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26 Thoughtful 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Spouse Will Love

With twenty years under your belt as a married couple, you and your spouse have a relationship that is definitely worth the commemoration. 

While you may have known what to give to your significant other during your first year together, hunting for 20th anniversary gift ideas might actually be more difficult. You know your husband or wife much better than ever before and they deserve nothing than the best.

Don’t waste a moment worrying about a 20 year anniversary gift because we’re here to help with our best recommendations! 

fine china

If you and your spouse are interested in buying a traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift for each other, your items should be made from fine china. This pottery is meant to represent the delicate yet beautiful relationship that you shared for two decades. 

While fine china is the tradition, a new, modern idea is to give platinum gifts. This premium metal also makes for nice gifts, from jewelry to collectibles.

Traditional 20 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Coming up with ideas for a traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift may seem like a walk in the park, but you should consider all of your options before placing any orders.

We’ve organized some of our favorite 20th anniversary gift ideas that’ll show how much you value the marriage that you share with your wife!

Pendant Necklace

Make your wife feel like a princess by giving him a pendant necklace during your special anniversary. This present is perfect for wearing alone or laying with other ornamental chains from her jewelry collection.


Nothing feels more appropriate as a traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift than earrings made from fine china. Go with a lightweight pair so your spouse can wear these accessories all day. You could also get platinum earrings!


For a spouse who enjoys wearing jewelry with her work and semi-formal attire, nothing is better than a ring for a perfect anniversary gift. These marriage tokens with a Chinese theme can be found in a shard or band style.


China vases are truly the perfect option among classic gifts for a romantic commemoration. Your significant other will definitely treasure this decorative container if you include some charming flowers.

Charm Bracelet

A list of 20th anniversary gift ideas isn’t complete without mentioning charm bracelets made of broken china. The soft colors of this piece of jewelry will match well with your spouse’s other accessories.

Candle Holder

You can never go wrong with giving your wife a candle holder for her traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift. This present is perfect for any partner who likes a nice scent when relaxing after a long day at the office.

Traditional 20 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

From a first glance, finding a traditional gift might be difficult for a husband who doesn’t own a decorative plate or anything else made out of fine china.

Have no fear because here’s a round-up of our favorite 20th anniversary gift ideas that will make your celebration even more memorable for you and your spouse!


A china teapot is a thoughtful choice for anybody who doesn’t want their 20th anniversary gift ideas to be used once and ultimately forgotten. This present will look exquisite and elegant whenever he serves tea to your guests during a cozy night.


Every man needs a new brooch from time to time so think about giving your husband one for his 20th anniversary gift. This accessory will certainly be a conversation starter whenever he attends dinner parties and other formal events.

Broken Mosaic

Nothing says traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift quite like a broken mosaic made from china. Be sure to customize this decorative piece with the colors of your significant other’s favorite sports team.


China coasters are never the wrong choice for a 20 year anniversary gift. This present will look stylish while protecting your living room furniture from scratches and scuffs.

Spice Jar

If you know that your significant other enjoys seasoned food, don’t think twice about getting him a spice jar. He’ll owe all of his delicious meals to your thoughtful gift.


The simplest 20th anniversary gift ideas make the loudest statements about love and devotion. Buy one that is dishwasher and microwave safe so your significant other can get the full use out of your present. 

Other Anniversary Gifts Idea For Her

Not all wives are going to enjoy a traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift, so don’t shy away from considering different choices to celebrate your personal milestone together.

Read all about our recommendations for 20th anniversary gift ideas that won’t ever be forgotten by your spouse!

Acrylic Heart

Set the romantic tone of your personal commemoration with an acrylic heart. Include a lovely quote as a personal touch and this meaningful gift definitely won’t feel out of place in your living room.

Galaxy Flower

If you know that your significant other enjoys the beauty of a flower, think about buying her a 20th wedding anniversary gift that echoes the same aesthetics. She’ll be so happy to know that this modern option will never fade or wither away.

Vinyl Lyrics Wall Art

Who wouldn’t be happy to receive vinyl lyrics wall art as a precious gift? Customize her present based on your first dance song and your spouse is guaranteed to be impressed.

Heart Trivet

Heart trivets were made to be given as anniversary gifts for her. This iron bracket will look amazing in the kitchen as your wife prepares meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Adventure Map

A sentimental gift for a romantic occasion doesn’t have to break the bank to be appreciated by your significant other. She’ll be more than happy to display an adventure map that marks all of the places that you’ve lived and visited together.

Keepsake Cookbook

A book full of delicious recipes is an excellent choice among 20th anniversary gift ideas. Your significant other will be thankful to try some new recipes in the kitchen with your present. 

Pebble Art

If you know that your wife would prefer a sentimental gift during your personal celebration, buy her a piece of pebble art and you won’t regret it. She’ll enjoy seeing this beautiful piece in your home long after celebrating your romantic milestone together.

Other Anniversary Gifts Idea For Him

If you already know that your husband isn’t the biggest fan of fine china, feel free to ditch the traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift for other special options.

Take a look at our suggestions for 20th anniversary gift ideas that’ll create a touch of romance that is guaranteed to keep your spouse smiling for the days to come!

Massager Pillow

Help your husband relax after a long day at work by giving him a massager pillow during your personal commemoration. The heating function of this present will surely make his heart soar.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Most spouses wouldn’t imagine an outdoor pizza oven as a potential 20 year anniversary gift, but this stainless steel present will definitely be appreciated by a romantic partner who loves to make homemade meals. All of your husband’s friends will envy him for owning this kitchen range.

Backgammon Set

Even if your significant other hasn’t mentioned wanting a backgammon set, don’t write off this tabletop game as a possibility for anniversary gift ideas for him. Your present will prove itself to be fun during parties, family gatherings, picnics, and other social events. 


Who says you can’t give a sundial to your spouse during your anniversary date night? This special gift doesn’t require any assembling and will look amazing in your garden. 

Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey barrels aren’t falling out of popularity any time soon as 20th anniversary gift ideas. Your husband can use this present to age a nice bottle of beer, wine, rum, and tequila.


If you know that your significant other has an interest in outer space, a telescope becomes a safe choice for his perfect gift. Find one that connects to his smartphone and lets him take pictures.

Inflatable Kayak

Show your support for your spouse’s favorite outdoor activities by giving him an inflatable kayak during your special anniversary. Don’t forget to include a life vest if he doesn’t already own one.

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