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28 Wonderful 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Any Spouse

Being married to your significant other for a quarter of a century is a personal milestone that is definitely worth celebrating. You’ll want to find the perfect 25th anniversary gifts to celebrate!

Whether you’ve decided to travel somewhere special as a happy couple for your silver anniversary or enjoy time together at home, you probably can’t imagine the occasion without exchanging presents.

Even after spending all of these years together, finding 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas might be difficult since there are more possibilities than ever before.

Don’t sweat it for another second because you can find all of your answers for 25th wedding anniversary gifts with our list here at YeahWeddings!

silver ring

If you and your spouse want to exchange a traditional gift with each other, your ideas should be made out of silver. This precious metal is thought to represent how your experience as a couple has shined through the high and lows during your two and half decades together.

Traditional Silver 25th Anniversary Gifts For Her

Thinking of a traditional 25th anniversary gift for your wife might be easier than other years, but you should consider other ideas besides the first one that comes to mind. 

We’ve organized some of our favorite 25th anniversary gifts that’ll set the romantic tone of your commemoration! 


Lockers are no strangers to these special occasions. All of your wives’ friends will envy her for owning this piece of jewelry.

Beacon Desk Clock

Beacon desk clocks were made to be given as a traditional 25th anniversary gift among a couple. Consider purchasing this spectacular silver piece so she can liven up her work desk and never lose track of time.

Family Tree

This decoration is never the wrong choice for a milestone anniversary present. Your significant other will be more than happy to display the names and pictures of your beloved family members. 

Lipstick Case

Who wouldn’t love to receive a lipstick case as a present during their silver wedding anniversary? Buy one designed with a beautiful gemstone to make your wife’s heart soar.

Pasta Maker

For a spouse who loves to cook homemade meals, nothing is better than a sterling silver pasta maker as her 25th anniversary present. Find a machine that allows her to make all kinds of noodles like spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna.

Snow Globe

Who could say no to receiving a snow globe? This wonderful gift feels especially sentimental if you exchanged your vows as a couple during a snowy winter wedding.

Bean Grinder

If your wife likes to brew her own coffee, don’t shy away from buying her a bean grinder for your silver anniversary. Search for a model that creates minimal noise so you aren’t woken up in the morning after she uses your present. 

Wedding Statue

Nothing says 25 year anniversary tradition quite like a silver wedding statue. This beautiful piece will definitely look incredible as a decoration in your living room or kitchen.

Traditional Silver 25th Anniversary Gifts For Him

For husbands who would appreciate a traditional 25th anniversary gift made out of silver, the possibilities are truly endless. 

If you need help with limiting your options, take a look at our picks for 25th anniversary gifts that won’t ever be forgotten by your spouse!

Beer Chiller

Beer chillers aren’t falling out of favor any time soon as options for a silver anniversary. Your significant other will owe the deliciousness of his favorite drinks to your wonderful present.

Tie Clip

Every spouse needs a new tie clip from time to time so consider buying him one as a traditional 25th anniversary gift. This sterling silver accessory will only make his semi-formal outfits seem even more sophisticated and classy.

Noise-canceling Headphones

If you know that your husband enjoys listening to his favorite tunes without any distractions, noise-canceling headphones are your answer for a happy 25th anniversary. Don’t forget to buy him a protective case so he can protect your present from any damages. 

Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a timeless option among 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Look for one with a chain so he can link it to his belt or pants pocket.

Cocktail Shaker

Presents for silver anniversaries don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated by your spouse. He can use this cocktail shaker to serve iced coffee, craft drinks, bubble tea, and more.

Guitar Pick

Nothing feels more appropriate as a traditional 25th anniversary gift than a silver guitar pick for a husband who likes playing music during his free time. Don’t think twice about customizing this item with his name or a romantic message.


The simplest presents for wedding anniversaries are the ones that express the loudest statements about the love and devotion that you feel towards your spouse. He’ll thank you for helping him stay organized with a silver wallet. 

Sandwich Maker

You can never go wrong with giving a sandwich maker to your husband for your twenty five year anniversary celebration. Muffins, bagels, quesadillas, and other meals can be served with this option as well. 

Other 25th Anniversary Gifts for Her

If a traditional 25th anniversary gift doesn’t make your wife jump for joy, just know that there are plenty of other alternatives out there. 

We’ve compiled some of our favorite 25th wedding anniversary gifts that will make your commemoration as a couple even more unforgettable!

Wedding License Throw Pillow

A throw pillow designed from your wedding license is never the wrong choice for a happy 25th anniversary. Your significant other is guaranteed to be impressed by the thoughtfulness of this perfect gift.


If you already know that your wife wants a new outdoor decoration, go with a sun catcher for her silver anniversary present. She’ll certainly be in a happy mood when spending time in the garden and seeing this piece of decor refract the daylight.

Photo Lantern

Help your spouse with reliving the greatest memories of your marriage with a photo lantern as her twenty five year anniversary present. These heartfelt gifts will fit right into your bedroom and other living spaces. Fill it with your favorite wedding photos!


An apron is an excellent choice for any spouse who doesn’t want their 25th anniversary gifts to be used once and later forgotten. Your significant other will thank you for keeping her clothes clean after using this garment.

Hand Bell

No list of 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas would be complete without including a hand bell. Your wife will enjoy being able to hear the sounds that remind her of your wedding send-off bells.

Other 25th Anniversary Gifts for Him

A traditional 25th anniversary gift isn’t going to make every husband happy so feel free to purchase another option that aligns more with his interests and hobbies.

Read all about our suggestions for 25th year anniversary gifts that show how much you treasure the relationship that you share with your significant other!

Sheet Music Wall Art

A picture is worth a thousand words and buying sheet music as a piece of art for your twenty five year anniversary is no exception. Personalize his present with your spouse’s favorite love song and he’ll be smiling for the days to come.

Bullet Bottle Opener

If your husband enjoys having a drink after a long day at work, buy him a bullet bottle owner and you won’t regret it. He’ll get some great use out of your 25 year anniversary present long after your celebration of marriage.

Coin Ring

Coin rings are truly a staple among 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas. These unique accessories will surely be a conversation among his coworkers and closest friends.

Mock Newspaper

Even if your husband hasn’t mentioned wanting a mock newspaper for his 25th wedding anniversary gifts, don’t write off this possibility for your momentous occasion. He’ll feel proud to show off your relationship to others when using this item as a house decoration.


Most people wouldn’t think of a padlock as a possible 25th anniversary present, but this option proves to be extremely practical. Your enduring gift will certainly be treasured if you customize your names on the front along with a heart or romantic message.

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