that is both fashionable and practical for your partner, go with a wooden purse. Your present will certainly be a conversation starter among her friends.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Him

While imaging a traditional five year anniversary gift for your husband might seem like a piece of cake, don’t stop there before finalizing your decision. Looking into other recommendations is helpful with thinking outside of the box towards an even better idea.

Take a look at our favorite anniversary gifts for him to create a touch of romance that won’t be forgotten by your significant other!



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Wooden belts are wonderful 5 year anniversary gift ideas for anybody who doesn’t want a present to be used once and eventually forgotten. Customize this item by having your spouse’s name engraved in the middle.


Every husband needs some new cufflinks from time to time so consider giving him a pair as a traditional five year anniversary gift. These accessories will definitely make a stylish addition to his business attire.

Cribbage Board


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Most spouses wouldn’t think of a cribbage board for something to give for a five year anniversary tradition, but this tabletop game proves to be fun for everybody. Don’t forget to buy some playing cards if neither of you own a deck already.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If you know that your husband likes drinking whiskey, this option becomes a no-brainer for his 5 year wedding anniversary gift. Your husband will owe his enjoyment of his favorite beverages to your thoughtful present.

Stadium Wall Art

For a husband who watches sports during his free time, nothing is better for a 5 year anniversary gift than stadium wall art. It’ll fit right into his man cave as wall decor.

Bird Feeder 


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A list of traditional 5 year anniversary gift ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a bird feeder. This present will definitely put your significant other in a happy mood as she watches these adorable animals eat their food.



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You can never go wrong with giving your husband a wooden watch as a traditional five year anniversary gift. This sophisticated timepiece will add a rustic touch to any of his casual or formal outfits.

Horse Racing Tabletop Game 

Who says you can’t give a horse racing tabletop game during your five year anniversary tradition? This activity will be entertaining for your significant other’s friends, family members, and co-workers of all ages.

Shadow Box

Help your husband with reliving the best moments of your espousal with a shadow box full of photographs as his 5 year wedding anniversary gift. Your spouse will feel proud to show off your relationship when using this item as wall decor.

Other Anniversary Gifts For Her

If you already know that your wife wouldn’t be happy with a traditional five year anniversary gift, don’t force yourself to settle.

Feel free to choose from our recommendations about other anniversary gifts for her that’ll show your love and appreciation towards your marriage!

Elephant Ring Holder

An elephant ring holder is never the wrong choice for a 5 year wedding anniversary gift. This wonderful piece certainly won’t feel out of place on your partner’s coffee table or other living spaces.

Star Maps

Star maps were made to be given as anniversary gifts for her. Customize your present based on the day that you began your relationship or when you exchanged your vows to each other.

Birthstone Necklace


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Make your wife feel like a princess with a birthstone necklace for her as a thoughtful five year anniversary gift. She’ll be more than happy to wear this anniversary gemstone with her work attire and casual outfits.

Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

If your spouse is a huge fan of breakfast foods, a heart-shaped waffle maker will make her heart soar. She can even use your 5th anniversary gift to make other meals like hashbrowns, paninis, and biscuit pizzas.

Giant Teddy Bear

Who could say no to receiving a giant teddy bear as a 5 year wedding anniversary gift? This cute companion will make your significant other smile for the days to come.

Planter Bookends

A popular anniversary gift doesn’t have to be pricey to please your wife. Consider buying some plant book enders to brighten up her reading space.



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If you know that your partner prefers to spend night indoors instead of going out to the bars, chances are that she’ll be happy with a puzzle as her 5 year anniversary gift. Purchase one with an image from her favorite television show or movie and she’s guaranteed to enjoy your present. 

Other Anniversary Gifts For Him

Not all husbands are going to like a traditional five year anniversary gift so don’t be afraid to seek out other options that still express your love and devotion. 

Check out our suggestions for anniversary gifts for him that are guaranteed to impress your significant other!

Brass Compass


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If your spouse enjoys hiking during his free time, don’t think twice about giving him a brass compass for his meaningful five year anniversary gift. Be sure to include a matching leather case so he can prevent his instrument from tarnishing in the open air.

Plush Robe

Who wouldn’t love to accept a plush robe as a 5th anniversary gift? Your husband will definitely appreciate the relaxation that he’ll feel when wearing this comfy loungewear.

Fishing Pole

Show your support for your husband’s outdoor hobby by treating him to a new fishing pole as his 5 year anniversary gift. He’ll enjoy this present long after the celebration of your personal milestone together.

Pocket Knife

Even if your partner hasn’t mentioned that he wants a pocket knife, don’t write off this potential option. These practical gifts prove to be useful in countless situations.

Sound Wave Artwork

A picture is worth a thousand words and sound wave artworks as five year anniversary gifts are no exception. Choose a line from his favorite song or movie to make this personalization feel even more special.

Gym Bag

Gym bags aren’t falling out of favor any time soon as last minute five year anniversary gifts. Find one in his favorite design and he won’t hesitate to bring it along during arm or leg day.

Picnic Backpack


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Get your husband ready for your next picnic together with this 5 year wedding anniversary gift. He can get some extra use of your present with other events like tailgates, festivals, and concerts.

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