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The Average Ring Size for Men and Women

Are you wondering what is the average ring size for men, or what is the average ring size for women? How to get as close to the perfect ring fit as possible? Look no further!

men and womens ring sizesWhether you are planning the perfect engagement ring, wedding rings, an anniversary gift, searching for an eternity band, or other rings, it’s not easy to guess the average ring size of your partner or loved one.

Therefore, it is essential to know the average ring size for men and women out there. It will then give you a better rough estimate of which rings fit one of your fingers – or your partner’s. 

This article will cover all you should know about getting as close to the perfect ring size as possible.

Learn the average ring size for women and men, and check out a dedicated FAQ section to address any extra concerns you may have regarding engagement ring sizing.

Read on to learn more and find the perfect fit for an engagement ring, wedding rings, or other rings.

The Ring Size Scale

Before we slide the ring further down into finding the average ring size for men and women, it is essential to be aware of what constitutes “average.” The answer is that the perception of normality differs for everyone.

aquamarine engagement ringSo, there’s no such thing as “normal” because people come in a diversity of body sizes, hand sizes, finger sizes, shoe sizes, and so forth.

While this remains true, we managed to gather the average ring size for each gender from online research of random samples collected for ring orders.

Most notably, ring size scales vary across the world. Our ring size guide will only refer to the numeric scale used in the USA, which ranges from a size 0 to a size 16. 


Average Ring Size for Men

The average ring size for men is a size 10 and is also the most common ring size ordered for men.

ring sizing tool

As you may have predicted, many men are naturally physically bigger than women. So, the average ring size for men ranges from size 8 to 15.

In general, rings for men also tend to have thicker bands, so some men will need a considerable measure to slide the ring on and off easily.

Plus, the ring size for men will always be about a half-size larger on the man’s dominant hand that he writes with.

Fun factSocietal norms say that men should wear their wedding ring on the left hand, which started with the ancient Egyptians.

They believed that there was a vein connected from the left ring finger to the heart. This belief was then passed down to the Romans, who named the blood vessel “Vena Amoris” (vein of love). 


Average Ring Size for Women

The average ring size for women is a size 7, and size 7 is the most popular ring size for women. The most common range for them is between size 6 and size 8.

ring sizes

Depending on a woman’s lifestyle, however, did you know her ring size can fluctuate? For example, on average, a woman’s weight fluctuates.

This doesn’t mean that men are not the same because they lose or gain weight on and off as well, but a woman experiences more weight fluctuations due to natural events like pregnancy.

In turn, this affects the size of her fingers (find out more in FAQs below).

So, as a recommendation, she can add a quarter size to her ring measurement just in case because her weight may have changed slightly without her being fully aware in the past year.


How to Determine Your Partner’s Engagement Ring Size (Without their Knowledge)

Whether it is for a lover, friend, or relative, a ring typically serves as a surprise gift.

engagement ring in box

So, to directly ask your beloved one yourself about their ring size is simply out of the question (for most of us, that is).

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, you wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise by asking about your partner s ring size.

While it’s helpful to know about average ring size, your partner may not be that exact perfect size. Here are some other creative ways to determine your partner’s ring size without their knowledge:

Use Your Existing Jewelry

One of the best ways (and oldest tricks in the book) is to find a ring that they already wear on the ring finger of their right hand or the middle finger of their left hand.

woman putting on wedding ringWith this knowledge, you can go to a jeweler, who will inspect more closely and have a better size approximation of your partner’s ring size.

The jeweler may also be able to help you find a gorgeous engagement ring!

A Pen and a Line

Some jewelers have expressed that the most accurate way to measure someone else’s average ring size is to take a ring commonly worn by that person and put it on your own finger.

measuring tapeThen, take a pen and draw a line on your finger but directly right below where the ring is resting.

After, head on over to your jewelry store. They will then find a ring sizer to obtain the best match based on where that line on your finger is. Jewelers typically have a ring size chart and an eye for sizing rings.

The main reason you draw the line on your finger right beneath the ring, rather than above the ring, is that it is better to slightly overestimate a ring size than it is to slightly underestimate it.

You wouldn’t want your bride-to-be struggling to squeeze on her new engagement ring!

Enlist an Army of Your Partner’s Friends (or Bridesmaids)

Enlist the help of your partner’s friends to help you determine his or her ring size, especially if one of them is already married or engaged!

girls wearing rings

You can have that particular friend ask for you by, for example, bringing it up casually to your partner (with or without you around).

If your partner is hoping for an engagement ring, they may have already told their friends their ring size!

Alternatively, if that friend happens to be already wearing a ring of their own, they can ask your partner to try it on “for fun.” Get creative!

TipFocus beyond learning just the ring size but also your partner’s ring style preference or its design.

Enlist the Help of Your Partner’s Best Friend (or Maid of Honor)

Better yet, no one knows your partner more than their own best friend! So, have that bridesmaid or potential maid of honor directly ask your partner about their ring finger size.

wedding rings

No matter how you choose to determine your partner’s ring size, you can still be reassured by the idea that it can always be resized.

Depending on where you look, some jewelers offer a complimentary ring-resizing service within a specific time frame. They also often provide engagement ring cleanings.

TipAsk about any free resize period at your jeweler, so you do not miss out on this service opportunity. 

How to Determine Your Ring Size

What about your fingers, you may ask?

how to determine ring size

Here are tricks for measuring your own ring size:

  1. You can measure ring sizes by using a piece of string or even dental floss for those doing this at home. Then, wrap it around the base of your finger. Take a pen to mark where the string or floss first overlaps. Finally, measure your line with a millimeter ruler and note down the string’s length.
  2. You can also order a ring sizer tool online.
  3. Find a piece of jewelry you already own and one that fits you nicely. Next, place that ring on the circle of a true-to-size ring size guide (printable also). Look on this size chart until you find the circle-drawing that matches up to the inside circumference of your ring.


Is it Better to Guess Bigger or Smaller for Engagement Ring Size?

As mentioned briefly previously, it’s better to pick out a ring that is ‘too big’ (vs. ‘too small’) because, otherwise, the smaller size leads to not being able to wear that ring at all, especially when you try to slide it on during your proposal!

engagement photo

Plus, jewelers find it much easier to resize a ring that is oversized than undersized. Go a half size up if you aren’t sure.


FAQs Regarding Ring Sizing for Men and Women

Have more questions about ring sizing or fittings?

jeweler sizing rings

Find out more below for all the relevant details you need to know when sizing rings!

How is a ring supposed to fit?

A ring is supposed to fit on your finger comfortably – not too loose, not too tight. Alter your ring size to be larger or smaller if your ring doesn’t fit comfortably.

Can you tell a ring size by a person’s height or weight?

No is the short answer! Each person is different, and so are each pair of hands. Some people are born with long, thin fingers, whereas others have shorter and broader fingers.

Is it true that your ring size is the same as your shoe size?

Some people find that their average ring size is the same as their shoe size! While this is possible, it is not always true – some people have drastically different shoe and ring sizes.

If you’re searching for an engagement ring, don’t assume that going off of shoe size will work.

Does ring size change during pregnancy?

Yes, ring size does tend to change during pregnancy.

ring stuck on finger

If you’re buying an engagement ring for your partner and you plan on having kids down the road, you may have to resize the ring during pregnancy. This is why most jewelers recommend sizing up for diamond engagement rings.

What are some things to consider before sizing my fingers?

Before you start to measure for your ring size or anyone else, you should consider the following:

ring too tightYour knuckle size: We recommend sizing your ring based on your knuckle size. So, you should consider your knuckle size beforehand.

For example, if you have large knuckles, you’ll want the ring to go over your knuckle and stay snug enough that it never accidentally slides off. In contrast, if you have long and slender fingers, a wider ring band can help you have a more snug fit.

Additionally, we recommend going a quarter of the size up when buying a ring with a broader band. Otherwise, when you buy a thin-band ring, and you tend to fluctuate down in weight sometimes, you should consider a quarter size down instead

(Tip: make sure the quarter-size-smaller ring can slide over your knuckle, too).

ring photoWash your hands before resizing: In this way, you wash more oil or lotions off your hands, and you can also consider rubbing your hands together to warm them before sizing.


The dominant hand is larger: Depending on which hand you measure with, keep in mind that your dominant hand is known to be larger than the other hand.

The average ring size for your dominant hand is therefore also larger. So, do not measure for one hand, thinking the other hand will match!


Can my finger size fluctuate? If so, why?

Yes, actually! As mentioned earlier in the article, your fingers or hands can decrease or increase slightly in size (just like your weight).

engagement party gamesThis affects ring sizes and makes it important to opt for a larger size rather than a smaller one. There are several reasons for this, and they include:

The time of day affects your ring size, believe it or not.

Depending on when you measure your ring size during the day, your ring size tends to be smaller in the morning. We recommend sizing your finger for a ring in the morning before you eat or drink anything.


Weight gain or loss is another indicator of your finger size fluctuating. We recommend those with significantly common weight fluctuations to measure their ring size when they are at their most consistent weight.

For example, and related to the above, if your weight tends to decrease more than increase, then size your finger early in the morning before eating (or when at your most consistent weight).

Seasonal or climate changes affect your body temperature, and thus your ring sizing. The hotter months likely make your ring fingers swollen or more prominent due to the heat, while the colder months make ring fitting looser or your hands smaller.

Again, when in doubt, always go up with ring fittings for a larger size that will fit even if your hands swell.


What are the traditional expectations of what ring each finger should wear?

The size of your ring depends on which finger you plan to wear it on. While there is no ‘golden rule of thumb’ for which finger to wear any ring, it can be interesting to know each finger’s traditional norms. They include:


1. Thumb rings are still relatively not in mainstream fashion, but they are still out there. Of course, you’ll be expecting a wider-band ring for this somewhat thicker finger.

2. Index finger rings would likely be worn if you really wanted to get your ring noticed by others. We tend to use our index fingers for pointing at things.

So, doing that and wearing the ring simultaneously on your pointed finger will make the ring pop even more.

3. The middle finger itself certainly has its negative connotations. But if you don’t mind a ring on this finger while sometimes (without thinking) flicking someone off, then by all means.

However, a bulky ring for the middle finger might make things awkward because it is your largest finger. Thus, this may irritate moving your index and ring fingers.

4. The “ring finger” has a name that clearly suggests people are expected to wear their rings on that particular finger.

If you wear an engagement ring on this finger, then most will assume you are married, even when there is no requirement (in the US at least) where you can wear your wedding ring.

5. Pinky fingers themselves used to be adorned in ancient times with signet rings, which were rings made to be pressed face-down into hot wax to sign documents or create a seal.

Nowadays, pinky fingers are popularly adorned with college or club-style rings.

Final Takeaway

The key is to get as close as possible to the right ring size and then perfect it later. However, when in doubt, always aim for a size up. Keep calm and bling on!

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