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How To Measure Your Ring Size Accurately at Home

Wedding rings are symbols of love and devotion undying. It can therefore be embarrassing on more than one level to discover that yours doesn’t fit. It’s important to learn how to determine ring size so that your rings fit!

But fear not. You can easily avoid any such inauspicious mishap by simply learning your ring size—or the ring size of your blushing bride-to-be—before anyone ever takes a knee.

In this guide, we’ll be going over how to determine ring size so you and your future spouse end up with rings that you’ll love, honor, and cherish for as long as you both shall live.

How to Measure Ring Size

If you’re wondering how to determine your ring size, there’s more than one way to ascertain it. Here are some tried-and-true sizing strategies presented in descending order of reliability. Use these tricks to measure your ring size!


Visit a Jeweler

jeweler sizing rings

By far, the simplest and most surefire way to figure out your ring size is to not figure it out and just let an expert do it instead. Letting a jeweler measure your ring size is the best way to get an accurate measurement. Go to your local jewelry shop to get your finger measured for the perfect fit.

Jewelers are highly-trained professionals with loads of experience in this area. Most have ring sizer tools as well as the know-how to find your ring size with ease. A good one will be able to take your measurements and enlighten you about your specific size faster than you can say, “I do.”


String and Paper Method

Here’s a fun project for all the arts and crafts lovers out there. Measure your finger with a piece of string or paper for a makeshift ring sizer at home!

Take a thin sheet of paper or a piece of string and wrap it around the base of your finger where your matrimonial accessory would sit, then use a writing utensil to mark the point where the ends of the paper or string overlap.

Once you’ve done that, stretch out the paper or string and use a ruler to measure from the end to the mark you made in millimeters. The number you get will reflect the ring’s internal diameter and correspond to your optimal ring size. From there, simply look up a guide or size chart to find your ring size based on the diameter you found.


Ring Method

infinity ring

Pick out a ring you already own that fits just right and use a ruler to measure its internal diameter. Afterward, compare this measurement to those listed on a ring size chart to identify the size you need.

Here’s a bonus tip for you: find a ring size chart that’s to-scale, print it out, and place the ring directly on top of each until you find a match. You can easily find a printable ring sizer online. Use this method with a ring you already know fits well for a reliable measurement. It’s that simple!


Ring Size Chart

If you’re wondering how to find out your ring size without feeling like you’re back in math class, try pulling up a ring size chart on your preferred image search engine. One of these should give you a better sense of how rings are sized and set you on the right track to finding your precise measurements.

Again, a printable chart of ring sizes can make it even easier to find the right fit for rings, engagement or otherwise! This ring size guide from Kay Jewelers is a great example:

kay ring size chart

At the very least, you should walk away able to make an educated guess.


Ring Size Factors to Consider

There’s more to ring size than simple measurements. Any of the following factors could prove to make a huge difference.



ring stuck on finger

Did you know that your fingers can change size multiple times throughout a single day? While it may seem weird, it’s completely normal.

Many things can cause your hands and fingers to swell, the most common culprit being weather-related changes in temperature and humidity.

As such, the best time to take a measurement of your finger for a ring is right when you wake up, before you’ve had anything to eat or drink, and ideally in a room-temperature setting. Measuring in the right conditions will help you get a close fit when choosing between ring sizes!


Band Width

wedding bands

Interestingly, rings with wider bands tend to be tighter and less elastic than thinner rings, and this small trait can have a big impact on their ultimate fit.

You might, for example, want to go a size up if you’ve got your eye on a piece with an ultra-thin, delicate band. Conversely, it may be a good idea to size down if you’d be happier with a thicker band. Consider your preferred style of jewelry when measuring for ring size and a snug fit!


Location and Sizing

Your fingers are larger in some areas than in others, so where exactly you plan on wearing your ring can also enter into the equation.

Even though fingers are unique, most are thicker at the bottom as a general rule. Fingers are also thicker around the knuckle, so if you’re stacking rings or wearing them near your knuckle, consider that for more accurate sizing.


Finger Shape

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Fingers come in two basic shapes—tapered and knotted. A tapered finger is wider at the base and grow more slender towards the tip; with knotted fingers, the middle knuckle is often the widest part.

Take a close look at your—or your future spouse’s—hands. If you have tapered fingers, you’ll want your ring to fit a bit more snugly at the bottom so that it won’t slip off accidentally. If you see knotted knuckles, size up to ensure you can get your ring on easily, then install a sizing insert to help hold it in place at the base of the digit if needed.


How to Figure out Engagement Ring Size

proposing to fiance

If you’re ready to pop the question and need to know how to determine your future wife’s ring size, we have a couple of methods for you.


Ask Her Friends

Reach out to one of your beloved’s besties and see if they know what size ring she wears. If you and your girlfriend have been talking about getting engaged, chances are she’s brought it up with her best friend.

If not, you can still breech the topic with her friend, and she might be able to find a way to casually slip it into a conversation and find out the answer for you. Ensure that she plays it subtly, however, so you don’t give away your plans!


Measure a Ring

Another option is skillfully borrowing one of her rings and measuring it yourself. If you already share a living space, this may be fairly simple. However, it may be difficult to swipe one of her rings or come up with an excuse to borrow one. Again, it may be helpful to call upon the help of her friends.

If you do measure one of her rings, ask yourself, does she wear that ring on the right finger? Knowing what hand and finger she wears the ring on is important – you don’t want to measure a pinky ring when measuring for her ring finger. A smaller ring may help to figure out her average ring size, however.


Ask Directly

Some couples are quite comfortable communicating with one another in an open, honest, straightforward manner. If that describes you and your darling, getting her size could be as uncomplicated as just asking her for it.


Guess and Resize

resizing ring

Finally, there’s what we wedding experts call the “banzai” approach—pick out something that you think suits her and hope against hope that it fits. In the event that it doesn’t, no sweat. Having a ring resized is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Either way, she’ll doubtlessly be touched by your initiative.



There are several solutions if you’re trying to figure out how to determine ring size. If you don’t want to ask, try any of the above methods, and don’t fret. If the size isn’t right, you can always get the ring resized.

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