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28 Unforgettable 50th Anniversary Gifts For a Golden Commemoration

With half of a century together as a married couple, you and your spouse have experienced a long-lasting relationship that most people want in their futures. It’s safe to say that you know your significant other after sharing the golden moments of raising a family and supporting each other’s life goals. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to come up with 50th anniversary gift ideas, however.

When planning this perfect anniversary, most husbands and wives decide to celebrate with their loved ones while exchanging gifts with each other.

If you don’t know where to begin with finding 50 year anniversary gifts, don’t sweat it! We’re here to help with our list of 50th anniversary gift ideas that your spouse will certainly love.

golden anniversary

If you and your spouse have talked about exchanging traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts with each other, your choice should be made out of gold.

As one of the most enduring and treasured metals in the world, gold represents the courage and wisdom that has stood through the test of time. 

Unlike other milestones, such as 20th year commemorations, there isn’t an alternative for celebrating half of a century together as a happy couple. Gold has become the traditional and modern theme for husbands and wives for this monumental anniversary.

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gifts For Her

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to finding a 50th anniversary ornament that is made out of gold. 

Give her the full experience of a golden anniversary with a luxurious present from our list!

Tassel Charm Necklace

Tassel charm necklaces are truly a staple among 50th anniversary gift ideas. This stylish ornament will pair perfectly with all of her outfits while allowing her to carry a symbol of your love throughout the day. 

Roman Numeral Bracelet

roman numeral bracelet

Nothing says traditional gold theme quite like a roman numeral bracelet. The thoughtfulness of this personal accessory will definitely bring tears to joys to her eyes.

Champagne Bucket

Get your wife ready for your next toast together with a champagne bucket as her happy 50th anniversary present. As a romantic touch, be sure to include some of your ceremonial flowers with this gift of gold.

Rose Earrings

Make your significant other feel like royalty with some rose earrings as her traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Everybody will envy your wife for owning these gorgeous pieces of gold jewelry.

Cake Stand

golden cake stand

Cake stands are a classic option among 50th wedding anniversary ideas. This plate on a pedestal will make her homemade desserts look even more amazing than before.

Moon and Star Ring

moon and star ring

Treating your spouse with a moon and star ring as 50 year anniversary gifts is one of the best ways to show your love and devotion. Your significant other will love this accessory so much that she’ll never want to take it off. 

Pewter Plate

It’s no wonder why so many wives receive pewter plates as golden anniversary gifts. These special keepsakes will surely be treasured if you decide to personalize them with your names and wedding date.

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gifts For Him

50th anniversary gift ideas may be easier to come by than other celebratory milestones, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t having any trouble with finalizing a golden present.

If you need help with narrowing down the possibilities for this monumental anniversary, we’ve come to the rescue with our picks for traditional gifts!

Domino Set

domino set

A domino set will certainly leave an impression on your husband as his 50 year anniversary gifts. Find one that includes a protective case so he won’t have to worry about your gift being tarnished from the open air.

Golf Balls

golf balls

Show your support for your spouse’s favorite sport by treating him to some golf balls as his traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Keep in mind that these presents can be ordered as playable or decorative. 

Playing Cards

playing cards

If your significant other enjoys a game of poker with his closest friends, a set of playing cards will do the trick. Check out waterproof options within this traditional gold theme so he can avoid any damages and enjoy your gift for as long as possible.

LP Clock

Let your husband display his love for his favorite album by purchasing him an LP Clock as a golden wedding anniversary present. He’ll be smiling for the days to come after decorating your living space with this musical memorabilia. 

Leaf Paperweight

These stunning paperweights were made to be given as during a happy 50th anniversary celebration. The golden accents will certainly add some flair to his home office or any other rooms in your home.

Penny Cufflinks

You can never go wrong with penny cufflinks as your 50 year anniversary gifts for your husband. Choose the year of your wedding date to make your gift feel extra special. 

Zodiac Ring 

Zodiac rings are such a unique twist on traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts. This unique piece of jewelry will surely inspire conversation among his friends and family members.

Other 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

If the thought of golden 50th anniversary gifts doesn’t sound appealing to your wife, don’t think twice about seeking out other alternatives.

Take a look at our favorite 50th anniversary gift ideas that will definitely amaze your spouse! 

Sari Robe

sari robe

A sari robe is never the wrong choice as for practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Your wife will certainly be in a happy mood whenever she lounges around in these recycled garments. 

Moon Lamp

moon lamp

Even if your significant other hasn’t talked about wanting a moon lamp, she’s more than likely to enjoy this gift during your 50th wedding anniversary. This celestial piece of decor will surely shine in your bedroom or other living spaces. 

Door Harp

door harp

Get creative with your commemoration ideas by ordering a door harp for your spouse. Feel free to customize the tunes by adjusting the strands of this treasured gift.

Citrus Juicer

citrus juicer

When searching for 50th anniversary gift ideas, don’t shy away from purchasing something that reflects her love for homemade drinks. Consider buying one with an anti-drip spout so she won’t have to worry about cleaning up any messes. 

Dutch Oven

dutch oven

If your wife enjoys tackling new recipes during her free time, a dutch oven will make her heart soar. These practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts work with gas, electric, ceramic, and induction stovetops. 

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Help your wife relax after your romantic celebration with an aromatherapy eye pillow as her 50th wedding anniversary present. This gift works by releasing her facial tension while calming her mind with a therapeutic scent. 

Advent Calendar

advent calendar

If you and your wife tied the knot during a wintertime ceremony, nothing feels more appropriate as 50 year anniversary gifts than an advent calendar. Buy one with her favorite chocolates and she’ll be excited to count down the days until Christmas.

Other 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Some husbands are more or less excited about traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts so feel free to ditch those golden items for alternatives that are a better fit with his hobbies and interests.

We’ve organized some of our favorite 50 year anniversary gifts that definitely won’t feel out of place during your romantic celebration!

Espresso Machine

espresso machine

If your husband is a coffee connoisseur, he’ll love nothing more than an espresso machine. When buying these practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts, make sure to select a model that creates a minimal amount of noise so you aren’t disturbed whenever he uses your present.

Message in a Bottle Sculpture

Who says you can’t give a message in a bottle sculpture as part of your 50th anniversary gifts?  This art piece feels especially nostalgic for couples who exchanged their vows during a beach themed wedding.

Garment Steamer

Go the extra mile with your 50th wedding anniversary gifts by ordering a garment steamer for your spouse. He’ll get some great use from this present long after your personal commemoration. 

Air Fryer

Air fryers are no strangers to these personal celebrations as 50 year anniversary gifts. Your romantic partner will definitely thank you for the delicious meals that he makes after using your present. 

Custom RetroViewer 

Help your significant other with reliving the best memories of your relationship with a Custom RetroViewer. during your 50th wedding anniversary. These nostalgic gifts tend to be less expensive than other suggestions from this list.

Neighborhood Map Coasters

Neighborhood map coasters are one of the best 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas if you want to reminisce about the places that you’ve lived or visited together. Your present will look sophisticated while protecting your furniture from scruffs and scratches.

Newspaper Puzzle

If your spouse enjoys the old-fashioned way of catching up on current events, chances are that he’ll love a newspaper puzzle as his 50th wedding anniversary present. Don’t hesitate to personalize this thoughtful gift with the date of your wedding day.

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  • We have an anniversary sundial that sits on our window sill indoors and it makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. It was made just for us, for the window in our family room, and it is personalized with our names and a special date line that the time shadow follows on our anniversary day each year. There is a mark on that line that the time shadow touches at the time we were married, and we drink a toast each year when it happens. I think it’s a great idea because it does something special every year on our anniversary. I don’t remember what it’s called exactly but you can find it with a search. Ours works great and the rainbows on sunny days are just great!