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27 Outdoor Wedding Reception Games That Are Fun For Everybody

If you truly want to entertain your guests beyond offering cocktails at the open bar of your outdoor wedding venue, hosting some wedding reception games is definitely your way to go. These fun wedding activities will only make your special day even more unforgettable for the years to come.

Having numerous options means that you’re free to cater your wedding entertainment ideas to the overall theme of your ceremony. If you don’t know where to start with picking your outdoor wedding games, read on about our favorite choices in this list! 

Take advantage of your outdoor venue by setting up some wedding reception games across the lawn and other open areas. Your guests will appreciate these moments to have fun and socialize with each other.

These yard games are great for adults too, but if you have kids at the wedding, games are a great way to keep them entertained!


wedding cornhole

A list of games to play at a party wouldn’t be complete without mentioning cornhole. Feel free to customize the boards and bean bags to match the names of the bride and groom. Go with a LED kind if your alfresco celebration takes place later at night instead. 

You can get custom wedding cornhole boards, or custom decals to cover a basic cornhole set to fit your theme!


Get your wedding party to really know each other with a game of Twister. Most people don’t typically associate Twister with wedding reception activities, but this game will prove itself to be fun for everybody on your special day.


wedding croquet

If you prefer calmer outdoor wedding games, have your guests follow Alice down the rabbit hole for a game of croquet. Even if some people in your wedding party have no idea how to play, learning the rules is easy and they’ll soon have some old-fashioned fun.

Dart Paint 

dart paint balloons for wedding activities

Having your guests throw darts at balloons filled with paint is one of the most creative wedding activities that’ll keep the party going. Make sure to place the board far away so nobody in the wedding party accidentally stains their clothes.

Bocce Ball 

bocce ball on grass

Originating from Europe, bocce ball has been frequently appearing among American wedding reception games in recent years. This simple activity requires players to throw the ball across grass, sand, or any other kind of flat area. 

Ladder Toss

ladder toss

Who says that wedding reception games have to be easy? Ladder toss is the perfect lawn activity if your guests want to challenge themselves and each other. 

You can even create custom ladder toss frames on Etsy to feature your married name or your wedding colors!

Coconut Shy

picking out coconuts for creating diy yard games

Guests won’t be able to wait their turn if you include coconut shy with your wedding activities. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you set up the coconuts or if you decide to even use coconuts in the first place.



Your guests don’t need a ton of experience to have fun during a round of spikeball. Plan to include spikeball with your other wedding entertainment ideas and the people in your wedding party are guaranteed to have fun.

Yard Pong

If you want wedding reception games that act as a throwback to your college years, yard pong has got you covered. The oversized nature of yard pong means that you aren’t expected to fill the cups with alcohol so younger people in your wedding party can participate in this activity.

Horseshoe Toss

horseshoe tossing as one of outdoor wedding ideas

As a fan favorite among fun wedding games for decades, horseshoe tossing becomes the perfect addition for any outdoor theme. This game will definitely liven up your guests as they let the lucky charms fly.

Hula Hooping 

The younger guests in your wedding party will definitely feel grateful about having the option to hula hoop as one of many wedding lawn games. Bring some hula hoops to your outdoor wedding venue and watch as people sway along to the music. 



If you have enough lawn space during your party, consider setting up a bowling alley along with your other outdoor wedding games. Get creative by swapping out wooden bowling pins for plastic or inflatable ones.  


Tennis may be too intense for your wedding reception games so don’t be afraid to check out its lighter and more portable alternative. Badminton will definitely encourage your guests to mingle and bring them together.

Ring Toss

ring toss

This carnival classic definitely won’t feel out of place among your wedding lawn games. Swap out the wooden peg for wine bottles and paint them to fit the wedding theme if you want a romantic twist. 

Check out sites like Etsy, where you can find ring toss boards or even woodworking instructions to make your own!


How low can you go? Your guests will be able answer this question if you incorporate limbo into the fun wedding games on your special day. 


hopscotch as wedding activities for kids

Although it may sound like the last activity you might want to include during your special day, Hopscotch still proves itself to be one of the most entertaining wedding activities for kids. The younger guests in your wedding party can enjoy themselves while the adults play their own fun wedding games.

Scoop Ball

In terms of wedding activities, your guests won’t have more fun than playing a round of scoop ball. Be sure to include this activity on your special day so that people can get loose and truly enjoy themselves.


If you’ve never heard of kubb, know that you’re not alone but don’t be discouraged from planning this activity among your wedding lawn games. Kubb originates from Sweden but has grown in popularity for wedding activities due to its simple objective where players use wooden batons to knock over wooden blocks. 



Who doesn’t love a game of Jenga? Test the coordination of the people in your wedding party with this timeless game. The simple rules of Jenga makes the game become a perfect choice, especially if you want outdoor party games for kids during your wedding reception.

You can get big Jenga blocks for the yard, or use the standard size as a tabletop game! There are even personalized Jenga blocks you can get for your big day.

Tabletop Games for Your Wedding Reception

If you know that your guests prefer tabletop activities instead of giant outdoor games, don’t hesitate to offer those options on your special day. Your guests are guaranteed to be thoroughly entertained throughout your party with these choices.  

Tic Tac Toe

tic tac toe

Include this old school classic as part of your wedding reception games and all of your guests will show their competitive spirits. Personalize your game of Tic Tac Toe by using hearts painted with Xs and Os on them. 

Tic Tac Toe can be played on tables or even on the grass with these oversized options:

Connect Four

Bring out everybody’s inner child during your special day by including a game of Connect Four for your guests to play. If you prefer giant outdoor games, look out for an oversized version of Connect Four that’ll only maximize the fun for your alfresco celebration. 


playing uno as some of wedding games

Who can resist a round of UNO? This card game is one of many wedding activities that will be a hit with every age group. Even if you have guests who aren’t the biggest fans of card games, UNO is simply too fun to be ignored. 


No matter their age, your guests won’t be able to resist a game of checkers. This timeless choice among wedding reception activities will help break the ice for anybody in your wedding party who feels awkward on your special day.


playing scrabble as wedding reception activities

Who says that you can’t play Scrabble during your alfresco celebration? With endless possibilities, Scrabbles has earned its place as one of many fun wedding games to include in an outdoor space. 

Word Search

If you really want to challenge your guests when they play the wedding reception games on your special day, turn some chalkboards into creative word searches. Flex your creativity by including words that describe the theme of your wedding.


Dominoes a good option for fun wedding reception ideas if you don’t want your guests to break a sweat in their formal clothes. Paint your dominoes with some bright colors and your guests will be practically invited to play. 


poker as one of many games to play at a party

If you’re specifically looking for wedding activities that’ll entertain your guests who already enjoy competitive card games, think about going the extra mile by renting a poker table. Give your guests this chance to show off their poker skills and socialize with the rest of the wedding party.

Poker sets also make great groomsmen gifts, so your groomsmen can be card dealers on the big day!

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